Friday, February 23, 2018


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. – 2nd Amendment, Adopted December 15, 1791
Florida’s February 15, shooting where gunman 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 high school students and faculty is without saying an unimaginable tragedy or is it? Was it or is it really unimaginable? If it was unimaginable why did Nikolas Cruz come up with the idea as a way of self expression?

My thought is what Nikolas Cruz did has become all too imaginable. Today we are exposed to imagery and ideas, which have created our common social standards. These new progressive ideas shape what our society considers to be acceptable or not acceptable. Songs and mannerisms from recording artist of today were unimaginable fifty short years ago. Movies, Television, Games were held to standards, back in the today, that today’s guardians of social freedoms would poo poo. Our society has undergone a fundamental transformation, that is undeniable, but did we really think this change would be without a cost? Interestingly, and before I go any further, one of only constants during this period of time is that of guns and gun ownership. Guns have always been a part of our society from our country’s inception until now.

I know of a story of a family, which moved into a neighborhood. The house they purchased was beautiful as was the neighborhood. One minor thing annoyed them. A old ratty fence blocked the view of majestic scenery just below their property line so they removed the fence to get a better look at the scenic view from inside the house. Several months past then one evening a hurried knock at the door. When the door was opened they were met with an emotional commotion. The family was informed that two children visiting next door wondered over to their yard and had fallen to their deaths from their yard.

I have always been a proponent of never removing fences before knowing why they were put there in the first place.

The Bill of Rights is like an old ratty fence. Some of the rights listed seem to be blocking our views of a more progressive society. However, in light of the present calls for restricting or completely repealing the second amendment the questions go begging, did the founders make a mistake adopting the second amendment and would society be safer without it?

They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety – Benjamin Franklin 1775


Simply stated the second amendment is a safe guard or “a fence” against tyranny. The cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control can manifest from a Ruler, a government or the tyranny of the majority. The second amendment was adopted to protect individuals from wide ranging and ever present threats of tyranny. Whether derived from the rule of popular opinion, what we witness so much of today (and better known again as the tyranny of the majority) or to the rule of our government, if our government violates it’s constitutional mandate to be subservient to the people. The founders thought it wise for individuals to have the ways and means to protect ourselves from those who would use force or power to subjugate us.

In discussing the need for the second amendment the founders considered that every government ever known to them eventually became a tyrannical threat to the individual. In addition they knew that governments were eventually conquered. The conquerors were usually governed by tyrants who violated individual rights. Therefore, based on this knowledge of world history the individual fundamental right to self protection was recognized and codified into what we know today as the second amendment. Much of the background for the thinking, which when into the 2nd amendment is found in Federalist paper #46 (see here)

Even so, those who hold anti-second amendment opinions, in the wake of the horrific Florida attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have all but forgotten our history and persists on a temporary remedy, which they feel is, gun control or banning guns altogether, to feel safe. We have already been warned of this misconception by one of the greatest American minds to have ever lived Benjamin Franklin. Mr. Franklin presciently warned that, a people who would willingly give up their rights for what they think is safety would have neither their rights nor their safety!

If the justification of the Tyranny of the Majority or anti-gun advocates is to ban guns to feel safe, that is not an adequate or even reasonable ground to give up the constitutional right to bear arms.

Yes I want our schools to be safe but I will not be bullied into a decision by the majority to ban guns based on pure group consensus, emotionalism and political manipulation.

Gun control is like a cheap teenage date. No wonder so many High school students are drawn to it. It sounds sexy, it’s cheap and its an easy solution but it’s not what you’d select later in life! Yes I understand that everyone of the Douglas High school students have gone through an horrific and traumatic experience. Yet I also know that decisions made in a knee jerk fashion to a traumatic experience are rarely solutions to real problems. Making decisions under conditions of trauma are hard for any adult and almost impossible for children.

In normal times, grief counselors would be bused in by the tons to help the Douglas High children deal effectively with their grief and loss. But these are not normal times. No these are highly charged partisan times. These are times of Antifa organizing, Pink Knit hat organizing and grieving high school students organizing. Instead of a bus load of grief counselors getting sent to the school, what we are witnessing instead are hundreds of grieving kids organized for action, then put on buses and sent to carry a message that may be partially theirs but not totally because the message has been politicized.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel, Former Barack Obama Chief of Staff

Someone or some group(s) is orchestrating this well run campaign to disarm Americans of our second amendment rights. There are adults standing in the shadows of these orchestrated events. High School students don’t organize National Marches on Washington DC. at the drop of a hat in calm peaceful times. They never have before in my recollection. Yet we are to believe that days after perhaps the most traumatic event that many of them will ever face they got themselves together and organized and funded protest against the NRA and guns both at the state and federal levels? Hmm

It has been interesting to see our herd mentality in the United States move from Russia, Russia Russia to that of Guns, Guns, Guns! That notwithstanding, the second amendment is a right that the founders placed very carefully to protect Americans from Governments and mobs both foreign and domestic that would prey on defenseless citizens of the United States if given the chance.

So what is the answer to school shootings or violence in our society. In the terminology of fences, we have taken down a gate which kept the barbarians at bay. That was the first line of defense against heinous crimes such as school mass murders as well as most of our social ills. That gate is Virtue. Or has the second President of the United States said, “morals and religion.” President John Adams said…

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”-- President John Adams, 1976-1800

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters [Gun control Laws].” George Washington later praised the new American Constitution as the “palladium of human rights,” but pointed out that it could survive only “so long as there shall remain virtue in the body of the people.”

W. Cleon Skousen,in his book The Five Thousand Year Leap, tells of the heated debates occurring in the thirteen colonies between 1775 and 1776 over the issue of morality. Self-government was generally referred to as “republicanism,” and it was universally acknowledged that a corrupt and selfish people could never make the principles of republicanism operate successfully. These early Americans were, in essence, debating whether or not the people (citizens of the thirteen colonies) were sufficiently moral and virtuous to govern themselves.

George Washington declared in his Farewell Address, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” Later in his Farewell Address Washington went on to say, “Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.”

Did the founders make a mistake adopting the second amendment? No! Yet, in all of the discussions we will entertain in the upcoming days about how to keep schools safe I venture to say the actual problem and solution will never be mentioned. We have taken down fences and opened our gates to all sorts of immorality and have allowed the barbarians of our non restraints to come crashing through. And then we self righteously point our fingers at guns or at the NRA as the problem.

But as with all finger pointing three fingers always point back at us!

Friday, December 15, 2017

It’s an enigma but if you hate President Trump you hate Progressive Liberalism.

This is what Trump hate is about. If you hate Trump you hate that he is a social Liberal! You hate that he is also an American Patriot. But more importantly, you are supporting the Progressive Left’s idea that you or your children aren’t worthy to be President of the United States of America because you don’t have the Progressive Left’s Elitist pedigree.
Sure, sure the Left hates President Donald Trump because he’s a “Republican”. But that is not the real reason they hate Donald J. Trump the person.

Let me remind everyone Donald J. Trump was not always a Republican. Just a few short years ago President Trump was Donald J. Trump an admired Billionaire Businessman with a highly rated Reality Television Show, The Apprentice. In addition to that, he owned a major American Beauty Pageant. Donald Trump walked in the circles that Harvey Weinstein and Mika Brzezinski walk in. Barack Obama once mused that as a young man he admired Mr. Trump as a figure to aspire to and be like, one day. Donald J. Trump for all intentions and purposes was a Social Liberal. In fact he still may be.

Before Donald J. Trump was a “Republican” he was accepted, loved and supported by Liberals on the Left and the Right. He was one of them. He partied with them, ran women with them, give them plenty of money and funded many of their campaigns. He also give Bill and Hillary Clinton money. We know these things because the Left and Establishment Republicans used to throw these facts in our faces.

Republicans warned everyone who would hear them, “Trump is not a Republican” before he was elected. Liberals like Kanye West went crazy ( He literally went crazy) because they didn’t know how to cope with the fact that their friend was going over to the enemy.

So why the Trump hate? Well it isn’t because he’s a Republican. Or not just because, you see the Left hates Republicans just on general principle. Yes, they hate President Trump for that reason too but also for a more maniacal reason.

The Left hates President Trump because the President loves America. The Progressive Left can not reconcile Patriotism and the pan-worldism that most of them, some knowingly and some unknowingly, support. Not so with President Trump! He is an American Patriot first.

One must remember, just one short year ago for eight years the Left celebrated a President who by word and deed showed the upmost contempt for America, it’s constitution and it’s traditions. He vowed before he entered the Presidency that his presidency would fundamentally transform the United States. Obama was a pan-worldism extremist, a citizen of the world if you will.

Everything he did, from over regulation of American businesses and industries, producing the lowest economic growth of any President in our recent history to weakening American military readiness to ignoring constitutional laws he opposed and to creating unconstitutional laws via fiat by executive orders Barack Hussein Obama wore his disdain for America on his well tailored suit sleeve. For this he was cheered by the Left. They cheered him for his hatred for America because it is popular to hate America. Obama shared the Progressive Left’s view on world citizenry.

If one remembers the 2006 DNC Convention where Hillary Clinton accepted the Democrats’ nomination for the presidency, on it’s opening day Democrats did not have a single American flag on the DNCC stage. Faithful Americans pointed out the lack of American flags on that DNCC stage, only then did the flag become important to Democrats. The very next day American flags appeared. Oversight?

From where did the hate of the Left originate? Our Liberal college campuses foments hate against America, Liberal social media foments hate against America and the popular culture foments this hate. Because Obama hates America he was embraced by the Left. The Left rejects President Trump because he loves America. The Progressive Left believes that other nations and other societies are better and more noble than America.

What the President has demonstrated for all to see is above any partisan politics Donald Trump is an American patriot. He is not readily identified as Republican or a Conservative everyone knows this. President Trump identified with America. Progressives hate this because they hate the history, tradition and culture of America.

The Left wishes to fundamentally change America to some European Utopian Progressive Socialist dream. President Trump wants to make America the America that it always was, Great!

So the president is dismantling all of the Progressive socialist policies and programs of his predecessor. He is disassembling all of the Pan-worldism or One World government /United Nations advancements of all of the recent Presidents before him. Thusly, President Trump has halted the Progressive social change of the Left and that infuriates Progressives. It is these acts that have angered them the most.

The Left needed an extra term of the Presidency to protect and lock in the Progressive socialist changes Barack Obama put in place. They were depending on that next term. Hillary was the guarantee that Obama’s fundamental transformation would be permanent. But she loss and the Progressive Left is devastated.

It is amazing to see the Left’s and the Progressive Right’s, vitriolic and maleficent attacks against an American President. Russia collusion, obstruction, sexual harassment, questioning this president’s mental capacity, all of it is the Left’s and Progressive Right’s inability to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential election. They rather destroy the good faith and credit of United States elections, no, they rather destroy all US. elections going forward into perpetuity than to accept that they lost an election, which they rigged using information in a dossier that they got from the Russians.

You want to talk collusion? Progressive Never-Trump Republicans colluded with the Democrats’ DNC who colluded with Hillary Clinton who colluded with British intelligence, who colluded with Russia who colluded with the FBI who colluded with the DOJ who is colluding with the Special Counsel who is colluding with Democrats on the Congressional oversight committee who are colluding with the media to meddle with and undermine the Trump Presidency.

This unprecedented act of political Coup d'├ętat is the first known American Coup on record. Democrats have orchestrated the beginning of the end of legitimate constitutional government in the United States of America all to destroy Donald Trump who for all purposes is not a Republican in the traditional sense of the word. He is an American Patriot. And as stated before Democrats and the Progressive Left hate America and they hate American Patriots.

Who is Donald Trump? Donald Trump, is symbolic of the American people’s attempting to take back their government from Progressive Political Elites. And what is the Resistance? The Resistance is the movement of Progressive Elites who are attempting to keeping control of their power over government thereby controlling the people, by any means necessary.

If you are a part of the resistance you are either an Elite or you are being used by the Elites against your own interests. They are using you, and your efforts to keep Americans under their control and to keep them and their fellow Elites in power.

Finally, Do you hate Donald Trump? Then you hate America, you hate freedom, you hate the constitution, you hate the American people, you hate the dream that one day any American little boy or any American little girl can grow up and one day become president of the United States of America. That dream is the dream that Elites are attempt to take away from us.

Progressive Socialist Political Elites wish to create a scenario that only someone with their approved pedigree is worthy to be president. Everyone else, you and I are unworthy. Though Donald Trump is a Billionaire he doesn’t have an approved Elite pedigree therefore he is unworthy to be president.

This is what Trump hate is about. If you hate Trump you hate that he is a social Liberal! You hate that he is also an American Patriot. But more importantly, you are supporting the Progressive Left’s idea that you or your children aren’t worthy to be President of the United States of America because you don’t have the Progressive Left’s Elitist pedigree.

If you still hate Trump you hate yourself because President Trump represents the American idea. He represents the American dream. Nevertheless if you support Illegal entry, the Democrat Party or Progressive Socialism you hate America because these are the instrument which America haters use to fundamentally transform this country into something that almost everyone in the world is attempting to escape from and come to America!

People aren’t coming to America for Progressive Socialism. That’s what they are attempting to escape. People are coming here for what President Trump stands for. The American dream, the American idea, the flag, the pledge the constitution and American traditions. If you hate the President you hate these things!

Friday, November 10, 2017

In Defense of Judge Roy Moore - Redemption and Forgiveness

When they continued to ask Jesus their question, he raised up and said, “Anyone here who has never sinned can throw the first stone at her.” John 8:7NIV
Amazingly no matter what century one lives in pious social gatekeepers, (Keepers of the Law) and Pharisees still live among us. In Jesus’ day their intent was to discredit the Son of God with a sexual scandal so egregiously complex whatever He said about it the Pharisaical group could denounce Him as a fraud and charlatan. Their little ploy had very little to do with the woman whom they were accusing of sexual immorality. She was an unfortunate extemporaneous prop being used for a much larger goal. Resisting Jesus!

Today’s modern day Gate Keepers of ‘social ethics’ and Pharisees (who serve in the Congress) have taken the Honorable Judge Roy Moore’s reputation and thrown it at the feet of a mob with hopes they can entice this mob to once again yell, “Crucify, crucify!”

The Judge Roy Moore scandal is a sordid tale of political machinations that extends well beyond the obvious. You see Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s reputation was besmirched with sexual allegations by a government that was attempting to quash the civil rights movement. President Trumps’ reputation is still being attacked first by several women who came forth and said he was inappropriate with them and then by a Clinton manufactured dossier which claims that the president hired prostitutes to stand and pee on a bed that former President Obama and his wife slept in while the Obama’s were in Russia. Why these allegations against Mr. Trump? They were first meant to stop his presidential bid and now they are meant to end the Trump presidency.

Sexual allegations are an old and continued way of attacking one’s opponent. These type of allegations are quite effective because of their moral implications.

Nevertheless, let us suppose that all the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are true. This would be an excellent teaching opportunity for the Church if the Church was still in the moral teaching business. Hearing nothing from the Church, to their shame, allow me explain.

If the 40 year old allegations against Judge Moore are true. Then perhaps Moore, the 30 year old attorney should not seek high office. In fact I highly recommend that the 30 year old Moore doesn't. I can say emphatically, I will not support the 30 year old Roy Moore. However, we are not considering that man for the Senate. We are considering a 70 year old man who is not the same man as his 30 year old former self.

Judge Moore is a married man and because of maturity, experience and faith he is not the same man as his former self. Therefore, if there are no current complaints regarding sexual misconduct and if there weren’t any legal charges then and are not any pending now why would anyone attempt to say this past conduct is indicative of the Roy Moore of today?

If that were true no criminal should ever be release from prison because he or she would remain guilty for the rest of their natural lives. So there is no restorative penal correction. There is no payment of one's debt to society, so why serve a sentence? This would mean permanent guilt for all past transgressions. Is that how we are living now? So why doesn’t this seem to apply to Democrats?

Yet this is an magnificent opportunity! What the Church should be doing is using this occasion as a teachable moment. The Bible teaches that a person can be forgiven for sins. The Bible teaches that Christians are people of a second chance.

So if Judge Moore is guilty of doing what he is accused of doing, here are the questions that should be asked. Is he a changed man? Did he repent? Has Judge Moore bore fruit worthy of repentance? Come on Church am I right?

If each and everyone of us are held in account for everything we have ever done none of us would be worthy to hold political office, not Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton, and not the pedophile former Vice president Joe Biden! None of us.

Strikingly, in today’s political hate climate if Jesus said to media, to Democrats and to establishment Republicans, “He without sin cast the first stone.” Jesus would be hit upside His head with multiple stones. He would suffer multiple concussions and He would be dragged to the side so the media and political Pharisees could launch their assault against Roy Moore. Judge Moore would be subsequently killed and thus prevented from assuming a Senate seat as a Conservative which is the ultimate goal of bringing these ancient resurrected political charges of sexual misconduct against him.

Make no mistake these are political charges. The motive is quite clear, prevent a man who is known to fight for Conservative ideas and principles from reaching the Senate.

If Roy Moore did what he is accused of doing 40 years ago, he was wrong. Thank God he didn’t run for the Senate 40 years ago because I won’t have supported him. However the 70 year old Roy Moore, the Roy Moore of now is not the same man and if he has asked God for forgiveness from his pass transgressions he like you and I who ask God to forgive us, he like us is forgiven. The bible teaches that we also are to forgive him.

This is a simple Christian principle. Unfortunately not many Christians or unbelievers today are familiar with God’s grace. I say this to the Church’s shame!

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Russia Collusion Is The Ultimate Orwellian Machiavellian Ruse

What is the Trump campaign accused of doing exactly? They are accused of doing what the Clinton campaign actually did! This, Trump/Russia Collusion is the ultimate Orwellian Machiavellian Ruse!
Andrew Klavan walks us through the intriguing tangled web of Clinton/Democrats deceit and deception which in Saudi Arabia would put people in jail. Here in America? We just pretend that President Donald J. Trump's campaign did what the people (Hillary Clinton and her team) who stole the Democrat primary from Bernie Sanders did. What did they do? Hillary Clinton colluded to steal the 2016 presidential election with Russia's help. That is exactly what they are accusing the Trump campaign of doing.

Allow me to repeat, What is the Trump campaign accused of doing exactly? They are accused of doing what the Clinton campaign actually did! This, Trump/Russia Collusion is the ultimate Orwellian Machiavellian Ruse!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lebron James Racist, Idiot or Very Very Bad Businessman

What is Culturally acceptable Blackness? It is Vulgar mouthed chain wearing sagging pants Police hating Misogynistic Rappers. It is Black Hollywood Elites who have sacrificed the morals and ethics their mothers and fathers taught them for trendy Hollywood orgies and sex for play. It is the ballin’ multi-millionaire athlete who’s ghetto mentality is unleashed on the world fueled by stock piles of cash, contracts and endorsements. It is Black Civil Rights and Religious pimps who keep Black people thinking they are trapped in an endless 1960’s loop and the only thing different is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz or Malcolm X are dead.
Never in my life time has there been such open displays of hatred against a sitting president as what is demonstrated against President Donald J. Trump. If there was hatred of President Obama he was shield by his culturally acceptable Blackness which is different than the mixed race person he actually is.

Culturally acceptable Blackness can not be attacked or criticized, if one does it is done at ones own peril. Culturally acceptable Blackness is a protected class.

What is Culturally acceptable Blackness? It is Vulgar mouthed chain wearing sagging pants Police hating Misogynistic Rappers. It is Black Hollywood Elites who have sacrificed the morals and ethics their mothers and fathers taught them for trendy Hollywood orgies and sex for play. It is the ballin’ multi-millionaire athlete who’s ghetto mentality is unleashed on the world fueled by stock piles of cash, contracts and endorsements. It is Black Civil Rights and Religious pimps who keep Black people thinking they are trapped in an endless 1960’s loop and the only thing different is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz or Malcolm X are dead.

So it is not surprising that Basketball player Lebron James would encourage his team the Cleveland Cavaliers to protest President Donald Trump on opening night of the NBA. After all President Trump is the MAN and Black people hate the MAN.

Don’t be naive Lebron’s little demonstration was not about civil rights nor was it about any black cause. Lebron’s defiance was an arm lock against America. In fact, this whole protest of NFL and now NBA athletes is nothing more then Left wing Political social virtue signaling. Lebron’s demonstration is equivalent to the tee-shirt that Marshawn Lynch so proudly wore some weeks ago prior to a football game, “Everybody against Trump”.

Why is everybody against Trump? They weren’t before he became president. Why now? Because he’s a Republican and Republicans in the minds of haters stand for White people? So all of these protest are actually anti-White people protest?

Isn’t that Racist? Is Lebron James a Racist?

There was a time black parents would tell their children, “Whatever you do while you’re gone don’t bring trouble back to our door.” That would be foolish don’t you think? Foolish like destroying black businesses and burning down one’s own black neighborhoods in riots. So why would Black players of the NFL and NBA bring trouble to the door step of the organizations that have produced more Black millionaires than any other business enterprise in the history of the world?

It is completely idiotic. It is idiotic because however well intended, millionaire black athlete protests produces no solutions, these protests only creating animosity and division. One would have to be an idiot not to know this.

Ironically, I have heard White men bring forth solutions whereas none have been offered by the Black athletes involved in sports protest.

I have heard White men offer money as well as they have offered to organize an effort to address Black athletes concerns.

Do you hear this? White men whom you are protesting are offering money and solutions to your problems.

So where are the Black business men? Where are the Black organizers, where are the Black problem solvers? Where is the Black money? Where are the Black ideas? Where are the Black innovators.

You mean to tell me not one Black man, athlete, businessman, academic, millionaire, multi-millionaire can come up with a solution to help Black people other than kneeling down and locking arms?

Shame! Shame on Lebron James for being Racist, shame on Lebron for being an Idiot and shame on him for being a very very bad businessman. Shame because Lebron is acting like a poor helpless depraved black man with no rights and no resources to address his own concerns.

Lebron you don’t have to protest any more. That was for a time when Black people had nothing but a hope and a prayer. You have great wealth and power. If you can get your team to link arms. You can get them to go to their banks withdraw one million dollars each. Then with your influence get all the kneelers in the NFL to do the same.

Next, hire some Black thinkers, problem solvers and organizers to do something about the problems you think you see. You don’t need help from a single White person to do this.

Because you hate America and White people so much you should even be ashamed to take their help!

I don’t know if you have a NIKE endorsement but you should definitely steal this from them! Just Do It! Or in your case Just Do Something! Which will require getting up from y'alls knees and unlocking y'alls arms!