Friday, June 15, 2007

Now I Understand..........!

When Dan Rather shouted out on election night
2000........."We won!".......... that said it all. Of
course, he was reacting to the false report that
Gore had overtaken Bush, and snatched victory
from the jaws of defeat.

I always wondered, how a so-called respected
news "reporter" could sit there, in front of millions
of people, and spout such obvious personal opinion.
This after all, was the respected "face of CBS news".
An anchor whom the entire US had looked up to for
truth, honesty and the "American way".

Little did I realize the insidious nature of the liberal
infiltration of the MSM. I had always figured that
everyone was entitled to his own opinion, so what’s
the harm? I was wrong! News is news, and opinion
is opinion............and unless the opposing view is
presented, it is only a soapbox for the left.

I just finished reading, "Bias" veteran CBS
news reporter Bernard Goldberg. What a revelation!
Here is a man, who suffered the slings and arrows of
just about everyone at CBS.............. for a long time.
Goldberg claims that he had approached Rather, not
once, but several times, about bias in the newsroom
Old "Danny-boy" refused to see even a hit of bias to
the left............... and adamantly went on with
business as usual.

Goldberg had no where else to go, since even the top
brass at CBS treated Rather as a god! They would go
to him for decisions on anything that related to the
nightly newscasts............. and if he turned thumbs
down, that was it! Case closed.

So when the WSJ invited Bernard Goldberg to write
an article in their editorial pages, pertaining to liberal
bias in the news.............Bernard accepted. He gave
Rather a heads-up before it went to press......... that
he had written an article for the WSJ, and explained
it’s content. Dan basically said that it didn’t matter.

When the editorial broke, Rather went ballistic, and
from that day on, never spoke to Goldberg again, and
made it known that he would never forgive him. He
also made the rounds of all the major TV talk shows,
and claimed that Goldberg was an "activist with a
political agenda". Why?................. just for wanting
news reporting to be accurate, without the slant?

The book is a recount of the methods of twisting the
news to reflect liberal thinking, and of Goldberg’s
days at CBS, before, during and after the WSJ
article. If you haven’t read it yet, put it on your
"to-do" list..... and follow through.

I swear, you will never look at TV news in the same
light again!


Amnesty or Bust!

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., second from left, From left are, Los Angeles radio host Eddie "El Piolin" Sotelo, Kennedy, Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., and Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

If Iraq is Bush’s war then U.S. Immigration failure or crisis is Congress’ failure. Senators, a Democrat lead Congress and President Bush undaunted by the will of the American people rushing headlong into political destruction vow to give or sell amnesty to 12 to 20 million Mexican Nations in keeping with the wishes of big business in this country.

Below Kelly Hunt Chamber of Commerce talking head, drones out the reasons that the chamber is behind this legislation, the only cliché that she didn’t use was, “These immigrates are doing jobs that Americans wouldn’t do!”

Kelly Hunt, Manager Immigration policy – U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Heard it all before now we know where President Bush is getting all of this propaganda.

And you do know that Kennedy didn’t write the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA) S.B. 1348 these guys did, the Chamber of Commerce.

It is time for every Congressperson,business and special interest group that is lobbying for this legislation to come out of the shadows and into the light of day so that the America people can see just who is responsible for the deconstruction of the American dream. America wants to know who exactly "big business" and "special interest" are by name.

From this point we are taking names and kicking political and business backsides.

Do not revive this legislation, Do not pass this Bill