Friday, August 10, 2012

Really? Democrats represent America, Really? You have got to be Kidding.

Beyond running the dirtiest, emptiest and most deceptive campaign in memory, the party has demonstrated a total incapacity to govern. The Democrat-controlled Senate has not passed a budget -- the sine qua non of governing -- in more than three years. -- Mona Charen
They’re liars, cheaters and thieves. Real American values, right? Democrats preside over the worst recovery in the history of the United States yet they and their Liberal allies in the media disregard the truth and focus on a Senate leader allegations concerning Gov. Mitt Romney’s finances.

The truth is America’s finances are what we should be focused on and the last I checked our credit rating was lowered for the first time in history under a Democrat administration from a Triple A rating to that of a double A plus.

Democrats proposed $831 billion stimulus that was going to “reinvest” in America and bring unemployment below 6 percent. Two summers ago was dubbed the summer of recovery by Democrats. Well we have been has high as 10.1 unemployment as low as 8.1 and we are presently sitting at 8.3 unemployment. The reason why? According to Democrat the stimulus wasn’t big enough that’s why. Wrong! The failed fiscal policies of the Soetoro administration are the reason why. (employment and here)

Let me ask you something. If you take a dollar bill from your left pocket and stick that same bill in your right pocket, are you better off financially? Or here’s one, If you borrow a dollar from your mother stick that bill in your pocket are you better off financially? To anyone with an IQ above 71 the answer is NO!

Yet those very scenarios are the Democrat stimulus plan broken down to the least common denominator. The Democrat’s plan that the President touted that they’ve ‘tried and it worked’ has exacerbated an already ailing economy and put it on it’s deathbed. The president and his team in fact came into office claiming that they knew how to fix the economy when it became apparent that they did not they offered up excuses and blame. And whom did they blame?

Not only are they lairs but they are cheaters. The president won election by his grandiose claim that “we are not red America or blue America” we are one America. Remember that? Yet he chose to be president of the homosexual America, the illegal entry non-Americans, the Unionized America, the Liberal single woman America and the dumb college kid America. Balkanizing and dividing America everywhere he went he made America a house divided against itself. An American where Liberals hate Conservative guts and Conservatives don’t know what is about to hit them.

The president is cheating to the 2012 election because he knows that he has lost the White vote that carried him to victory in 2008. So he has damned the White vote. He is now depending on his special interests groups to win. That combined with the 1.2 million executive order amnesty Mexicans who combined with the 40 million illegals already here plus their sympathizers will out vote the White vote. So now asking for voter id is racists, off limits and wrong.

That’s cheating in elections that will be filled with as much fraud committed by Democrats as the 2008 and 2000 elections were. If elections are the lifeblood of a Democracy then Democrats have given American elections AIDS when they stand defiantly and foolishly daring Republicans to attempt to cure fraud in elections.

Not only are Democrats cheaters they are thieves. Sitting in the White house is a man who has something so devastating in this past that he has spent over 4 million to hide it. Democrats have know before Barry Hussein Soetoro assumed the presidency that this secret would have prevented him from attaining the office so they have aided and abetted in the greatest cover up in the history of American politics.

In fact a release of the records of Mr. Soetoro would have him summarily impeached and his co-conspirators striped of all government pensions and perhaps jailed for their part of conspiring against the Constitution. You and I will never see those records if Soetoro is re-elected.

We will only see them if a reformer is elected and he or she will go in and tear down everything the corrupt Soetoro administration has put in place. Then this person must use the full force of the government to uncover the treachery that has been perpetrated upon the American people.

In effect Democrats have stolen the presidency by coup and non enforcing of law and the Constitution. Isn't it interesting that those are modus operandi of the Soetoro administration, non-enforcement of laws and the constitution.

If what Democrats have done is ever uncovered their Party will implode from the weight of violations and of anti-American activities, which made Barry Hussein Soetoro president of the United States of America.

Democrats do not represent American values. When has lying, cheating and thievery been America’s highest pursuits? However in the Democrat Party these tactics are employed with relish and great enthusiasm as legitimate ways to campaign and govern.

Mona Charen believes that Democrats are unfit to govern. I agree Mona, I agree!

God deliver America from the treachery of the Democrat Party!