Thursday, January 26, 2012

The State of the Union is Wrong

After three years, it’s time to admit this president is a great orator and skilled politician but as a national leader, he has failed.
Mr. Obama was elected to turn the economy around but hasn’t, and it’s time for a change.
—Peter Morici
In spite of President Barry Hussein Soetoro’s State of the Campaign Address to the nation no matter what this man says now according to Rasmussen 67% of Americans say that the country is headed in the wrong direction.
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This president has said several times if he failed to get the economy fixed in his first term he would be a one term President. (See 1:35min video)

And here. (See 1:50min video)

Peter Morici opines that after three years it's time to admit, Liberals that this partisan disaster of a president has failed. (see article)

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama hammered away on two resounding themes—fairness and the economy.

Both of them rang hollow from a president who has failed on the job.

He has not kept his promise to get the economy going again, and inequities in income and opportunities have hardened during his tenure. Scratch the surface of his largely reworked proposals, and too much political opportunism and hypocrisy emerges.—Peter Morici

It is now time for the Democrat Messiah to take his place among mortal men and women. It is time for Democrats to stand aside and let the grown-ups among us clean up the mess that they made with their utopian dreams of us all eating from the communal bowl of economic parity as we all sing we shall over spend and leave the bill to our children’s children’s children.

Funny, Democrats were supposed to be smarter than the rest of us and have all the answers to what ailed the economy and the United States. Instead, we find out they are the children of a lesser god and being so they are disposed to error and bad judgment just like the rest of us.

And their Messiah? Well he is only as omnipotent as his teleprompter will allow him to be.

Maybe just maybe he and they are smart enough to see that they are taking the country in the wrong direction. However, nothing has yet indicated that they are in touch with reality. If they were, in touch with reality, certainly their Messiah would not ask the American people for a second term.

Especially when he prophesied from his own mouth if he didn't fix the economy he would be a one term president.

Anyone can see that under Democrat leadership, the state of the Union is not strong but Wrong! This Messiah is going away and he is not returning!