Friday, November 16, 2007

The Dumb Dems Don't Get It!

The Democrats, led by Senator Harry Reid, continue
chipping away at the support for the war in Iraq.

They will keep proposing bills that just don't make
any more sense, than the victory that they achieved
last year.

To cut off funding for the war, and then claim what
patriotic and dedicated representatives of the people
they are, shows exactly how two-faced they are.

The only way to bring our troops home, is with a
victory in Iraq. They talk about the US losing the
respect of the world, and yet, they deny that they were
the very cause of that loss. They, together with the
far left sympathizers in the country, forced the end to
a war that we were actually beginning to win.

Now, they want to do the very same thing in Iraq. It
doesn't bode well for the country, when the people
can be duped by a bunch of self-centered, egotistical
morons such as control the Congress.

Let's hope that come the '08 elections, those who voted
these worthless idiots into office, come to their senses
and get them the hell out........ starting with Reid and


Pro-Clinton Audience protects Hillary

Democratic Debate, Las Vegas, Nevada: November 15, 2007

There was no speaking truth to power at the Democrat’s gathering (notice I didn’t say debate) on last night. No “all-so-rans” bringing down the Democrat front runner. This was a carefully constructed righting of the Liberal agenda to keep their front runner in front.

And by the number of boos that were issued each time Senator Obama and former Senator John Edwards even looked at Hillary one would have thought that the Clinton campaign planted the audience with pro-Hillary supporters and instructed them to boo and or shout down anyone who attempted to lay a glove on their beloved. (I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comes forward in the next couple of days saying exacting that!)

For the most part this was a pitiable question and answer period disguised as a Presidential debate, there was no debate there was only a very boring and staged attempt to restore one Senator to her rightful place as keeper of the Presidential dynasty.

From the very first question served up all pretty on a silver dish to Senator Clinton, to all the other softball questions lobbed her way, one knew that this was going to be her night all night. A showcase to give her just the right opportunities to hit such sound bits out of the park like, "People are not attacking me because I'm a woman, they're attacking me because I'm ahead."

This was a birthday and not only Governor Bill Richardson’s birthday either. This was all about celebrating the birth of a dynasty. The Clinton dynasty.

John Edwards and Barack Obama should have taken my advice and pulled out of this fixed debate. It was a lose, lose situation for them. They just didn’t know the extent to which the Clinton campaign would go to, to secure a victory.

The pre-emptive strike at Wolf Blitzer set a tone which Edwards and Obama never was able to recover from. Nor was either man able to capitalize on the opening that they created in the last debate.

Instead they both were held captive by a tightly controlled pro-Hillary love feast; moderators, fellow candidates and an audience that was not going to let their damsel be distressed by Hillary bashers even if they are Democrats.

To borrow from a song, Hillary is so vain she probably thinks that this election is about her, she accused the other candidate of the politics of “pile on,” she’s virtually has stirred up hate sentiments against Tim Russert and she’s accused the Republicans of being fixated on her but she said George Bush’s name or “this administration” referring to the Bush administration 100 times if she said it once last night.

That was about 100 times more than anyone else on the stage. I call that a fixation!
Finally like most narcissist Senator Clinton believes that all of history evolves around the fact that she is campaigning to be President and she presents herself as if she is doing something historic. For example Campbell Brown one of the three moderators, asked the Senator about all the feminism themes that she has interwoven into her campaign.
Senator Clinton, you went to your alma mater recently,
Wellesley College, and you said there that your tenure had prepared you to compete in the all-boys-club of presidential politics.
At the same time, your campaign has accused this all-boys-club, surrounding you on stage, of piling on with their attacks against you. And then your husband recently
came to your defense by saying that these, quote, “boys,” had been getting rough with you.

And some have suggested that you, that your campaign, that your husband are exploiting gender as a political issue during this campaign.

What’s really going on here?
Senator Clinton’s answer was bereft of any historical understanding or knowledge. She attempted to frame women’s accomplishments and event civil rights gains to the period of her life time she said,
…But, you know, this is really one of the kind of issues that we can laugh about because it’s exciting when you look at this
field of candidates.
You know, several of us would never have had a chance to stand here and run for president — a Latino, an African-American, a woman — if it hadn’t been for the
progress of America over my lifetime. And I am thrilled to be running to be the first woman president.
Unless Senator Clinton was born in year 1872 her statement was an ignorant attempt to frame all civil rights gains and women’s suffrage around her lifetime. The fact is Hillary is not the first woman to, as she said, “to be running to be the first woman president" there have been many! (list courtesy of Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership)

1872 and 1892 Victoria Chaflin Woodhull

1884 and 1888 Belva Ann Bennet McNall Lockwood

Candidate for National Equal Rights Party. In 1878 she was the first female attorney to practice before the supreme court. Her running mate in 1884 was Marietta Lizzie Bell Stow. She lived (1830-1917).

1964 Senator Margaret Chase Smith Republican member of the House of Representatives 1940-49 and Senator 1949-73. In 1964 she was Presidential candidate in the primary elections. She was defeated by Barry Goldwater in the party convention. Chairperson of the Republican Conference in the Congress 1967-72. She lived (1897-1995).

1968 Charlene Mitchell
Candidate of the Communist Party with Michael Zagarell as her running mate.

1972 Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm The first female black member of the member of the House of Representatives 1968-82 and was candidate for the Democratic nomination of Presidential candidate at the Democratic Party Convention. She lived (1924-2005)

1972 Patsy Takamoto Mink Member of the Territory House of Representatives of Hawaii 1956-58, the territory Senate 1959 and the State Senate 1962-64. Member of the US House of Representatives 1965-77 and from 1990. 1983-85 Chairperson of the Honolulu City Council. She was a candidate for the Democratic nomination as Presidential candidate, but withdrew her candidature before the convention. She lived (1927-2002).

1972 Bella Savitzky Abzug
Stood as a candidate for the Democratic nomination as Presidential candidate but withdrew from the race before the party convent. She lived (1920-98).
1972 Linda J. Osteen Jenhess Candidate for the Socialist Worker’s Party.

1976 and 1980 Ellen McCormack
Ran in the Democratic Presidential Primary race in 1976 and was the first woman to receive matching funds. She he appeared on the ballot in 18 states and received a total of 267.590 votes in the primaries and 22 votes from delegates at the Democratic National Convention, and engaged in a debate with President Jimmy Carter. 1978 she was candidate for Lt. Governor of New York State and in 1980 she ran as a third-party Right to life presidential-candidate and received 32.327 votes.

1976 Margaret Wright
Candidate for The People’s Party.

1980 Deidre Griswold Candidate for the Workers World Party.

1980 Maureen Smith Candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party.

1984 Sonia Johnson Candidate for Citizen’s Party. Her running-mate was Emma Wong Mar

1984 Patricia Scott Schroeder
A congresswoman, she was Democratic candidate for the nomination of Presidential candidate in the primary elections in 1987 (June September) but withdrew from the race before the Party Convention. The first Democratic woman to actually appear on the ballot-paper was Geraldine Ferraro who was Vice-Presidential candidate in 1984 as Walther Moldale’s runningmate. They lost against Ronald Regan. (b. 1940-)

1984 Gavrielle Holmes
Her running-mate was Gloria E. LaRiva. She had been Vice-Presidential candidate in 1980.

1988 and 1992 Leonora B. Fulani Candidate for the American New Alliance Party. The first black woman to appear on the ballot papers in all 50 states. In 1992 her running-mate for the post of vice-President was Elizabeth Munoz.

1988 Willa Kenoyer Candidate for the Socialist Party.

1992 Gloria E. LaRiva
Vice-Presidential nominee in 1984, 1988, 1996 and 2000.

1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004 Millie Howard
Independent. 2004 she is seeking Republican nomination as Presidential candidate. (1937-).

1992 Susan Block

1992 Helen Betty Halyard
Candidate for the Workers League / Socialist Equality Party. Vice-Presidential candidate in 1984 and 1988.

1996 and 2000 Dr. Heather Anne Harder
Candidate in the Democrat Primary. 2004 she did not manage to get nominated as primary candidate.

1996 Mary Cal Hollis
Works as a special education teacher. A former Democrat, she has also been active for many years on behalf of numerous leftists and vegetarian causes. As the Socialist Party's Presidential nominee in 1996. She was her party's Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2000.

1996 Susan Duncan
Sought nomination as Republican Presidential Candidate and was a candidate in the primaries in a number of states.

1996 Ann Jennings
Sought nomination as Republican Presidential Candidate and was a candidate in the primaries in a number of states.

1996 Joan Pharr
Sought nomination as Republican Presidential Candidate and was a candidate in the primaries in a number of states.

1996 Mary Frances Le Tulle
Sought nomination as Republican Presidential Candidate and was a candidate in the primaries in a number of states.

1996 Georgina H. Doerschuck
Sought nomination as Republican Presidential Candidate and was a candidate in the primaries in a number of states.

1996 Elvena Hoyd-Duffie
Sought nomination as Democratic Presidential Candidate and was a candidate in the primaries in a number of states.

1996 and 2000 Monica Moorehead
Candidate for the Worker’s World Party. In 1996 her vice-Presidential running mate was Gloria La Riva.

1996 and 2004 Dianne Beall Templin
Candidate for the Amercian Party. Candidate for the State Assembly 1994, for Attorney General of Callifornia, 1998 and 2002, for the US Senate 2000 and in the California Gubernatorial Recall Election in 2003. (b. 1947-)

1996 Marsha Feinland
Candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party with Kathe McClatchy as running mate.

1999/2000 Elizabeth Hanford Dole
1981-83 Assistant to the President for Public Liason,
1983-87 Secretary of Transportation, 1989-90 Secretary of Labor, In 1990-99 President of Red Cross of USA, Married to former Senator Bob Dole, who was the Republican Presidential Candidate in 1996, in 1999 she run herself but withdrew before the Republican Convention because of lack of funding. In 2002 she was elected Senator for New Carolina. (b. 1936-)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is neither historic nor special because she is a woman.

The only thing that is unique about Senator Clinton’s campaign is that she is the only woman in American history that has attempted to exploit the fact that she was first lady and claim that entitles her to be President of the United States of America.

If the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is true what I saw of the Democrats last night should stay in Vegas clearly none of them are ready for prime time.

Hillary will win the Democrat nomination for President because Democrats only care about appearances and Hillary appeared to be Siegfried & Roy to Edwards and Obama’s caged tiger act.

It’s time to put on the “Anybody but Clinton” buttons!