Thursday, November 26, 2009

Climate Change Alarmists don’t Care about Lies

Global warming Alarmist Barry Hussein Soetoro and Albert A. Gore
U.S. President Barack Obama will go to Copenhagen for a U.N. climate change meeting on December 9, hoping to add momentum to an international process despite slow progress on a domestic bill to cut carbon emissions.—Jeff Mason

Carbon emission, greenhouse gases, climate change, global warming all lies that scientists told to extort control over the society. It was all a lie, it has been exposed and now Global warming needs a savior.

It was first reported that he would not be attending the Copenhagen meetings but that was before the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming was exposed as the total fraud that it is. (see story)

And now that this multi-trillion dollar global tax initiative is in terrible trouble, they need their most important asset to be in attendance. So U.S. president Barry Hussein Soetoro will make an appearance in Denmark on December 9, 2009 to shore up support among world leaders urging them to continue on with the original plan of signing the treaty that will be the keystone to funding one world rule.

As many of you know by now data was hacked from computers at the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University, United Kingdom the premier Global warming Research and information scientific organization. This information details an international scientific conspiracy to promote the theory of Global warming or Climate Change in total contradiction of scientific facts.

Furthermore these co-conspirators of corrupt science planned to destroy any and all opposition to their false claims of complete planetary destruction due to Anthropogenic Global Warming. They thought that the planet’s populace had no choice but to comply with their phony junk science claims of CO2 emissions causing the sea levels to rise and all the other made up cataclysmic results of an overheated planet.

The hacked emails are the smoking gun that proves that everything that Al Gore has been propagating for the last 3 to 4 years concerning global warming is patently false.

The only question is, are the emails authentic? To date no one in the Global warming community has challenged the veracity of the emails. As a matter of fact on the official Copenhagen Global warming website they do just the contrary they confirm that the e-mails were in fact stolen and the content of those e-mails could be detrimental to the Global warming movement. I have documented the report below in case it is removed.

Scientists "behaving badly" won’t influence UN climate conference
While e-mails stolen from one of the world’s top climate research centres may embarrass some of the involved scientists, the incident is reported not to affect the ongoing political negotiations.

Morten Andersen 24/11/2009 22:25

The release of e-mails stolen from computers at the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University, UK, reveals that some mainstream scientists have fought dirty in their attempts to call attention to global warming. However, this will not affect the international climate negotiations, according to various media reports.

Some of the e-mails indicate that mainstream scientists have attempted to block publication by dissenting scientists in peer reviewed publications. On that background Republican senators at the US Congress are calling for an investigation into the state of climate science. An investigation would potentially delay Congress’ adaptation of a climate bill, expected to be passed sometime during spring 2010, but this is not a likely scenario, Kevin Book, an analyst at ClearView Energy Partners, LLC in Washington, tells Reuters:

“The issue of scientists behaving badly does nothing to invalidate the science. This does nothing to the US climate bill, which will be decided mostly by economic forces, not environmental ones.”

Some of the attempts to block dissenting scientists’ articles were directed at the journal Climate Research. Having read the stolen emails, Hans von Storch of the University of Hamburg, who was editor of the journal at the time, feels that the mainstream scientists went too far.

“The (East Anglia researchers) violated a fundamental principle of science (…) they built a group to do gatekeeping, which is also totally unacceptable. They play science as a power game,” Hans von Storch tells The Wall Street Journal.
Other scientists are less outraged.

“Whilst some of the e-mails show scientists to be all too human, nothing I have read makes me doubt the veracity of the peer review process or the general warming trend in the global temperature recorded,” Piers Forster, an environment professor at the University of Leeds, tells Reuters.
(see source)

While this article attempts to mitigate the greatest scientific scandal of modern times by suggesting that this conspiracy affront to human intelligence and truth telling is concentrated among a few mainstream hothead scientists it does not dispute that fact that the e-mails indicate that scientists knew Global warming was a fraud and yet they promoted it while they attempted to destroy anyone who disagreed with their lies.
“The issue of scientists behaving badly does nothing to invalidate the science. This does nothing to the US climate bill, which will be decided mostly by economic forces, not environmental ones.”—Kevin Book, an analyst at ClearView Energy Partners, LLC in Washington
It is clear that Global warming alarmists never had science, the climate or the earth in mind. Global warming remains and always has been driven by economic forces. Global warming is and always has been a conspiracy to exact global taxes from an unwary world populist.

What is also clear is that Climate Change alarmist are not going to let a little thing like facts and being busted in the greatest lie in the scientific era be a deterrent to their plans to enact fraudulent Global warming policies (see story)

President Barry Hussein Soetoro will do what he does best when he arrives in Copenhagen. He will support forces that are detrimental to America. No legitimate America president would support a system that by its very nature will destroy the American economy like the agreement that internationalist are attempting to construct in Copenhagen.

Yet President Soetoro will support it and even sign it in spite of the fact that it has been proved beyond a doubt that Global warming is a fraud.

The president and his co-conspirators are going to move ahead with their plans according to the news coming out of Copenhagen.