Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama the Flavor Flav of Politics

This president gives rousing speeches. He did it again yesterday. He bounded out onto the Hynes Convention Center stage, all youth and vigor, open-necked white shirt, navy blazer.
But he didn’t sell me, or reassure me.
—Margery Eagan
Having trouble keeping hope and change alive

Margery Eagan of the Boston is a Barry Hussein Soetoro supporter. Yet she is having trouble keeping hope and change alive. Eagan referred to the president and first lady’s current campaign to keep Democrat power in Congress the, “Barack Obama’s pre-election, pump-up-nervous-Democrats tour.” She was at one of dem pump ‘em up campaigns and yeah the president spoke good and stuff, but he ain’t all that. According to Eagan (My emphasize, My reading) (see story)

What Democrats are now realizing, Ms. Eagan included, is what Republicans knew all along, that is, president Soetoro is the Flavor Flav of politics, all hype, YAAAAAAA BOIIIII!!!

All hype, all words and not even his own words, Soetoro’s been stealing other’s words since he’s come on the scene 2008. (see 1:20min video)

In addition, according to Ms. Eagan the president has some of his supporters confused between reality, hyperbole, confused between what is real, and what is Democrat propaganda. For instance the president’s little car in the ditch scenario Soetoro’s favor line is Republicans drove a car into a ditch, the economy, and he and Democrats when down into the ditch to push the car out while Republicans stood by attempting to deride them.

The president continues he and Democrats got the car out of the ditch and now the Republicans are asking for the keys back. So according to Soetoro Republicans drove into a ditch then along came Soetoro and the Democrats.

“We put our boots on and went down into the ditch, and we started pushing that car out,” the president told the cheering crowd. “It was hot down there and muddy, but we kept on pushing. And every once in a while we looked up and the Republicans are standing up there tanning themselves, sipping Slurpees, and we say, ‘Hey, are you gonna help?’ ”
But the Republicans told us, “You’re not pushing the right way.”—Barry Hussein Soetoro

You’re not pushing the right way.

No sir Mr. president this story is why you’re in so much trouble with the electorate. As the story goes the Congress, which you where a part of, Democrats and Republicans drove the car into the ditch. Democrats hopped out of the car and immediately started pointed fingers claiming that Republicans were driving.

Democrats demanded that they be given the keys to the car because they knew how to get the car out of the ditch. Democrats’ said by gunning the engine full throttle by trillions upon trillions of dollars of stimulus spending that would get the car out of the ditch.

Democrats got the keys to the car and for twenty months put their plan into action, full throttle spending, but lo and behold, the car is being driven further and further into the ditch. Unemployment above 8% to 9.6% against Democrat promises. No jobs when Democrats promised to save and or create 3million jobs.

All the while Democrats cried come help us wreck the economy to the Republicans but in this case Republicans wisely said, “No Democrats you’re doing it all wrong.”

The reality of the manner is, Soetoro supporters like Ms. Eagan have had twenty months to see the reality verses the hype and they are beginning to see that as Chuck D was the talent in Public Enemy not Flavor Flav, the president is pure hype man and that’s all. The hype man is all words he just makes his band look better than the other band.

Flav was just Public enemy’s Hype man, sorta as Barry Hussein Soetoro is the Democrat Party’s Hype man!