Monday, October 30, 2006

The Hatin’ on Bush Vote

Who do you hate George Bush or do you hate Nancy Pelosi, The war on terror or terrorist who declared war on America? That’s what the Democrats say this election is about. (That's so 2004!) Liberals need to get over it! But this is how Democrats framed this election so if they lose they have no one to fault but themselves.

Liberals are calling this election a referendum on the President and the war. And it is if you hate Bush! For all of you that are counting that’s a third bite of the apple. Democrats have had two prior attempts at hating on George W. Bush once in 2000 and again in 2004 and they have been hatin’ on him from the very first time they heard his name.

Now they want the whole country to join with them in one great big hate feast November 7th. Maybe they see this as a going away present of sorts. You know, a kind of, we couldn’t beat you President Bush so we’ll use these elections to demonize you one last time.

"This election is becoming more and more a referendum on George Bush, his failed policies both overseas and at home with a rubber stamp Congress," said Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, head of the Senate Democratic campaign committee.

The Democrats hate Republicans and everything that Republicans stand for, at least that’s what they’ve said, and they are using their hatred to fuel what they believe will be an ouster of their political rivals in this November midterm election.

So Democrats feel that running against Bush and the war in this election is useful to them. And they’ve got a lot invested in hatred of the President; Democrats have spent the last 6 years talking down the President of the United States and talking down the United States’ effort in protect its self against Islamic terrorism.

The thing is President Bush isn’t running! His term in office is ending and he is going away in a couple of years and the war like it or not is not going away.

Also if this is a referendum of hate then let’s talk about what putting Nancy Pelosi in as the Speaker of the (Hate) House will do to America.

Pelosi has established herself as the second most polarizing person in Washington D.C., Hillary Clinton being the first, she and Senator Harry Reid have orcastrated perhaps the most hateful plan ever.

A plan to obstruct the Senate and the Congress in such a way that their fingerprints are not immediately evident but when you control the Democratic voting block and you order all Democrats not to vote on any Republican measure your hateful influence is certainly felt. And when it is felt you simply point to the Republicans and call the Congress a "do nothing" Congress. Yeah it’s do nothing because you made it that way!

Pelosi's lifetime rating by the Americans for Democratic Action, the liberal benchmark for members of Congress, is 96 percent. Her lifetime rating by the counterpart American Conservative Union is 2 percent.

Less than a year after 9/11, Pelosi said publicly that she didn't consider the United States at war. This year, she said that national security should not be a campaign issue in the 2006 midterm elections. Naturally she meant not at war with terrorist but of course Pelosi believes that she is at war with Republicans.

Pelosi voted repeatedly against the counterterrorism Patriot Act, opposed creation of the Department of Homeland Security and voted against a resolution condemning the leak of the National Security Agency's highly classified program for monitoring terrorist communications. Clearly the only enemies worthy of fighting to Ms. Pelosi are Republicans.

In Fact House Democrats have voted, often by overwhelming margins, against nearly all the fundamental counterterrorism policies and programs. A majority of House Democrats voted repeatedly against the Patriot Act, against authorizing military tribunals for captured terrorists, against modernizing electronic surveillance legislation to permit monitoring of terrorists by the National Security Agency and against creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

Twice in the 1990s and twice more since the terrorist attacks in 2001, half or more of House Democrats voted to cut finding for U.S. intelligence agencies. This year, 93 House Democrats voted against the 2007 Defense Authorization bill, which included appropriations for the major U.S. intelligence agencies.

On securing the U.S.-Mexico border – arguably a tangential national security issue – Democrats have an equally weak record. More than half the House Democratic caucus voted against legislation authorizing construction of 700 miles of fencing along the southern border. More than half of all House Democrats also voted against legislation last month to increase immigration law enforcement.

So you go right ahead and fall for the "hatin’ on Conservatives" that Democrats have got going on, but judging by Democrats and Nancy Pelosi’s voting record hatin’ Republicans is the only thing that Democrats hate.

Judging by Democrat’s voting record it’s apparent that Democrats not only hate Republicans they hate America too! I’m just going their the record…

So have a Happy Hatin’ on Bush Voting day!