Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Latina Judge’s Burden

1899 cartoon. Uncle Sam balances his new possessions, which are depicted as savage children. The figures are identified as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Cuba, Philippines, and the Mariana Islands. It was just the beginning of the new American imperialism.
With Barack Obama, many Americans had hoped to get a post-racial president. With Mr. Obama's pick of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace David H. Souter on the Supreme Court, it looks less and less like they got one.

President Obama - a man we still hardly know - clearly subscribes to the notion that we should judge each other not just on the content of our character, but also by the color of our skin.
—Andrew Breitbart
She is a Judge among lesser men and judges. Especially White men. When she is finally sitted among the seven men and the one White woman of the Supreme Court she alone will possess the greater wisdom of the Latina Female and all that her heritage and gender brings to bear upon American jurisprudence.

When she consults with the Senate judicial leadership Democrats and Republicans mostly White men she will be the wisest person in the room and they will all bow to her like Barack Obama bowed to his Saudi King Abdullah. They will bow because she is the first Latina nominated to the Supreme Court.

Any White man who stands before her will already be deemed as an inferior being because in this culture White men are the burden. The unspoken question is, just what are we going to do with them?
In today's left-of-center culture, the "white male" - "the victim," as it were - understands that what Judge Sotomayor said is the accepted liberal way of thinking. Identity politics (also known as political correctness, multiculturalism and cultural Marxism) is the foundation of the political left. It is the first, middle and last lesson taught today in Academia. It is the mainstream media's rulebook.—Andrew Breitbart
White men are less wise and less noble than she and she is supported by the whole Liberal leftwing on that point. The fact that White men are morally and intellectually inferior is believed by the left and it is as big an inside joke as the joke that appeal Courts makes policy, yeah everyone on the left is in on that joke too! (see 35sec. video)

Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor are going to pay the White man back for all of the misery that he has caused the oppressed people of the world through, what the Leftwing believes is, White American Imperialism. that is the reason why the left is on board with a Black Marxist and a Latina Racist and that is why Obama believes that America must apologize to the world. With a Black president the White man will surely get his come-upings! Take that GM! Just one of the many symbols of the White men's industrial, economic power and world dominance that will fall before the third world.

Andrew Breitbart’s commentary entitled, “No More Apologies from Sotomayor” states the case that nearly everyone has bought into the politically correct idea that it is okay for Blacks and Latinas to be racist. That is why Republicans won’t filibuster her nomination and why Republicans Michael Steele chairman of the Republican Party and Senate Republican leader Sen. John Cornyn won’t fight this nomination. (see article)

Republicans have already tried the ways of appeasement. Just look at how successful Sen. John McCain’s campaign of appeasement for the presidency was. No one could have been more “bend-over-backwards” appeasing to Barack Obama and Democrats that John McCain and what did it get him?

Though McCain authored the Comprehensive Immigration Bill he got less of the Latino vote than President George W. Bush. This should go to show Republicans that they must stop pandering to Latinos and do the right thing whatever the cost.

Barack Obama opposed Chief Justices John Roberts and Justice Sam Alito just because of his partisan Party politics. Obama didn’t like their judicial conservative ideology. Obama didn’t oppose these men because they weren't eminently qualified for the Supreme court, they were. Obama opposed them because what they represented, Conservatism. In other words in Obama's mind he was opposing the establishment, or that what has always been in America, White men in authority and in power. You see change to Obama also means the end of White political and economic power in the world.

On the other hand, Sotomayor should be opposed by Republican senators, for all intents and purposes she is unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice because she subscripts to the idea that because of her Race and gender she is superior to White Jurists. She said as much herself.

What is a poor word choice or a do over to Obama and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is not simply a mistake in words this goes much deeper. This is a mistake in ideology, this is a mistake in philosophy. What this mistake is, Sotomayor thinks that one Race is superior to another Race that mistake in the recent past was deemed as Racism up until this point. Now Obama and Gibbs would have us think of it as a simple Fopaux instead of the Racism that it actually is.

Finally the reason that Sotomayor shouldn't receive Senate confirmation and be elevated to the Supreme Court is the other Justices would simply be a burden to her ,after all ,everyone knows that White Supreme Court Justices are inferior to Latina Supreme Court Justices.

A Latina Justice’s wisdom and experience trumps a White man’s wisdom and experience, anyways that's what the Left-wing believes and that is theirs and Sotomayor’s burden.