Monday, March 19, 2012

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Implodes Defeating Black Racism

What part of that was the bombshell because I missed it, I don’t get it. What’s the bombshell? —Soledad O’Brien
In an interview that clearly was an electronic lynching of a White man CNN’s Soledad O’Brien shows her imperviousness to the fact that black racial bigotry exists as well as showing that she is as unprofessional as the Rev. Al Sharpton is on his mockery of a News program. Only O’Brien is supposed to be a professional journalist, maybe that’s the problem. In O’Brien’s interview of’s editor-in-chief, Joel Pollack the host of Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien showed that perhaps her personal starting point is seeped in racism.

Maybe O’Brien is too close to the subject matter or maybe she is a closet racist, what we do know is that she invited Mr. Pollak on her show where she attempted to rudely belittle, berate and argue with her invited guest rather than professionally interview him.

Mr. Pollack was there representing the late Andrew Breitbart’s promised vetting of the president in 2012, a vetting that he did not receive by the Mainstream media in 2008. The media did everything in it’s power to defeat Conservatives and Bush in 2000 and 2004 apparently they have vowed to be damned if their candidate didn’t win in 2008 and doesn’t win in 2012. The Progressive Media was complicit in keeping the American people in the dark about the man who would ultimately become their president.

The Progressive media didn’t vet Barry Hussein Soetoro. The president’s Progressive Democrat acolytes by their own admission hid critical information, which would have told a story of the radical and racist mentors that the presidential candidate surrounded himself with all his life but particularly in his college days. Now that these materials have come out in time for the 2012 election O’Brien and others like her will attempt to obfuscate the importance of the material as well as confuse the facts about the cover-up of the material, however they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it a second time.

Amy Holmes, a Black woman on O’Brien’s panel was the only voice of reason among Black Progressives and a token White progressive. (See 13:12 min video)

If one is looking for objectivity and post racial reporting one will not find that on the set of Ms. O’Brien’s show.

Ms. O’Brien is a Black racist in the same vain that Attorney General Eric Holder is one. She is every bit of a racist as the President of the United States is.

In the coming weeks we will discover why an Obama administration did not prosecute Black men that violated voter right laws. We will also understand why an Obama administration has refused to protect America’s borders from the thousands of illegal aliens that enter the United States daily since Barry Hussein Soetoro was elected president. Moreover, we will see why the Obama administration sued Americans who attempted to defend America’s borders. It is all because of the president’s racism.

Finally, due to the efforts of the Breitbart organization Progressive media types like Soledad O’Brien will be exposed for the racists that they are and for covering up the radical racism of the president.

Had this been a white man with the racist history that Barry Hussein Soetoro has that white man would have never made it through the election year of 2008 without a full and complete vetting.

Yet we are just months away from the 2012 elections as yet, we still don’t know any of the president’s vitals. He birth certificate has been called into question once again and today he was not released school records, college records, baptismal certificate, original real passport, or any information as to who exactly this man is.

What we do know are carefully crafted narratives that tell a story that the president wishes us to know about him. That is the equivalent of writing a resume and telling your employer, he or she cannot verify your credentials they must accept what you tell them about yourself. Nice situation if you can get it.

Barry Hussein Soetoro got it for 4 years. Now he is attempting to do it again. There is a saying, Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

It would be a shameful thing for America to allow the Democrat Party, the Progressive media and Barry Hussein Soetoro stay in power when it has become obvious to all fair-minded people that these Parties all conspired to defraud the constitution and the American people. Once more in 2012, they have the temerity to attempt to do it yet again and dare the people to call them on it.