Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton is so 90’s

1968 Hillary Diane Rodham

As heard in the New Hampshire Primaries:

Like did you see what she’s still wearing? OMG pants suits went out like in the 80’s! And all that talk about experience to produce change, don’t you have to be old or something to get experience?

I know sleeping around can get you plenty of experience! Maybe that’s the reason she has Bill tagging along as a show of all the experience that they’ve had. (Well at least all the experience that Bill has had!)

OMG, I heard that Hillary thinks that that Obama guy is not ready to be President ‘cause he’s all young and stuff and he hasn’t been in the White house for 8 years in the 90’s like she has.

I would just die if someone thought that I was old enough to be doing something political in the White house in the 90’s, you know? I think I was only 8 years old in the 90’s anyways!

Oh and have you seen that Obama, why he’s so young, energetic and handsome. Yeah I bet if he wasn’t married Chelsea wouldn’t mind hooking up with him! Yeah I’d be his Obama girl in a minute!

Yeah and OMG Hillary is John McCain old! Definitely bringing “NOT-sexy” back!

And did you hear that Hillary’s theme is change? But what has she really been able to change in her over 35 years of politics? While she was in the White house she attempt to change Health Care but failed.

She’s been apart of the 109th and the 110th Congresses both named the “do nothing Congress.” No change there.

Plus she’s still wearing pants suits clearly no change there! But to hear her tell it she is solely responsible for every change in America. Listen to her rant in New Hampshire last night:

So just what change has she already made? And what capacity has she been in to be able to make any changes. I’m thinking that all the old cadgers in spandex leisure suits who think that “staying alive” is a mission statement and not a song sang by the Bee Gees will vote for her. Or maybe they’re looking for that Fleetwood Mac generation that can’t stop thinking about the 90’s to vote for her!

Whatever! I’m just tired of the same old rethreaded politicians trying to pass themselves off as agents of change. Yeah like anyone would want to see a rethreaded American Gladiators return to TV! Yeah as if!

OMG, OMG the Voters in New Hampshire are not even buying Hillary’s bull about change anymore when a focus group was asked whether Hillary’s arguments for experience and change in last night’s New Hampshire debate made them want to back her the group ripped her a new one. Check it out:

I can’t believe that anyone is still considering voting for Hillary Clinton.

Yeah like voting for Hillary would be soooo 90’s!