Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don’t Scream “Race” to Me!

From the start of the Democratic Primary season until today,
both sides have "decried" the use of race in their campaigns.
This is a fallacy of the first magnitude. Every statement from
both campaigns has been full of innuendo about the "forbidden"

Neither wants to take credit for bringing the subject out into the
open, but there it is and there it will stay. You cannot avoid
"race" when it is used as an "excuse" or "defense" by either side.
The Clinton campaign uses it as a yardstick for measuring
acceptance, under the guise of "race or gender", which is the
only way for Hillary to explain her difficulty in rising to the top.
The Obama campaign, while claiming to be "above" the use of
race to propel him to "stardom", has indeed used every subtle
hint, and some not so subtle, to achieve that end.

With virtually no credentials, other than his color, Obama has
claimed to be a "uniting force" for the country...... while at the
same time holding the record as the Senate’s most liberal
Congressman. He enjoys the backing of almost every celebrity and politician of color............. and though achieving some success in
the white community........... got to where he is by garnering some
90% of the black vote, in the nationwide caucuses.

That small and inconvenient fact is what angered some, when
Geraldine Ferraro brought that to the country’s attention, and what
got her labeled as a bigot................... along with me, I might add.
I did and still agree 100% with Ferraro’s statement, and recent events
are proving both of us right.

When news of Obama’s then Pastor’s rants broke, cracks in the
Obama campaign began to become apparent. The Rev.Wright does
not appear to be the "holy" man that he had been represented as, by
Barack. This man represents the lowest form of hate-mongering and
racism that I have every seen. How anyone, including the Senator
can justify his despicable statements is beyond all reason. Yet, with
the full backing of the black community, Barack Obama did just that.

He said that Rev.Wright has been his "spiritual advisor" of some
twenty years, and that he had never heard any of the statements that
the "Reverend" made. He claimed that Reverend Wright had brought
him to Jesus, had married him and his wife and had baptized both his

When questioned as to why he had never heard those statements
in church, Obama said that he had never been in the church personally,
when any of the objectionable and poisonous remarks had been made.
I said at that time, in a previous post here, that he avoided eye contact
with the camera, and that his body language told me that he was lying
through his teeth. Common sense dictated that in a twenty year
relationship, supposedly that close, it was virtually impossible not to
be familiar with the Reverend and his racist and anti-American rhetoric.

As the situation heated up, Senator Obama saw the necessity of making
yet another television appearance to clear the air. This time, in front of
a wall of American flags, his statement about Reverend Wright was completely different. He said that he had indeed been in the church and heard those statements personally, but that he could not disown the Reverend because he was like family to him.

That alone was an admission to me, that he is not qualified to represent
us as President or in any other public office. He not only admitted that
he had lied, but he refused to disassociate himself from the pastor. Actually, he had the gall to explain away the black church, and the deep feelings or resentment and bitterness of the congregations. That was an insulting exercise in explaining a mind-set, which if one looks at the congregation in the videos, was totally unnecessary. Just viewing it was enough...... seeing just about every attendee at the service in total agreement with Rev.Wright,as witnessed by their hooting and hollering
and jumping up and down. If this is representative of the black church, I think that it is appalling Hopefully, there are churches with a less vitriolic congregation, and pastor.

Obama would have us believe the excuses, that the black community harbors great frustration and bitterness for having been suppressed
by the white community for so many centuries. Well, even assuming
thatis so, why take it out on the country or us........ who have bent over backwards in attempts to level the playing field? Affirmative action has given countless opportunities to blacks, at the direct expense of whites
who were more qualified and equally deserving. I don’t see any black church celebrating that!

If Obama and the black community really want to integrate society,
let’s get rid of the "Congressional Black Caucus", The Miss Black
America Contest", "The United Negro College Fund", and all those
organizations that demand that you be black in order to participate.
I would venture to say that if we had a "Miss White America" contest,
"The United White College Fund" or the "Congressional White
Caucus", the Reverend Jesse Jackson would be picketing the front
doors of all those organizations.

Let’s remember something here. The black community can blame
Europe and America for slavery, which was indeed a blemish on
all of humanity. But when they do,.......they had better remember
that it would not have been possible without the full cooperation of
the black African ruling classes, and the African tribal leaders who sold
their own into slavery.

Let them eat Steak

Joe Vento

In a 2 to 1 vote the Human relations panel of Philadelphia found that the owner of a famous cheesesteak shop did not discriminate when he posted signs asking customers to speak English, a city panel ruled Wednesday.

Joe Vento owner of Geno’s posted signs in October 2005 which were challenged by some who felt that Mr. Vento violated the city’s ordinances against discrimination.

Commissioners Roxanne E. Covington and Burt Siegel voted to dismiss the complaint, finding that the sign does not communicate that business will be "refused, withheld or denied."

Now the larger issue is this, how can a country whose motto is E Pluribus Unum forget that its responsibility is not to accommodate each and every foreign citizen with comforts of the countries from which they’ve abandoned by coming to the United States for hopes of a better life?

On the contrary this country’s responsibility is to accommodate all citizens by helping them assimilate into the American way of life.

The fact that there was even the need for such a sign, that the sign was challenged and that a city panel had to hold a hearing concerning its posting is an indication that America has lost its way.

Joe Vento should be praised for fighting for the American Dream. What else does, “Out Of Many, One”, mean if it doesn’t mean that from where ever you hail, from what ever ethnicity or country that you come from, join us in America and share our common experience which begins as it always has as long as immigrants have arrived to these shores by learning our ways and speaking the language that we all hold in common, English!

If E Pluribus Unum doesn’t mean that, then ultimately the American experience will become Balkanized and it will be no better than the countries that many of you fled to escape from.

Thank you Joe Vento for your insight, helping us all to understand the true creed of our country!