Friday, March 18, 2011

Like Donald Trump, we all should be Agnostic about Obama’s Eligibility

Everybody that even gives any hint of being a “birther”, a word that you didn’t use, even a little bit of a hint like,’gee you know maybe just maybe this much of a chance’ they label them as an idiot. Let me tell you I’m a really smart guy. I was a very good student at the best school in the country.

The reason that I have a little doubt, just a little, is because he grew up and nobody knew him. When you interview people, if I ever got the nomination if I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten they will remember me. Nobody ever comes forward nobody knows who he is until later in his life.

It’s very strange, the whole thing is very strange
—Donald Trump
Donald Trump is no coward. How else does a man conquer his world the way that Trump has without a steely resolve and fearless valor. Nowhere is Mr. Trump’s bravery in fuller display as in his recent ABC News interview on Good Morning America. Trump was asked the question that has most political Conservatives assuming the fetal position and sucking the big politically correct thumb. Was the president, Barry Hussein Soetoro born in America? (see 3:25min video)

Without batting an eye, Mr. Trump strikes at the heart of the matter by acknowledging the concerted effort by Liberals and Democrat politicos to discredit any and everyone who even thinks about questioning the eligibility of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Democrat strategists have relied on the tactic of taking their weakest position, an ineligible president, and forcing everyone to acknowledge that it would be stupid to question his eligibility. Presently the tactic is working for them. (Say it loud I’m a birther and I’m proud!)

Conservatives especially have kissed the ring of Soetoro’s ineligibility by agreeing that he is, in order to appease Liberals who are perpetrating this fraud. (California Republican Congressman Bilbray Creates Birth Certificate Controversy)

The Donald also raises the point that though this man, this unknown quantity has occupied the White house for over two years there is still little we know of his past other then the carefully crafted narrative constructed for Americans that Bill Maher thinks are stupid.

Barry Hussein Soetoro’s Achilles Heel is his eligibility. He knows it and so does everyone who is covering for him. The reason that Democrats and Republicans are covering for Soetoro is that they too have been implicated in this fraud against the United States by aiding and abetting the most egregious violation of the constitution in America’s history.

Admitting that Barry Hussein Soetoro is ineligible would be admitting that they are complicit in the fraudulent presidency of the Democrat president. (Obama a One Term President without a Birth Certificate)

Mr. Trump’s point is simply this, it is stupid to take a man at his word especially when everything that this man has said is bifurcated and completely duplicitous. Further Mr. Trump refuses to be bullied by Soetoro sycophants who care nothing about the law, principle or the constitution.

The bravest person in the political sphere of the United States of America right now is Donald Trump. Trump has dared to grab on to the one thing that could destroy the current corrupt political structure of United States of America, the fraudulent presidency of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

If the tale of Barry Hussein Soetoro is ever told Republicans, Democrats, Senators, Congressmen and women, Judges and Justices all face the fact that they are complicit in the greatest affront to this country and to our constitution that has ever been committed by a man and a Political Party.

Donald Trump is not a stupid man, his empire attests to that. He is not a birther he is an agnostic regarding the eligibility of the president. An agnostic is one who needs proof. We all should be agnostic about a man who has promised the most transparent administration in the history of the United States and then promptly and continuously hides his life from the American people as if he has secrets. From kindergarten to the Illinois State Legislature, Barry Hussein Soetoro has used Courts to hide in plain sight by court order seal on all records.

Only those who are willing to suspend disbelief concerning president Soetoro are the stupid ones. Donald Trump is agnostic about believing the story of Barry Hussein Soetoro as well we all should be.

Mr. Trump is not a birther he is an agnostic. All smart people are. We all should be.