Thursday, June 16, 2011

One State Solution for the Middle East Klavan Style

We here at Klavan on the Culture would like to layout what we consider the only plan likely to bring tranquility, freedom and justice to the region.

The one state solution in which the entire Middle East is given to the Jews. That’s right the one state solution is a proposal of genius that would not only help the Palestinians but it would instantly achieve the noblest goals of the so-called Arab spring.
—Andrew Klavan
You might be saying, “Hey why didn’t I think of that a one state solution for the Middle East.” Well maybe you’re anti-Jewish or maybe you don’t think outside the box.

Andrew Klavan presents a solution that everyone probably won’t agree with but it is the most innovative and unique take on a centuries old problem. And I must admit that this is a solution that I’ve not heard yet. (see 3:30min video)

For more information please visit Frontpage Magazine.