Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Libby gets 30 Months..... Plame Flys Free!

What a travesty. "Scooter" Libby has to serve
2 ½ years in prison, while the bigger liar and fraud,
Valerie Plame gets a walk.

How about some semblance of fairness from the
new Democratic Congress, that promised NOT to
seek groundless revenge on their former counterparts?

Let’s reopen the investigations during which Plame
lied through her teeth. Her four totally different
stories, to different departments of government,
should at least raise some red flags as to the veracity
of her original argument.

Sorry folks, but this is a witch hunt, and "Scooter" is
just the first of many sacraficial lambs to take a hit.
Of course, we shouldn’t even begin to question the
soundness of the Judge Walton’s "sentencing", based
on the fact that he has affiliations with the
Democratic party.

What a load of crap! Only ignorant liberals who get
led around by their noses, could believe this!

Hear me well "ORIGINAL Culture of Corruption"....
maybe in ‘08, or definitely by ‘12.... the voters will
realize that they have been duped by the Democrats
once again.....and you will have a major reversal of
fortune. THEN it will be the Republicans turn to
REOPEN the investigation into the Valerie Plame
fiasco...... exonerating Libby and jailing both
Wilson and the "Mrs.".



Nancy Pelosi,Strategist and Speaker of the House

“OUR GOAL IS POLITICAL EXTINCTION FOR WAR SUPPORTERS”—Tom Matzzie, campaign manager for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq

If President Bush had any sense of the political calamity which is about to befall him, he would immediately drop the intra party divisiveness that his amnesty for law breakers has created in the Republican party and focus on the pending catastrophe that is about to be unleashed on his dispirited political party.

Jihad Nancy Pelosi, Democrats and antiwar groups are planning a major assault starting this summer meant to force Republican lawmakers to abandon support for the President’s war policy. An already weakened President Bush can ill afford any further erosion of support after he purposely created a fracture in the Republican Party over his illegal alien policies.

Democrats plan a two prong strategy of keeping pressure on the White house with repeat votes in the House and the Senate for bills to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq and antiwar groups Moveon.org, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, VoteVets.org and the Service Employees International Union plan to go into the congressional districts of Republican members who they feel are vulnerable for defeat and create a political environment that is toxic. According to Tom Matzzie, campaign manager for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, "The public is there already. It is really about focusing their anger."

The coalition is planning an all out aggressive television advertising campaign, against Republicans who support the President and the war who are up for reelection next year.

If the President and Republicans choose to disregard this cautioning and do no strategizing of their own they choose to lose and the 2008 election year will be as badly mismanaged as the war in Iraq has been thus far. Could Senator Harry Reid be right? “THE WAR IS LOST!”

If not it will be …if Democrats have their way it will be!