Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Fraud and Scandal for Obama

Nees’ investigation centered on the petitions that put then-senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot. As many as 150 of the names and signatures, it is alleged, were faked. So many, in fact, that the numbers raise questions about whether Obama’s campaign had enough legitimate signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot. -- Eric Shawn
In what was supposed to be the most ethical and open presidential administration in the history of the United States of America there is yet another deceptive cover up and this one rocks the very legitimacy of the Barry Hussein Soetoro presidency. It also shows the entire Democrat Party was complicit in fraudulently conspiring to defraud the American people by tampering with the 2008 presidential election.

22-year-old Ryan Nees a Democrat working in the Soetoro White house uncovered voter fraud in the 2008 Indiana primary election which put Sens. Barry Hussein Soetoro and Hillary Clinton on the ballot. Allegedly as many as 150 of the names and signatures were faked, so many, in fact, that the numbers raise questions about whether Obama’s campaign had enough legitimate signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot. (see 3:02min video)

"What seems to have happened is that a variety of people in northern Indiana knew that this fraud occurred, and actively participated and perpetuated the fraud, and did so on behalf of two presidential campaigns," according to Nees.

With 53% of Americans, disapproving of the president’s job performance and a totally failed domestic and foreign economic agenda the last thing that president Soetoro needs is a scandal suggesting that his presidency has been illegitimate all along.

This is a story that the Progressive Liberal media dreads because this revelation could possibility hurt president Soetoro reelection chances. President Soetoro has benefited exclusively from media’s protection. This story is of equal of not greater import as Sarah Palin’s emails; however don’t expect the same media coverage that was given to discredit Palin. The Progressive Liberal media has a stake in continuing to protect Soetoro president.

The scandal has already led to the sudden resignation Monday night of Butch Morgan, chairman of the St. Joseph County Democratic Party. (see article)

Nees, a junior at Yale University, served as an intern in the Obama White House last year and supports the president’s re-election. But as an intern at the non-partisan political newsletter Howey Politics Indiana, he delved into the Byzantine and complicated world of petition signatures and found reams of signatures that he says appeared to be written in the same handwriting, some apparently copied from previous petitions.

Democrats and president Soetoro has succeeded in corrupting the three branches of government, the legislature, the judiciary and the Executive branches. As well, they have corrupted the fourth estate, the press. Therefore, don’t expect full reporting on this blight on American politics.

Media undoubtedly will excuse this scandal as to late to do anything about, so let’s just move on. They’re wrong as usual. Acting to do something about this scandal assures us that America is beginning to fix what is wrong with our country. Not to act implies that we are not willing to work on what is wrong with America. That would be a tragic admission that we have lost our way in this country.