Monday, November 15, 2010

Proof Obamacare Screws the Middle Class

It definitely proves that this [Obamacare] is a job killer. When you put the power in the hands of the Administration, a bureaucracy to decide who is going to obey the law and who isn’t going to obey the law you’ve eviscerated the entire purpose of the law in the first place.

So what they’ve done here is pa…obviously they can not create jobs with this. They know that this is a jobs killer and they’ve admitted it. This is prima facia admission that it’s a failure
--Wanye Rogers
President Barry Hussein Soetoro has issued 111 Healthcare Waivers to Unions and Corporations but zero waivers for the middle class. What this means is the Healthcare law is a bust, this means Obamacare is a bad law worthy of repeal. You don’t get to keep your doctor or your existing healthcare as president Soetoro repeated lied saying that you could.

The Obama administration has officially created a two tier American where he decides who are the insured and who are not. Barry Hussein Soetoro is the “Decider” not George W. Bush. (see 2:04min video)

This is the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barry Hussein Soetoro screwing of the middle class that is Obamacare. Democrats put the Congress on the line to pass this law and lost as well they should have. They also put America on the line by putting the entire country under an unfair job killing law that Corporations and their lawyers along with Unions and their lawyers have fought to liberate themselves creating an unfair society of people forced to comply with an unjust Healthcare law and Unions and Corporations who are not. (list of exempted 111)

Now it must be even be clear to the most partisan of Liberals that they, Republicans and all fair-minded people must fight to repeal this discriminatory job killing law. Not just parts of it but the whole law!

Further, we must punish the enemies of America who enacted it.