Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Liberal Word Play Exposed

Creating Orwellian worldview requires changes in meaning. In this case Patriots and Conservative citizens became Terrorist by Liberal’s definition. Every so often though political discourse becomes so outrageous that even the purveyors of the outrage most stop to assess the nonsense that they speak. So was the case with the Liberals who spouted the Tea Party Terrorist meme.

Democrats and Progressive media began to march in lockstep to the ridiculous with their attacks against the Tea Party. These attacks where indirectly intended for the enemies of Liberals, anyone and everyone who is a Conservative. The Morning Joe show captures Liberals reconciling themselves to the reality that their concerted efforts to demonize the Tea Party were just a bit over the top. (see 9:17min video)

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The Liberal propaganda machine is exposed. This is a typical Liberal method of demonization of their foes. Messaging is what Liberals do best. All fair-minded people recognize that this is but an example of how Liberals message. We all should be aware that Liberal memes are propaganda meant to deceive.