Monday, November 05, 2012

Before you Vote

Liberals have invested a lot of time, money and propaganda to demonize Conservatives. They have been very successful in that endeavor. Behind the name, Bush the word Conservative is the most hate word in the Democrat lexicon. Most Liberals who are voting against Gov. Romney do so out of their hate for Conservatives, their partisanship or their ignorance.

Out of hate for Conservatives as I’ve already explained Liberals mounted a vast campaign to make the word Conservative hated.

Out of partisanship because in spite of the most partisan and inept presidency in recent history Liberals are going to vote for president Obama instead of Gov. Romney. Romney is someone who can fix what is wrong with our country. Nevertheless, most liberals will not consider voting for him.

Thirdly, out of ignorance because Democrats have lied on Governor Romney and the regular members of the Democrat Party believe without question the lies about Romney while disregarding truth about their own candidate. (see 7:38min video)

Vote November 6th for what is best for America not for what is best for your Party.