Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Obama’s Thriller

As the folks in the White House begin looking toward President Barack Obama’s presumed re-election campaign in 2012, there is one statistic that might worry them more than any other: Little more than a third of white voters currently think the president is doing a good job. —Peter Brown(source)
Barry Hussein Soetoro is the most singular polarizing President in American history. That is according to several polls one released by the Gallup organization and one issued by the Pew research organization. (see article) and (here)

Soetoro’s embrace of fringe special interest groups and strident “in yo face” political strong arm tactics have left the majority of Americans feeling that he hates White people, Christians, Patriots, Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Parties (Liberal code word for Conservatives) and the Constitution of the United States. (see 3:32min video)

Homosexuals, Blacks, Illegal Aliens and pimply faced college students are the preferred coalition of the Obama campaign. Like the herky-jerky Michael Jackson dance, the Soetoro campaign efforts are aimed to cobble together special interest zombies from their heretofore balkanized hyphenated sub American designations so that they might dance in the choreographed reelection dance of 2012 for Soetoro.

That data point is hidden in the crosstabs of the myriad polls that show a very polarized nation that gives the president a middling job approval rating overall.
Mr. Obama’s job approval rating remains in the mid-to-high-40s overall only because he gets a thumbs up from more than 90% of blacks and gets majority support from Hispanics.—Peter Brown

However for the majority of Americans the treatment from this president and his Party leaves them standing against a wall of rejection and totally unimpressed with this president’s choices of everything from music to healthcare reform to homosexual marriages and to gays serving openly in the military.

Are the Soetoro disenfranchised xenophobes or racists? And why do they feel hated by the president? No they are not xenophobes or racists Zogby is reporting that people on the left are leaving president. It is also reported that Independents are deserting the president. And finally people that backed him in 2008 are no longer willing to back him.

Polls are showing that Americans realize the mistake that they made in 2008 electing a Progressive Liberal and wish to correct their error in 2012. (see poll here)

One would have to conclude that the problem isn’t the people. Instead, the problem is the radical progressivism of the president and his Party. Now that the American people have seen for themselves what progressivism does to a country they have rejected progressivism.

Liberals, Independents, former Soetoro backers and Conservatives alike have rejected the president’s ideology. A man who would take it upon himself to fundamentally change the United States of America something that no U.S. president is elected to do has lost the confidence of the American people for repeatedly acting outside of his constitutional authority.

Therefore, the president is marshalling a coalition of minority special interest groups with the expressed intentions of fundamentally changing the United States by the use of these groups.

The majority of Americans have good cause to think that the Soetoro administration hates them. Everything that this administration has done suggest that it does. From its refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers on federal voter intimidation charges because the victims were White. To refusing to protect the United States’ borders from the government sanctioned invasion of Mexican nationals. To the suing of Arizona when the state attempted to enforce legal laws protecting itself from an illegal invasion. All these acts have Americans wondering if this president hates this country.

This president has done more to divide this nation than any other president in the history of America. This president is the anti-Lincoln.