Thursday, June 09, 2011

Liberals Argue the Bill Clinton Standard regarding Weiner

Two things that I’d never though I see, one is Ed Schultz arguing as the voice of reason in a cause and the other is Bill Clinton used as a standard for morality.

That just goes to show us that anything can transpire when Progressive Liberals argue the case for immorality regarding a fellow Progressive as in the case of Ed Schultz’s interview of Joan Walsh of Ultra Left-wing Salon Magazine, Bill Press and Sally Cone of Movement

Follow is some of the most provocative Liberals abusing Liberals in their confusion over who is to blame for the ongoing downfall of Progressive Liberal star Congressman Weiner. (see 8:50min video)

Amazingly, Ms. Walsh and Mr. Press, staunch partisans, argue that if Bill Clinton can become a Liberal icon in spite of his immoralities then Congressman Weiner be just as immoral and become just as successful.

Does Ms. Walsh and Mr. Press really want to argue that America is so devoid of integrity and morals that a married elected government official can twitter his exposed penis to women that are not his wife while he engages in other lewd and lascivious acts. And just as long as this dishonorable behavior doesn't affect this Progressive Liberal politics this scandalous behavior is acceptable to Progressive Liberals.

Moreover, are Progressives willing to accept dishonorable behavior in their politicians just as long as their politicians prevent honorable men and women of the opposing Party from being elected?

This interview sounded that way to me. How did it sound to you?