Wednesday, October 18, 2006

According to the FBI Foley’s not a Pedophile

The Democrat’s big October surprise and political roadside bomb set for Republicans just fizzled out!

Brian Ross reports that after interviewing 40 Congressional Pages and turning over every rock on Capital Hill the FBI was unable to find that Mark Foley had any sexual contact with any under age Pages, still desperate to make a case against Foley they are now interviewing female Pages. Foley is gay.

This is another in a long line of Democratic, made for affecting the outcome of elections, scandals that have not panned out like Democrats had hoped.

DNC Chairperson Howard Dean called this a firestorm when first it was disclosed that the Republican Congressman was gay and it was thought he was enticing young Pages into sexual relationships.

Even had it been true, which it is not, that Congressman Foley had sex with an underage page it would not have been the first time that this kind of conduct has happened on Capitol Hill.

Recently deceased former Congressman Gerry Studds actually did have sex with a teen aged Page. But he never apologized. He defended the relationship as consensual and condemned the investigation, saying it had invaded his privacy.

Studds was censored by Congress but won reelection to his seat and continued to serve. In contrast Republican Foley, who was only guilty of emailing Pages, resigned his seat.

Foley is not a Pedophile, he did not commit pedophilia yet because of the Democratic created firestorm he was put out of Congress. Something that Democrats didn’t do to one of their own who was an actual pedophile!

So goes the politics of firestorms in October…