Thursday, October 06, 2011

The “D” Party is holding America Hostage

The "D" Party is holding America hostage. You wouldn’t know it because the media isn’t reporting it. But it’s as big of a scandal as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder selling guns to Mexican drug lords.

How is the “D” Party holding America hostage? Democrats haven't passed a budget in the Senate for over 800 days or over 2 years. If that is not holding America hostage then nothing is. The Senate is required by law to pass a budget every year. If you remember Democrats purposely neglected to pass a budget prior to the 2008 elections because they feared the American people would see their fiscal negligence. (see article)

The media isn’t reporting this gross malfeasance on Democrat’s part and the president isn’t commenting on it either. This violation of law is reason enough to fire every Democrat in Washington D.C. (see 1:07min video)

All of the false charges that the media lodged against the Tea Party, charges of holding America hostage, one would think that someone in the media would be interested in a real instance where the country is actually being had hostage. (see article)

Something that you probably didn’t know, the recent need to sign a continuing budget resolution to keep the government running would not have been needed if the “D” Party had passed a budget. In six months, Congress will have to sign another continuing resolution because Democrats have not passed a budget in over 2 years.

The “D” Party is holding this country hostage because it illegally has failed to keep it’s fiduciary duty to the country failing to pass a budget as it is required to do every year.
You didn’t know it America because the MSM is complicit in the hostage taking of America.