Monday, March 11, 2013

Message to the Huffington Post from Adam Carolla

California’s Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom is an egregious lawbreaker. He singlehandedly broke California law and he ordered others to do so when he was Mayor of San Francisco. Newsom thought his lawlessness would make him Governor of California. Instead, the special interest group for which he broke the law could only get him the Lieutenant Governor post.

To the special interest homosexual lobby Gavin Newsom is sacrosanct. So imagine their outrage when a fellow leftist and comedian Adam Carolla calls Newsom out on his Liberal racism cloaked in low expectation of Blacks and Latinos. The Huffington Post bastion of the Left goes as far as to label Carolla a racist. The label racist is the most devastating charge that the Left can muster so it’s no surprise that Carolla reacted vulgarly.

In response, Carolla ripped the Huffington Post for trying to stir up a racial storm over an interview he had with California Lieutenant Governor involving black and Latino success. It would appear that the Left’s tactics, which they freely use against Conservatives, do not work as effectively when employed against one of their own.

*** Warning Explicit Language*** (see 10:12min Video)

Original interview, which began the controversy.

Carolla Newsom interview

(listen to 15:28min audio)