Friday, November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy not due to Climate Change Meghan McCain and Liberals

The experts say there is no evidence that hurricane Sandy was caused by Global warming or climate change, as the climate alarmists prefer to mischaracterize any weather “event” nowadays.

Climate lairs and buffoons the likes of Al Gore, Meghan McCain, Roseann Barr and Van Jones do their best Chicken Little impressions, “The climate is changing, the climate is changing” each time a rain drop falls or a strong wind blows.

However, alas Al Gore, Meghan McCain, Roseann Barr and Van Jones are not Climate experts they are simply sellouts to the Industrial Climate Change complex.

The Industrial Climate Change complex are investors like Al Gore who have fortunes invested in both Green technologies and cap and trade exchanges which will make them trillions of dollars if they can force the US government to tax the American people for carbon emissions under the guise of protecting the planet.

Scientists assure us that there has not been any Global warming for the last sixteen years also current studies have shown that there is no relationship between CO2 in the atmosphere and the rise of temperatures. (see article)(see article)

So who are we, you going to believe? Are we going to believe celebrity sellouts to the Industrial climate change complex or experts in the field of climate?

Joe Bastardi an expert and a professional weather forecaster explains why hurricane Sandy is not a “global warming,” “climate change” event. (see 2:14min video)

So whom are you going to believe Meghan McCain? Roseann Barr? Or climate experts?

Following is a comparison of Climate change alarmists vs. experts. Notice Gore, McCain, Barr and Jones are not among the experts.

Says Global Warming is the Cause of Hurricane Sandy

The President is on board with the Industrial Climate Change Complex. He believes in global warming despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary. If voted in a second term undoubtedly he would implement Climate Change policy either by Executive Order or by administrative policy by his Environmental Protection Agency. Interestingly Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has just endorsed the president based on the president's belief in Anthropogenic Global warming aka climate change. This is reason that neither man is fit for office. (see article)

There is no convincing the climate change fanatics however, there is enough information here to show any fair-minded person that hurricane Sandy is not a product of Climate Change. (see source)