Monday, April 09, 2007

How can 60.6 Million Brits be so Stupid?

Some of ex-Captive Royal Navy

The British have been played like chumps. It’s called propaganda and British people act as if they’ve never seen anything like it. Iran committed an international crime against 15 Sailors and Marines of the Royal Navy by capturing and illegally holding them for 14 days under threats of imprisonment, torture, death or all three.

Then after forcing humiliating confessions and violating the Geneva Convention by using the 15 captives in humiliating and compromising videos, dressing them up and parading them in a dog and pony show before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran finally after using the captives like utterly useless fodder then releases them back to their disgraced Country.

In this whole despicable affront to British national dignity not one peep of outrage from the British people against Iran.

No Brits just seem to be resigned to the fact that it was Blair’s and Bush’s fault that Iran violated Iraqi waters captured Royal military personnel and held them under threat and in violation of Geneva when the U.S.A. or the U.K. are not in conflict with Iran.

Now that the 15 captives have been released they tell a much different story of their captivity; blindfolds, bonds, isolation, clicking of cocked guns, psychological torture and foaming mouth bullying captors.

But to offset anything that the captives might say when they got home Iran took plenty of pictures that showed the “good treatment” of their most esteemed and honored guest.

Pictures that showed the captives playing, laughing, smoking and in good humor and then finally President Ahmadinejad’s sarcastically asked question to his about to be released prisoners, “Have you enjoyed your mandatory vacation?”

This was an international outrage! So why are the Brits so complacent when an act of war was committed against them?

Maybe the Brits believe Iran’s propaganda, maybe Brits believe that their apparent passive Royal Navy is incompetent too and did stray into Iranian waters.

Maybe the Brits believe that their armed forces deserved to be captured and threatened and subjected to humiliation.

Maybe the Brits believe the Iranian government over their own government that they were in the wrong and Iran was in the right. And so the question goes begging, HOW COULD 60.6 MILLION BRITS BE SO STUPID?