Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Hollywood is responsible for Aurora

Sure, it’s much easier to blame the NRA and guns for the violence perpetrated against the Batman moviegoers because the arch of social acceptance is being turned against the second amendment by the same minds that attack other fundamental constitutional rights. At the same, time these anti-constitutionalists making up rights that have no bases in the constitution but should be, “a right” according to their “socially correct” reckoning.
Where would James Holmes get the idea that he was “The Joker,” and color his hair to keep in character with that fictional personality the NRA or Hollywood? Where would the Aurora Colorado assailant and mass murderer see images of wanton violence and glorification of cold-blooded murder? The answer is easy Video games and Movies not the NRA.

Hollywood is feeding the world senseless hyper violence everyday.

Therefore, at best calls to violate the Constitutional second amendment right to bear arms are disingenuous. The minds of people all around the world are affected by reckless images of recreational violence portrayed in movies. Movies which young men the age of mass murderer James Holmes view and violent games, which they play daily in the United States and around the world.

It is said that the only thing that the United States produces for world consumption nowadays are Movies and entertainment. The entertainment that is produced in the United States is reviled by most of the world for it’s violence and sexual content which most of the world finds repulsive.

There is no question that Hollywood purposely shapes our social consciousness with messages embedded in movies regarding values, faith and acceptance. Generations of young men and women have been indoctrinated with what to think and how to act by Hollywood regarding sexuality and violence everyone knows this.

Most of us describe reality by what we’ve seen in movies. Had you ever said of an actual event, “It was like that scene in the movies where…”

Sure, it’s much easier to blame the NRA and guns for the violence perpetrated against the Batman moviegoers because the arch of social acceptance is being turned against the second amendment by the same minds that attack other fundamental constitutional rights. At the same, time these anti-constitutionalists making up rights that have no bases in the constitution but should be, “a right” according to their “socially correct” reckoning.

It is ironic that the innocent moviegoers were going to an early screening to celebrate mindless fictional violence. One wonders could this be the same fictional violence that played in the disturbed mind of shooter James Holmes who planned, dresses and acted the part of an image that is played out in thousands of movie theaters, in millions of homes on game consoles and movie channels on our flat screen televisions. An image spawn in Hollywood and repeated millions of times before the eyes of young men and women.

To be sure, the culture gatekeepers will steer the conversation into heated discussions about gun control only. This is an attempt to protect those in Hollywood who has shaped social consciousness regarding what is acceptable.

To be clear Hollywood has not directly stated that violence is acceptable however the millions of images of violence that they fed the American people and the world. The movies, which they have produced and distributed for public consumption, must be considered as a primary cause for the violence that we see acted out in the real world and in this particular instance in Colorado.

After all everyone knows that, we are what we eat.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who’s paying for Obama’s artificially Low Student Loan rates

Congress and the president have done America’s retirees a great disservice. By robbing the pension fund and lowering accounting standards, the student-loan bill steals from seniors tomorrow to achieve a politically expedient goal today. The president has made the student-loan issue a signature issue of his re-election campaign. But he never told us that lower loan rates would come at a cost to the financial security of the elderly. -- NATHAN HARDEN
The Legion of Robin Hood is that he stole from the rich to give to the poor. The legion of Barry Hussein Soetoro is he is stealing from the old and retired to give to the young who he hopes will vote for him.

Nathan Harden reports that president Soetoro’s one year freeze on student loan rates is paid for by the Soetoro government raiding its pension-guarantee fund to the tune of $6 billion — although the fund is already running a deficit of $26 billion. (see story).

Columnist Daniel Indiviglio of Reuters dug up the details this week, calling the bill financial “hocus-pocus.” The student-loan scheme was buried in a transportation bill.[…] The student-loan bill puts the pension system in jeopardy. To cover future payouts, […]Plus, the bill lowers accounting standards for pension funds, letting them contribute less money than before while forecasting the same future return. –Nathan Harden


Apparently the president feels that the old and retired aren’t paying their fair share . It’s a good thing that Justice John Roberts made share that the Obamatax death panels are constitutional. .

When the elderly discovers that the president stole their retirement, the Obamatax death panels can deny the elderly heart medication thus solving the pay back problem for the Soetoro administration.

Monday, July 23, 2012

President’s tax hike will not fix economy instead will cost economy 700,000 Jobs

• Output in the long-run would fall by 1.3%, or $200 billion, in today’s economy.
• Employment in the long-run would fall by 0.5% or, roughly 710,000 fewer jobs, in today’s economy.
• Capital stock and investment in the long-run would fall by 1.4% and 2.4%, respectively.
• Real after-tax wages would fall by 1.8%, reflecting a decline in workers‟ living standards relative to what would have occurred otherwise.
In a further show that 3 ½ years in office the president of the United States still doesn’t know what he is doing regarding the U.S. economy. A recent study reports that taxes on the “Rich” as proposed by president Barry Hussein Soetoro will cost the economy over 700,000 fewer jobs. That explains why his campaign team is focusing on Gov. Romney’s Bain Capital Investment years. (see story)

The president hasn’t been able to fix the economy as he promised thus he feels that he must attempt to discredit Gov. Romney’s sterling Bain career. Sterling as described by former president Clinton. (following is the 24 page report)

EY Study Long-Run Macroeconomic Impact of Increasing Tax Rates on High Income Taxpayers in 2013 2012-07-16 ...

With such a devastating report, expect the Soetoro administration to attack the validity and the credibility of the report, which are typical Democrat masking tactics to discredit the truth.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bain Capital is Blue Meat Democrat Politics

And after reviewing evidence cited by the Obama campaign, we reaffirm our conclusion that Romney left the helm of Bain Capital when he took a leave of absence in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics – as he has said repeatedly — and never returned to active management. The Obama campaign’s recent ads thus mislead when they point to investments made by Bain, as well as management decisions made by companies in which Bain invested, after that time.
What does the Obama campaign have in rebuttal? Very little, and none of it convincing in our judgment.
--Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post
Nothing is more putrid and unsavory than maggot infested rotten blue meat. Yet this is the meat, which Democrat partisans feed. The president and his campaign love to throw blue meat at his base to keep a festering narrative going. Whether it’s against Gov. Mitt Romney or any other Republican Democrats fill their mouths with the spoilage of rancid blue meat lies.

Bain Capital is just one Democrat Blue Meat issue. It is a mere talking point for Democrat Politicos and the Democrat Media complex from which to whip up the Democrat base of bottom feeders.

Blue meat Democrat politics is rotten to its core as is the Democrat Bain narrative is. This narrative, promoted by president Barry Hussein Soetoro and his Chicago politicking walking dead, is that Mitt Romney outsourced U.S. jobs while at Bain therefore he would not be a good president because he doesn’t care about the American people. The second and most preposterous claim is that Romney committed a felon by falsifying SEC documents saying he was not in control of Bain Capital when he was.

However, the president’s unmeritorious charges have been fact checked and debunked ad infinitum by Newspapers and fact checkers that Democrats consider reputable. These fact checkers found beyond doubt that the president’s Bain Capital attacks against Mitt Romney are lies. Therefore, Bain is the president’s “birther” issue., Fortune Magazine and the Washington Post have all debunked the president’s attacks as baseless and without value. (Source)

Yet like rabid zombies, the president and his spokes men and women have glommed on to the maggot-infested lie that Mitt Romney was in control of Bain Capital, when everyone knows that the time in question Romney was heading up the United States Olympics committee responsible for hosting the Olympics in Salt Lake City in February of 1999.

Unlike the president’s College records, his votes while he was a state Senator in the Illinois state senate and his original passport we have verifiable evidence of Romney’s whereabouts before us and this information is transparent for everyone to see.

Blue meat is not fit for human consummation the America people should reject the president’s narrative concerning Bain Capital and instead insist that the president explain why nothing he said about the economy has worked and is not working.

Where are the shovel ready jobs you promised over the course of your four years Mr. president? Bain Capital and Mr. Romney aren’t the problem your lawless administration and your inept economic solutions are the problem.

Mitt Romney is the answer to America’s problems no matter how much Blue meat to throw at him! (see 32sec video)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Proof Obama’s Birth Certificate is a fraud!

You can’t have a document coded like other documents double checked. And have a code that says “9,” not stated and have a piece of information sitting in the box. That just can’t happen. Every document surrounding this individual is plagued with problems; they’re all plagued with problems. —Mike Zullo
Every reasonable person knows it. The president’s birth certificate is a fraud. However, the Barry Hussein Soetoro birth certificate fraud is a little like wanting to go to heaven. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

In like fashion nobody wants to admit that they have been either complicit in the greatest fraud perpetrated against the people of the U.S. or fooled by the same.

It's time Soetoro supporters stop attempting to discredit the truth and accept responsibility for what they have done to America. (see story)

In this high stakes treachery the Democrat Party would be destroyed if the American people realized the depths of their treachery that is why Democrats and Liberals will never ever admit to the fraudulency of the Barry Hussein Soetoro presidency.

Democrats would rather the United States destroyed rather than lose face and or power. They will never admit to their treason. However, if you remember they have already committed an act of blatant treason when they attempted to sabotage the war effort as pursued president George W. Bush by declaring that the war was lost in an election year as the war was being waged. If you recall Reps. John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi incorrectly declared the war lost as did Sen. Harry Reid to give Democrat Sen. John F. Kerry political advantage in the 2004 presidential election. So it not unthinkable that Democrats would commit an act of treason against the United States, they’ve already have done it.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse investigating documents connected with the president upon request of the people of Arizona and found that every document connected with the president is plagued with problems. (see 2:57min video)

FOX 10 News - Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

This president and his Liberal Media Complex would rather the United States be destroyed than to lose the 2012 election be put out of power and answer for the felonious crimes that they have committed against the people and government of the United States. And because the Courts, as demonstrated by Justice John Roberts, are as corrupted as the Legislative and Executive branches this scandalous crime will forever go untried and unpunished. Yet this travesty will remain in the annuals of American history as the most shameful period in our country’s history.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What’s wrong with receiving foreign campaign money Mr. Obama?

If so this would be the second presidential campaign where Democrats led by president Soetoro corrupted the American election process. Last I checked it is illegal to receive foreign money in American elections. The dirty little secret is Soetoro did so last year and this year he’s not even being discreet about it.
The Barry Hussein Soetoro campaign is soliciting to receiving campaign contributions from Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China. Naturally the president will say that he is only soliciting money from Americans living in those countries. (see story)

However in the president’s 2008 campaign he received money from all around the world over the internet and didn’t account for where the money came from. The Soetoro campaign raised half a billion dollars online in his 21-month campaign for the White House.

According to the Washington post In 2008 Soetoro’s campaign accepted donations made via untraceable digital gift cards sold over the counter by Mastercard and Visa. National Journal proved that practice on October 24, 2008. (see article

However, Obama is still using many of the same tech experts that he used in 2008, and is still accepting credit card donations made under incorrect names, according to numerous reports from blogs.

According to the Daily Caller the president’s campaign decision to accept the false names attached to small donations can have a broader impact than a few cases of fraud.

That’s because campaigns are free to assume that multiple small-scale donations made via one credit card are from different people, providing that different false names are provided online with each donation.

They’re free to do that even if donors’ fake names are utterly implausible, such as “Adolf Hitler,” “Osama bin Laden” or “Mickey Mouse.”

The 2012 Soetoro campaign’s decision to accept these small-scale donations made under false names could allow for a stream of donations from illegal donors, such as people who are neither citizens nor residents of the United States. Therefore It is not a leap to think that the Soetoro administration’s fundraisers in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China this year is a continuation of the questionable fundraising practices of the 2008 Soetoro presidential bid.

If so this would be the second presidential campaign where Democrats led by president Soetoro corrupted the American election process. Last I checked it is illegal to receive foreign money in American elections. The dirty little secret is Soetoro did so last year and this year he’s not even being discreet about it.

This has to be the most lawless presidency in the history of the United States.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Why is it preposterous to ask for this President’s College Records?

How many times have we heard that Barry Hussein Soetoro is the smartest president to have ever held the office? What is that claim based on, his ability to read a teleprompter, his radical left-wing ideologies or his complementing supportive media complex?

It is only natural that a reporter would want to know factually if the president is as smart as everyone is saying so when one go to investigate the claim guess what every record from Kindergarten to College are sealed. So naturally, the next question is why? Moreover, why was this president allowed to campaign in 2008 and serve for almost four years and no one has been able to see his education records?

Late in the game (better late than never) one reporter asked president press secretary Jay Carney, would the president release his education records however Carney found the request preposterous, why? (see 2:34min video)

Did you notice how fluidly and effortlessly Carney used Saul Alinsky’s rule number five and number thirteen of power tactics to neutralize the reporter’s question? Rule number five is “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” And Rule number thirteen is, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Upon hearing the question Carney immediately associated it with Donald Trump a man that the Soetoro team has invested a great deal of political capital attempting to ridicule and make look foolish. However it was Trump that forced Soetoro to do something that he didn’t want to do. Because the president was trained as a lawyer he ever wanted to put an actual document up so that there would evidence of fraud. Trump made that happen. In return, the Soetoro camp has made Trump look ridiculous to like-minded Liberal acolytes.

Secondly Carney uses what he considers is a mitigating factor, Trump. He suggests that the question about the president’s school records is invalid because Trump raised a question about the president’s birth, which is absurd. And which blatantly steers the conversation away from the embarrassing situation that we have an administration that promised to be the most open and honest administration in the history of the United States yet their leader has been lying about, making up and hiding details about him from his college days.

To begin proper vetting of the man who occupies the White house is late yet it is due. In addition, it is needed for the American people to make a proper decision regarding just who slipped into the White house while America’s attention was placed in an Anti-Bush frame of mind. We need to see this president’s well-guarded secrets as we decide whether we are going to allow him to remain in our House.

This administration continually depends on the compliance and stupidity of the America people as it uses radical propaganda tactics to deceive about the least transparent, the least pro-America president in the history of our beloved nation.

Therefore, it is not preposterous that we are asking to see what we have seen from every other modern day president. However, what is preposterous is to say that asking for that information is absurd when we all know that your position is the preposterous one Mr. Carney and Mr. President!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romney reaches out to Blacks with Success

Although the Obama media complex will focus on the boos Gov. Romney received during his speech at the NAACP earlier today when the Governor said he would repeal Obamatax. In a broader context the Governor actually handled the situation quite well. So well in fact that his explanation why it is necessary to repeal Obamatax was met with applause. (see 1:55 min video)

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Monday, July 09, 2012

The Boy who Cried Racist, and his Party

There is the story of a little boy who was a political acolyte for the Democrat Party. His job was to guard the Party from those mean old racist wolves the Republicans. Then, the Democrat Party found the most leftist Progressive ideologue Candidate that they could find and they dressed him up in Black face and gave him an exotic Islamic and African name to implement their left-wing progressivism on a middle to Conservative America.

The Democrats begin to institute the most socialist agenda in the last 40 years in the history of America. They passed Socialized Mandated Health care. They repealed “DADT.” They refused to enforce voting poll laws. They refused to enforce immigration laws. They refused to enforce DOMA and as a coup de grace, the Democrat progressive in black face President announced that he alone by executive order would make a new law of the land by edict, a law, which would grant millions of children of illegal aliens, who are in America to exploit America’s economy, amnesty and work permits. This Democrat progressive in black face President said he was bypassing Congress because Congress wouldn’t act and it was the, “the right thing to do!”

When Republicans cried out that, the Democrats and their progressive president in Black face were violating the constitution. Immediately the little boy spring into action and cried racism, racism!

The Republican protested that they were protesting simply because of the left-wing progressivism.

However,the little boy pointed out that no other president that violated the constitution by non-enforcement of laws was ever opposed so Republicans must be doing it now because the progressive in black face has a black face that that’s Racist!

The little boy pointed out that no other president which violated the constitution by granting new citizen ship to a special voting block was every opposed for doing that! So the opposition to this progressive in black face president must be Racist.

The little boy pointed out that no other president announcing an unconstitutional act in a news conference was ever interrupted in the middle of his unconstitutional statement. So the wolf reporters on the right must be racist.

The American people ran out time and again to see these racist wolves but each time they arrived there were no racist wolves to be found.

Then on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 the America people told the little boy and his Democrat Party that they and the progressive in Black face had falsely cried racist to many times. The American people were tired of the deception and the lies. So on November 6, 2012 the American people voted out the progressive in Black face and his Democrat Party. Not because he was in black face but because he is a progressive, who repealed DADT and who, didn’t uphold and protect the constitution while he was in office.

They said the progressive in black face also divided the country with spurious cries of racism, racism rather than unite the country with acts of promoting the common good and promoting Americanism over special interest racist groups.

The moral of the Story: The boy and his Party who falsely cry Racism will be eventually seen as the Racists that they actually are and they will be voted out of office November 6, 2012.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Soledad O’Brien believes Eric Holder lied about Gun Walking

The AG of the United States, Eric Holder, has admitted on several occasion that the United States and specifically the DOJ was involved in an act of giving guns to Mexican drug cartels in a DOJ program dubbed, “Fast and Furious” Holder so stated before Congressional hearing under oath as well he is on tape admitting it.

It is believed that this act of “gun running” was an attempt to strike at the second amendment. The scenario is Holder’s DOJ would track the guns that they gave to the drug cartels, the cartels would commit crimes with those guns and the DOJ would publish the story that it was because of America’s lax second amendment gun laws crimes with guns in Mexico where possible. Therefore, the second amendment must be abridged or abrogated in some fashion.

However, the DOJ was caught red handed in this effort and exposed on by whistleblowers within the agency. Subsequently the AG was been charged with a contempt of Congress citation because he has refused to hand over documents regarding these occurrences. It is an act of in subornation because Congress constitutionally has oversight of the DOJ and therefore has the authority of see the records, which they have requested.

In that light Soledad O’Brien known for her “objective reporting” interviews Rep. John Mica who is on the Congressional committee investigating the charges made against the DOJ, which states that “Fast and Furious” was a DOJ effort to sale guns to drug cartels.

O’Brien: What evidence do you have that in fact there was gun walking? Mica: (laugh) Well maybe I was watching a different program, I just saw the AG on your television screen saying that there was gun walking. O’Brien: what evidence do you have from the ATF that there was gun walking? Mica: (mockingly) Well just the AG, I guess we can’t believe him, but we don’t know what to believe that’s the whole point here

O’Brien attempts to introduce at this late date the laughable hypothesis that there was no gun running at all. O’Brien’s claim (she makes through a reporter’s article) is because of lax American gun laws Mexican drug cartels got access to American guns. Therefore, the American constitution and American laws are the problem and must be fixed. It is a breathtaking attempt to say that the ends justify the means. However in this twist, O’Brien attempts to reinsert the “ends” while claiming that the “means” didn’t happen.(see 11:25min video after 30sec ad)

Once again Soledad O’Brien proves she is a farce, a partisan clown who uses reporters stories much like bloggers use news articles instead of investigative reporting to ascertain facts. (my apologize to bloggers who investigate and report facts) O’Brien even played a video where the AG himself admits that the DOJ walked guns however she disregards that admission in order to put forth her partisan view that Eric Holder was unfairly found in Contempt of Congress. Holder has admitted gun walking happened. O’Brien is calling Holder a liar.

Maybe Soledad would best ask the AG why he said that the DOJ walked guns across the Mexican border and sale them to Mexican drug cartels. Better yet Soledad please cease from pretending that you are a legitimate reporter. Soledad O’Brien is a Keith Olbermann partisan who should find her way to Current TV along with all the other Global warming fanatics.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hey, Freerider Nancy Pelosi has the Power to Jail or Fine you Over Obamatax

It is all about deception. John Roberts’ ruling is about deception. And Obamatax is about deception. The president argued with George Stephanopoulos that dictionaries are crazy things and Obamatax was not a Healthcare tax, you remember that. The president, as his party did, argued to the country that Obamatax was not a tax.

However before the Court (that was formerly known as the Supreme Court) Obama attorneys argued, yes you guessed it, Obamatax is a tax or a mandate or anything and everything just uphold it or we’ll make you regret it John Roberts.

Message received. John Roberts ruled unconstitutional if it is a mandate but constitutional if it is a tax. Therefore, Roberts ruled it is a tax. Democrats were elated. John Roberts is one of them! The Court (FKATSC), well John Roberts, upheld Democrat Healthcare tax.

But like dictionaries, words are crazy things too. And Nancy Pelosi, the queen of crazy, though elated that the court (FKATSC) upheld the Obamatax law as a tax according to Pelosi she doesn’t care what the court (FKATSC) says Obamatax is not a tax. (see 2:31min video)

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Pelosi says John Roberts got it wrong. Obamatax is not a tax but she’ll take the victory no matter what the court (FKATSC) calls it. But it is not a tax. And one other thing all you Americans that won’t buy health insurance under the Obamatax plan are “Freeriders.”

That’s right all you freeriders because the John Roberts’ court (FKATSC) upheld Obamatax on the basis that the healthcare law is a tax Nancy Pelosi’s government now has new IRS police powers to arrest you and put you in jail if you do not comply to the new taxes that will be rolled out under Obamatax.

Oh you didn’t know that the John Roberts ruling allows for the arming of IRS agents to enforce the new Obamatax? It’s all in the 2,000 plus page law that nobody read including John Roberts. (see here)

So remember this Freerider when you resist Obamatax and the John Roberts ruling upholding Obamatax you are resisting Nancy Pelosi. While she was behind closed doors formulating Obamatax she gave the IRS the ability enforce Obamatax by jail or arms if need be.

We live in dangerous times. Obamatax ruled a tax that is not a tax according to Pelosi and Americans who don’t comply with an unconstitutional mandate are “Freeriders.”

Thus is America under a man who once claimed he was born in Kenya Africa, yet he calls people birthers who agree with the claim that he originated. According to Democrats and Pelosi Americans are Astroturf or Freeriders who needs armed IRS agents to keep them in line as the president, who has two autobiographies that are mostly works of composite fiction, fundamentally change concepts of reality in this country.

It’s a mandate, it’s a tax, it’s a mandate, it’s a tax and you are a freerider. God please deliver us from evil November 2012.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Are There are no Dreams in Mexico and Latin America

In 2009, about 38 percent of foreign-born people in the United States were from Mexico or Central America -- CBO report, Director Douglas Elmendorf (source)
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy speaking to Americans said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

President Barry Hussein Soetoro speaking exclusively to Hispanics said, (In so many words) You have asked for the Dream Act, I will give it to you because I feel it’s the right thing to do to insure my reelection.

Never has the contrast been so stark between two America presidents. No matter what the Party differences have been in the past there has never been the thought that a president wasn’t putting America first until now.

We are all aware of the numbers. Upwards of 40million illegal aliens in America. Some have had children, some have relatives and others simply sympathize with their cause. Mexican National and other Latin American Nationals want to come and go in and out of this country without the repercussions that their illegal actions have wrought. Illegals wish to share in this country’s prosperity. I get that.

What I don’t get is an United States president in the middle of the worst recession in the history of the United States granting amnesty to 800,000 to 1 million illegal Nationals of other countries and then giving them work permits when there are 86 million Americans out of work in this country.

That means 86 million people are invisible unemployed, according to the Labor Department.-- John Giokaris (source)

What I don’t get is countries, which illegal Nationals have left behind. Are their no dreams in those countries? Are there no dreams in Mexico? Are there no dreams in El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador or Dominican Republic? Are dreams only be found in the United States? How sad for the Mexico and Central America

If there are no dreams in those countries then why not, what is a country doing wrong when large numbers of it’s working population are fleeing nationalistic homes and going to a foreign country to find basic needs of life or in search of the American dream. Are the Governments of Mexico and Latin American countries so corrupt and so inept that they can’t provide for their people. The answer is yes they are.

Moreover, here’s another question, are these countries ever going to be fixed or is America the permanent economic relieve valve for corruptly run Latin American countries? The answer is these broken country may never be fixed. Not as long as those who are attempting to corrupt the American population with people from other countries, continue to speak about Mexico’s and Latin America’s problems as if they are the United States’ problem. They are not one in the same.

The fact is we don’t have a broken immigration system. What is true is Mexico and Latin America are broken countries. Because these countries are broken their national spillage floods over the borders of the United States, those who wish to mischaracterize what is happening focus on America as being the problem when in fact the problem with illegals in this country is a Mexican and Latin American tragedy.

One wonders is there anyone remaining in Mexico and Latin American countries who are working to fix the vast problems of Mexico and Latin American; the of lack of jobs, the lack of political integrity and the lack of political stability of those countries, is there no one remaining in Latin American countries to run them until the imminent return of their people.

Why is it that we say our immigration laws are broken when clearly our laws are being violated by countries that teach their citizens how to come to America and exploit our laws. Rather and again, I would say that countries that promotion illegal entry into the United States, are the countries that are broken. In addition people who come here illegally and see nothing wrong with trespassing in a foreign country, something is broken with their moral compass, I think. How can they not see that what they are doing as stealing from America and Americans.

If something is wrong with America’s immigration laws it is that U.S. law allows for exploitation from foreign governments and foreign nationals. This manipulation is often assisted by corrupt American government officials who wish to abuse the situation for their own gain.

If you are born in Mexico, do you automatically dream of the United States because there are no hope or dreams in your country? Where’s the pride in that?

Any Mexican national living in the United States illegally should immediately renounce the shameful country of Mexico for its lack of dreams. A Mexican that is in the United States illegally should be ashamed to be associated with Mexico in any way. A Mexican national should learn English as fast has he or she can and forever leave behind the shameful language of a country that has pimped you out to America because they as a country have nothing better than what America has to offer.

Mexicans ought to give Mexico to Blacks. Every time Blacks have built their own communities in American, they have been burned down, destroyed or economically sabotaged. (see source) Blacks would eagerly take the resources of Mexico and turn them into wealth. Mexico boasts of the Richest Man in the world yet there is not a dream big enough and inclusive enough to call all Mexican nationals home to build up Mexico? Truly shameful!

Look at what the Jews have done in Israel, in spite of overwhelming odds since 1948 Jews have made Israel their home.

So what is Mexico’s and Central America’s excuse? There is nowhere on earth with more abundance resources. Why do Hispanics come to the United States and gravel on their knees for handouts rather than work and dream of greatness for their country. Here’s a suggestion Don’t wave your Mexican flag in America if you can’t get something to eat, a job or live decently in Mexico. Wave the American flag.

Hispanic are happy that president Soetoro gave them the Dream, but don’t you know that what is given can be taken away. While you are here fighting for rights that do not belong to you be careful that your homeland will not be completely stolen from you.

Talk of immigration in this country is code for illegal entry into this country by people who are citizens of other countries who only wish to exploit our country.

Likewise, when government officials in America talk about immigration, a code word, which too is talk of exploitation of cheap labor to build someone other than the laborer’s wealth the United States. Finally, illegal entry into the United States will result in the United States becoming less like the country that the founders envisioned and more like the countries, which illegals come. What will Americans do then America unravels due to overpopulation of the United States by other nations’ citizens?

With the president’s new invitation for more immigration lawlessness, I believe we are going to find out what happens when a country is overrun by Mexicans and Latin Americans who are helping themselves to another nation’s wealth simply because there are no dreams in their own countries.