Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hey, Freerider Nancy Pelosi has the Power to Jail or Fine you Over Obamatax

It is all about deception. John Roberts’ ruling is about deception. And Obamatax is about deception. The president argued with George Stephanopoulos that dictionaries are crazy things and Obamatax was not a Healthcare tax, you remember that. The president, as his party did, argued to the country that Obamatax was not a tax.

However before the Court (that was formerly known as the Supreme Court) Obama attorneys argued, yes you guessed it, Obamatax is a tax or a mandate or anything and everything just uphold it or we’ll make you regret it John Roberts.

Message received. John Roberts ruled unconstitutional if it is a mandate but constitutional if it is a tax. Therefore, Roberts ruled it is a tax. Democrats were elated. John Roberts is one of them! The Court (FKATSC), well John Roberts, upheld Democrat Healthcare tax.

But like dictionaries, words are crazy things too. And Nancy Pelosi, the queen of crazy, though elated that the court (FKATSC) upheld the Obamatax law as a tax according to Pelosi she doesn’t care what the court (FKATSC) says Obamatax is not a tax. (see 2:31min video)

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Pelosi says John Roberts got it wrong. Obamatax is not a tax but she’ll take the victory no matter what the court (FKATSC) calls it. But it is not a tax. And one other thing all you Americans that won’t buy health insurance under the Obamatax plan are “Freeriders.”

That’s right all you freeriders because the John Roberts’ court (FKATSC) upheld Obamatax on the basis that the healthcare law is a tax Nancy Pelosi’s government now has new IRS police powers to arrest you and put you in jail if you do not comply to the new taxes that will be rolled out under Obamatax.

Oh you didn’t know that the John Roberts ruling allows for the arming of IRS agents to enforce the new Obamatax? It’s all in the 2,000 plus page law that nobody read including John Roberts. (see here)

So remember this Freerider when you resist Obamatax and the John Roberts ruling upholding Obamatax you are resisting Nancy Pelosi. While she was behind closed doors formulating Obamatax she gave the IRS the ability enforce Obamatax by jail or arms if need be.

We live in dangerous times. Obamatax ruled a tax that is not a tax according to Pelosi and Americans who don’t comply with an unconstitutional mandate are “Freeriders.”

Thus is America under a man who once claimed he was born in Kenya Africa, yet he calls people birthers who agree with the claim that he originated. According to Democrats and Pelosi Americans are Astroturf or Freeriders who needs armed IRS agents to keep them in line as the president, who has two autobiographies that are mostly works of composite fiction, fundamentally change concepts of reality in this country.

It’s a mandate, it’s a tax, it’s a mandate, it’s a tax and you are a freerider. God please deliver us from evil November 2012.

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