Friday, April 20, 2012

If you are a White Conservative Protestant Male it sucks to be you

If you are a White Conservative Protestant Male in America or the World it sucks to be you.

We live in a society that has spent the last forty years tearing down the image it refers to as "the White man.” The White man was the hated Establishment in the nineteen sixties. He was the oppressive and often surreal Omni-present “The Man” in the seventies but from the eighties on he has become this image of an over privileged silver spoon in mouth incompetent racist who has gotten everything he owns by theft or repression or both.

The American media has devoted huge unfair amounts of time mis-characterizing white men in order to achieve what it believes is creating a more equitable stake in the American dream for women and minorities. Often Progressive pony-tailed self-hating Latte drinking White men are at the forefront of this political war to emasculate White Conservative Protestant Males.

What that means to purveyors for this new social equality for all, is the white man has to be debased in order for women and minorities to be elevated.

Therefore, in politics, education, business, media and society at-large anything that produces negative views of the White Conservative Protestant Male (WCPM) is valued whereas any wholesome constructive productive and familial images are repressed.

This is never more event as in the presidential campaign pitting a man of African and White mixed race (who identifies as Black) against a White man who questionably represents Conservative values. The fact that he isn’t really Conservative doesn’t matter to anti-WCPM objectors. The fact that these haters of White Conservative men previously rejected Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential elections show that anti-WCPM haters group all White men into the same category. They are not in the least discerning when it comes to distinctions such as Compassionate Conservative, Moderate Conservative, RINO, Fiscal Conservative or any of the hyphenated conservative distinctions that have much more in common with Progressive liberals than with actual Conservatism.

George W. Bush and John McCain spent inordinate amounts of time and efforts to be liked and even accepted by progressives and liberal only to have such efforts scorned and ridiculed by the Left. No such effort has been put forward by Barry Hussein Soetoro rather he has pushed his hard left wing agenda above any attempt at bi-partisanship. He has demanded that Conservatives accept his Ideological beliefs or he will enact them without their approval. And he has done just that, Soetoro has enacted either by executive order or partisan legislation the most left wing policies in the last fifty years. He has done this largely against the wishes of a still majority conservative electorate with hopes that Conservatives are so fragmented and disheartened, he will be re-elected by the cobbled together super partisan special interests minority groups that his far left policies have catered to.

The president’s belief is the current progressive liberal education, business, and media complex has created so much hatred for the Conservative Protestant White man and his family that no Conservative White man can hope to win a presidential election in America again.
That is why the president has waged war on Ann Romney through his surrogates in the progressive liberal media. That is also why throughout his presidency there are tinges of racial tensions created with the president’s remarks, initially regarding the “stupidity” of White police in the Cambridge incident involving Black Professor Henry Louis Gates in 2009. Or the president’s remarks in the more recent Trayvon Martin incident involving a media reported “White Hispanic” and a Black teen.

The deconstruction of the White Conservative Protestant Male in this society is undeniably evident from the White house to the school house the message that is being communicated by progressive liberals is that White Conservative Protestant Men are no longer welcomed as major contributors to this society.

As the president told Republicans, “Sit in the back,” which is an obvious reference to the days that Blacks sat in the back of buses in the South. (see story)

In a society that is supposed to be inclusive of all and tolerate of all beliefs, all ideologies and all orientations the message being communicated to White Conservative Protestant men is, “It sucks being you.” For all of you who don’t have sons that look like Trayvon Martin. It sucks for them as well if they are raised with Conservative Protestant values.