Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is the Private Sector doing fine?

David Axelrod is a stupid man for thinking that the America people are stupid enough to accept his Howard Dean tactic of not answering a question and pivoting a question against Republicans.

Howard Dean has gone all around the world teaching socialists this Democrat technique of non-responsive answer (see 1:43min video)

Now compare David Axelrod with Dean. When asked by a CNN anchor about the president’s statement regarding private sector jobs. The president said that the private sector is doing fine. Axelrod’s use of the Howard “Dean pivot” of not answering the question and talking about what he wants to talk about is what Democrats are trained to do. (see 8min video)

Incredible! In eight minutes Axelrod failed to give a straight answer. Does he really believe that the American people are so stupid that we wouldn’t notice his refusal to answer the question. And are we so ignorant that we wouldn’t notice his combative disposition? Laughingly today’s Democrats believe that they can get away with this type of nonsense.

This is a favorite non-response tactic of Democrats, the president, his DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Axelrod. They all use it. They don’t answer questions asked and they all ways pivot a question around to say something negative against Republicans no matter what the question is.

A reporter can ask, “Mr. Axelrod is the president going to celebrate the 4th of July?” And of course Axelrod would use a non-responsive answer such as; “The president is working very hard to ensure that all holidays are treated equally. “ He’ll go further to say, “No one’s holiday will not be recognized by this administration. Unlike the Republicans, If a Republican were president he or she would not recognize Kwanza or the Muslim fast of Ramadan.”

See how that works. As Howard Dean teaches, one never answers a question and one should all ways pivot the conversation back to the Republicans with some negative comment.

It’s no wonder the political discourse in this nation is so decimated. Democrats have blown up all lines of communication while simultaneously blaming Republicans for all of the ills of the country.

The American people are supposed to be too stupid to see what Democrats are doing. Axelrod gives a fine example. Are the American people going to allow this manipulation of political discourse? The American people don’t want this scorned earth kind of politics neither do we want this childishness in our politics.

We can end Democrat’s “politics of pivot” by electing Mitt Romney for president and we can further end Democrats’ deceptive talking points by electing Republicans to the House of Representatives and to the Congress this November! Let's turn this "pivot" back around against Democrats!

To answer the question Mr. Axelrod, no, the private sector is not doing fine as the president said. The president should know the poor condition of the economy and he is wrong for saying otherwise.