Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sen. Todd Akins, “Rape, rape”, Whoopi Goldberg and Roman Polanski

In this example of how the Left uses language to create Orwellian worldview Senator Todd Akins has a lot working against him these days, however these two things are working against him for sure. He used the wrong terminology regarding rape and abortion and he is not Roman Polanski. (see here and here)

For those reasons, Akins has been pilloried from the Left and ostracized by those on the Establishment Right. His crime? He attempted to parse the meaning of rape. Some would say that all rape is rape but just wait a minute not all on the far Left would agree with you when it suits their argument, allow me to explain.

You see if Sen. Akins had used the Left-wing Orwellian term “rape, rape” instead of “legitimate rape,” in the video that aired Sunday August 19, 2012 the Liberal media establishment would have no choice but to be supportive of him. At least it appears that far left-wing social critic Whoopi Goldberg of the television show, The View, would be supportive. And if so, then Conservatives would not be calling for his withdrawal from the Missouri Senate race against embattled Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill. (see story)

Secondly, if Sen. Akins were film director Roman Polanski he could have actually have raped a thirteen year old girl after drugging the naïve minor teen until she was unconscious with Quaaludes and champagne. Polanski was charged with rape. But he plead guilty to having sex with a minor or statutory rape, he was released on bail before sentencing which he took as an opportunity to flee the country. He remained in exile in Europe escaping justice for his actions for thirty-two years.

If Akins was Polanski, Akins would have been defended by… yes far left-wing social critic Whoopi Goldberg. That is if Goldberg is intellectually honest that is. Of course, no one is accusing Goldberg of intellectual honesty. (see 4:48min video)

Sen. Akins just say that you used inartful words in your discussion about rape and meant to say in the case of not "rape, rape” doctors have told you something completely outlandish and wrong about the female body.

Also, state that you did not actually rape anyone like Roman Polanski who raped a thirteen-year-old girl and who was charged with rape but subsequently plead down to having sex with a drugged and alcoholed unconscious minor which Ms. Whoopi Goldberg describes as not "rape, rape”. State that you didn’t flee the country for thirty-two years as Polanski did. State that you only used inartful words answering a question about rape and abortion. Finally state that you didn’t commit a crime. And you should make note, by the way hasn’t the far left-wing forgiven Polanski for his crime of actually raping a minor?

If a criminal rapist can received support and forgiveness from the extreme far left, such as Whoopi Goldberg and the liberal biased media, certainly a man who is a Republican who used inartful words can be forgiven as well.