Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Democrats “Shell” Game!

In response to the deluge of emails, phone calls and faxes
to the Democratic Congress.............guess what?

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have accepted defeat, without
saying it of course
, and stated that they are about to present
their long-overdue and belated Energy Bill. Well.............
a bill of sorts, but certainly not an energy bill.

Those in the know, say that they will open up “offshore
, but not the way the public is demanding. Their
criteria will be no drilling within 50 miles of our shorelines.
That is to pacify the public, and still keep faith with the
environmentalists, who form a good chunk of the Democratic
party, and whom the Democratic Congress fears.

What good will that do, when 85% of the proven reserves are
only about 7 miles offshore? Why on earth do we have to
sail right over the bonanza, to drill in areas that have virtually
no oil worth pumping? This is the other side of the stupid
Democratic argument, that the oil companies should drill where
they already hold leases.
But that wouldn’t work because
every time they tried to drill the wacky environmentalists
would file suit through their ally and supporter, the ACLU.

This is the Democratic Congress that made all those grandiose
promises to voters about bringing “change”.
The only change
that happened in ‘06, was a change for the worse. Look back
and check on the facts. Without doubt........... this congress
has the all-time lowest approval rating of all time..... a mere 9%.

That is a disgrace.................. and yet we continue to reward them with the best life insurance policy, best pension plan, best medical
and dental coverage, in the entire world. .... at any price! We
pay for their hair salons and barber shops, and their free cafeteria.
We supply their limousine and their airplanes.

Is it so much to ask that they represent us in the fashion that
we are requesting? Who made them “gods” of our lives and
our fate? They work for us, but yet they feel that we are subject
to their whims...........like it or lump it!!!

Now............. they are offering more “change”....... God help us!

Something to Ponder!

I can’t give credit to the person who wrote this, because
I have no idea where it started. I received it in an email
........... from a very long list of senders. Whoever this
person is, I congratulate you, for being a true American,
who remembers the way this country was, before it was
highjacked by the liberals.
I pass it on to all of you to read, maybe copy, and send
it to some of your friends

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, your religion, race, or sex. This is serious stuff. What a differ ence 60 years makes..!!!I know everyone has a different opinion on the war and our current President, But this article makes a lot of sense and I hope you will take 2 minutes and read it and give it some thought.

I have never seen the 'situation' expressed any better in words!

Recently I was talking to a friend about the upcoming election and the candidates. As we ended our discussion he said, 'The only decision you have to make is who you want sitting in that seat in the White House when - NOT IF - but 'when' we get hit again and millions of American lives are put at risk! You ain't gonna like losing.'

President Bush did make a bad mistake in the war on terrorism. But the mistake was not his decision to go to war in Iraq. Bush's mistake came in his belief that this country is the same one his father fought for in WWII. It is not.

Back then we had just come out of a vicious depression. The country was steeled by the hardship of that depression but they still believed fervently in this country. They knew that the people had elected their leaders so it was the people's duty to back those leaders.
Therefore when the war broke out the people came together, rallied behind and stuck w ith their leaders whether they had voted for them or not or whether the war was going badly or not.

And war was just as distasteful and the anguish just as great then as it is today. Often there were more casualties in one day in WWII than we have had in the entire Iraq war. But that did not matter. The people stuck with the President because it was their patriotic duty. Americans put aside their differences in WWII and worked together to win that war.

Everyone from every strata of society from young to old pitched in. Small children pulled little wagons around to gather scrap metal for the war effort. Grade school students saved their pennies to buy stamps for war bonds to help the effort. (Yes, we actually did these things 'back then')...........

Men who were too old or medically 4F lied about their age or condition trying their best to join the military. Women doubled their work to keep things going at home. Harsh rationing of everything from gasoline to soap to butter was imposed yet there was very little complaining. You never heard prominent people on the radio belittling the President. Interestingly enough in those days there were no fat cat actors and entertainers who ran off to visit and fawn over dictators of hostile countries and complain to them about our President. Instead they made upbeat films and entertained our troops to help the troops' morale. And a bunch even enlisted.

And imagine this: Teachers in schools actually started the day off with a Pledge of Allegiance and with prayers for our country and our troops! Back then no newspaper would have dared point out certain weak spots in our cities where bombs could be set off to cause the maximum damage. No newspaper would have dared complain about what we were doing to catch spies.

A newspaper would have been laughed out of existence if it had complained that German or Japanese soldiers were being 'tortured' by being forced to wear women's underwear or subjected to interrogation by a woman or being scared by a dog or did not have air conditioning.

There were a lot of things different back then We were not subjected to a constant bombardment of pornography, perversion, and promiscuity in movies or on radio. We did not have legions of crack heads, dope pushers, and armed gangs roaming our streets.

No, President Bush did not make a mistake in his handling of terrorism. He made the mistake of believing that we still had the courage and fortitude of our fathers. He believed that this was still the country that our fathers fought so dearly to preserve. It is not the same country. It is now a cross between Sodom and Gomorrah and the land of Oz. We did unite for a short while after 9/11, but our attitude changed when we found out that defending our country would require some sacrifices.

We are in great danger. The terrorists are fanatic Muslims. They believe that it is okay, even their duty to kill anyone who will not convert to Islam. It has been estimated that about one third or over three hundred million Muslims are sympathetic to the terrorists' cause... Hitler and Tojo combined did not have nearly that many potential recruits.
So... We either win it - or lose it - and you ain't gonna like losing.

America is not at war. The military is at war. America is at the mall.

Take a couple of minutes to read this. Then I ask that you THINK ABOUT IT when you vote in November. Voting Democrat or Republican is most definitely YOUR CHOICE. Just remember what you have just read.

Send this to everyone you know, if you've got the guts to do it!!!

However, millions of the younger generations will not even know what this is all about.......all we can do is try to inform.....try to help in any way we can!

Whoopi’s Ignorant and Offensive Slave Remark

Sen. John McCain and the women of the View
"Should I be worried about being a slave, about being returned to slavery because certain things happened in the Constitution that you had to change?"—Whoopi Goldberg, the View

They’re doing it again. I remember being in line in 2000 at an event and two African American’s were in line before me and they were talking about the 2000 Presidential elections between Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush.

What I heard was a startling display of reverse racism. One said to the other that they would never vote for George Bush because if Bush were elected he is going to re-institute slavery.

Of all of the most outlandish of claims why must it always revert to this? Need I remind everyone the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln?(See story)
Everyone knows this, but it's worth repeating: The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and was established in 1854 to block the expansion of slavery.

The Democratic Party was the party of slavery: Its two founders, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, owned large numbers of slaves, and every party platform before the Civil War defended the institution unequivocally.

After the war, it was the Republican Party that rammed through the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution over Democratic opposition.

Republicans also enacted a series of civil-rights laws that culminated in the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which basically did what the Civil Rights Act of 1964 accomplished … Historically speaking, the Republican Party has a far better record on race than the Democrats. Sen. McCain should not be shy about saying so.
--Bruce Bartlett
One of my friends, he’s black, makes it known emphatically that he is voting for Sen. Barack Obama because he is a Black man.

This reverse racism that Whoopi and people who think like her are displaying is not only ignorant but it is as ugly if not uglier than its progenitor.

Racism has been heretofore say to have come from ignorance but this neo reverse racism is a willing self delusion that some Black have believing somehow that Whites have the power or the desire to put Black people back in chains.

Affirmative Action’s original intent was to allow opportunities that qualified Blacks where not receiving because of racism. Lately Affirmative Action has been identified with placing unqualified minorities into positions that they do not warrant.

It is ashamed that Black people are backing an unqualified Black man for the most important office in this country. Barack Obama is not qualified to be the President of the United States thus fulfilling all of the stereotypes about Blacks and Affirmative Action that have currently developed about Affirmative Action and Black people.

Whoopi it is the welfare state, which Liberals promote, that is what has destroyed Black families by creating the slavery of dependency on the State. Those are exactly the policies that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are campaigning to enact if he should be elected President.

Whoopi should be reminded that Blacks owned slaves too! So your Massa, Whoopi, could be the candidate that you’re voting for Barack Obama not John McCain!