Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Broken “Illegal Entry Invasion” Moral Compass of Barack Hussein Soetoro

Mexicans leaving Mexico for a better life in another country speaks to a problem in Mexico not the United States of America. Are U.S. politicians to stupid to understand this?
Just in one speech president, Barry Hussein Soetoro revealed his utter lack of lawfulness and truth. He mis-quoted scripture, he mis-applied legal immigration of Ellis and Angel Islands and he mis-represented civil rights movement to justify something that is wrong.

The children of Israel fled from the cruel slavery of Egypt they didn’t invade Egypt. Immigrants enter the United States legally not illegally. Black Slavery and subsequent civil rights fights had to do will people who were brought to the United States against their will. These people’s language, culture and humanity were stripped away from them in over 400 years of chattel slavery and Jim Crow discrimination.

In contrast, the illegal entry invasion that the president is attempting to promote, the illegal entry invasion of over 40 million Mexican national into the United States of America has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the history of the bible or the history of the United States of America.

However, to the twisted mind of Barry Hussein Soetoro it’s all the same thing. It is not. (see 3:37 min video)

That very thing, the Illegal Entry Invasion into the United States of America by Mexican Nations has devastated U.S. economy as a plague of locust devastates croplands causing blight. The influx of 40 million plus like swarming hordes has devoured our healthcare system, destroyed U.S. education and crash the U.S. job market. The president might as well be arguing for the metastasis of cancer or the proliferation of AIDS as natural body functions. Although cancer and AIDS do occur naturally and have a history with the human species, no one is going to welcome the death and devastation they cause to the body.

A more productive discussion would be what the United States could do to stabilize the country of Mexico. How can we take advantage of it’s resources and help it’s people build up a self sustaining economy that will employ it’s own people. We should have had these discussion years ago but it’s not too late to begin now.

We should be working to strengthen Mexico to become a partner in the 21-century global economy rather than the pedantic weak sister it has become. Mexico sends it’s children to the United States while it engages in activities not worthy of being considered a country. Drug cartels, puerile and corrupt government and the encouraging of millions of it’s citizens to invade another country, the U.S. A. These are not activities befitting an ally of the United States of America. Yet they are permitted to go on while we argue the wrong arguments about what to do to reform our policies when it’s the government of Mexico that is broken.

For the president of the United States to defend Mexico by advocating that we make duel citizens of Mexicans who then would able to vote in U.S. elects and their own country’s elections is sheer madness.

Is anyone looking at what Mexicans have done to their own country? Do we want them voting in our elections when it is obvious that they don’t know how to vote for the best leaders for their own country. Take a look at California. Illegal Mexican National voting abounds in that state. California is but an example of what Comprehensive Immigration Reform will do. It is the illegal voting in California that is making it’s government a dysfunction mirror reflection of Mexico’s government.

We don’t need to reform the United States to handle Mexico’s problems as we are attempting to do. We need to reform Mexico to handle it’s own problems.
That starts with saying no to “The Dream Act,” no to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” and no to non-enforcement of our borders and non-enforcement of our deportation laws.

Our president is demanding that we become even more of an enabler to a country that is a junkie hooked on drugs and corruption. Mexico needs an intervention not a clean needle program of taking in its citizens while Mexico continues it’s cocaine induced beheadings, murders and government corruption.

We need Comprehensive Country of Mexico Reform. Mexicans leaving Mexico for a better life in another country speaks to a problem in Mexico not the United States of America. Are U.S. politicians to stupid to understand this?

Is our president?