Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,"—Geraldine Ferraro

Well I’ve heard of stupid comments but I don’t think that I’ve heard any as stupid as Sen. Hillary Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro’s remarks about Sen. Barack Obama as reported by Jim Farber Staff Writer of the L.A. Daily Breeze.

Ferraro the only woman ever to be selected by a major political party, the Democrat Party, for the position of vice president of the United States has made the most outlandish statement that I’ve heard in a while. And given that half of America believes that the only reason her candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is where she is today, is because she is a woman who is married to Bill Clinton, I wouldn’t think that anyone in the Clinton camp would want to go there.

Ferraro an ardent Clinton supporter believes that if Sen. Obama where a white man he would not be in the position that he is in. What position? Challenging for the nomination to be president of the United States of America?

Well if he were a white man why wouldn’t he be in this position? Need I remind Ms. Ferraro that there have been at least 43 White men who have been in this position and 46 White men who have been in the position to become Vice president?

All white men so what do you think that Ms. Ferraro is talking about?

"I think what America feels about a woman becoming president takes a very secondary place to Obama's campaign - to a kind of campaign that it would be hard for anyone to run against,"--Geraldine Ferraro


Didn’t it ever occur to anyone in the Clinton camp that with Sen. Clinton high negatives (half the country say they would never vote for her) that maybe its not the fact that she a woman maybe it’s the fact that she is the wrong woman!

Maybe Ms. Ferraro is simply emoting what the Clinton campaign is feeling. It was they who expected to run a campaign that would be hard for anyone to run against by running a woman against white men but this black man, Sen. Obama, is spoiling all of that.

Far too often racism is expected from the right, one would’ve never dreamt that the purveyors of multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality and racial equality would openly display “Louis Eugene Walcott” racism against a candidate in their own Party!

“Louis Eugene Walcott”? Oh that’s Louis Farrakhan for all of you ill informed race haters! Yes I’m thinking that Ms. Ferraro’s remarks place her squarely in the racist column. Oh she’ll deny it but it can’t be anything else. Sen. Obama has not run his campaign as a black man I don’t think he mentions it but the Clinton’s have mentioned it and the Clinton surrogates have mentioned it as well as other racist on both sides of the political landscape have mentioned it too.

But isn’t it deliciously ironic that Ms. Ferraro’s candidate, Sen. Clinton, who would not be where she is if she weren’t a woman and if she weren’t married to Bill Clinton, can say such a thing against a candidate that has not made race a part of his campaign.

Conversely Ms. Ferraro’s candidate has made her sex a major component of her campaign and has continually played the sexism card because she is a woman.

Again, the only time that I even hear race being discussed is when it’s coming from racist Democrats who support Sen. Clinton or racist Republicans.

I’m not saying all Democrats or all Republican are racist, what I am saying is that most Democrats or Republicans who invokes race into this campaign are more than likely racist.

There are so many other things and one can fault Sen. Barack Obama on. To stoop to the race card as Ms. Ferraro has done shows a racial bias and complete laziness in political thinking.

I don’t know how Ms. Ferraro thought that such a remark could aide her candidate when the biases that such a statement invokes work against her candidate as well.

If we are not choosing and voting for the best candidate for the job then what are we doing Ms. Ferraro?

Below we have an arm waving nostrils flared Geraldine Ferraro attempting to assuage the fallout from her “Because he’s Black” retort. Notice at the end of the interview she turns everything around and accuses Sen. Obama of attacking her! I have yet to hear that Sen. Obama has even acknowledged what Ms. Ferraro has said. Unfortunately Ms. Ferraro does not come off as a progressive open minded multi-culturalist in this spot.