Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Democratic Deception!

Look at the news............the Democrats, with the
help of the MSM, are trying their damndest to
make President Bush's veto of the "child health-
care bill", look like the act of a heartless politician.

On the contrary........... Bush's move is exactly what
was needed in this case. The liberals won't be happy
until this country has socialized medicine, and will be
in the same sorry situation as the British and the
Canadians. I personally know people living under both
plans, and their horror stories are the type that inspire
hit movies.

This Democratic "plan" (with the help of some misguided
Republicans), is nothing more than a take-off
on "Hillary-care"............ the failed SOCIALIZED
medicine plan of the presidential 'wanna-be'.

If this ever becomes law, expect ALL medical expenses
to rise dramatically............ to cover the costs of all
those who will switch from private insurers to the
newly available "government" coverage. And of
course, all government expenses will skyrocket to
heights never before achieved under the tax and spend

Oh, they will justify the tax increases as "necessary"
to cover the rising cost of their bureaurocracy, which
would't be necessary in the first place, if they had
left the government out of the health-care industry.

Only Democrats believe that the government can do
everything better than the private sector. That is
why, every time Republicans gain control of the
the White House and Congress, it takes them years
to clean up the mess created by the liberal element.

If Democrats were really serious, they would allow
tax deductions for medical insurance premiums, and
for ALL medical expenses not covered by insurance.....
instead of starting a whole new government industry.
And they would save the billions needed to fund this
ridiculous "pie-in-the-sky solution".


Global Screwing: Who’s reality behind the Anthropomorphic Climate Change Scare?

President Bush:Comprehensive Global Warming?

Here’s what we know; there is no scientific consensus regarding anthropomorphic Climate change also known as global warming.

However there is consensus among world leaders and politicians on the subject, why?

What we also know is that if world leaders and politicians agree on anything (in this case global warming) you and I enviably will be forced by draconian laws to pay a price for that agreement even if it hasn’t been proven that man can significantly do anything that will effect climate change.

Let me state emphatically that there is no scientific consensus that man is the cause for the changes we see in the weather. What scientist are saying is that weather has always changed as long as the earth has existed (we all know that!) therefore what we are experiencing to date and what is being projected for the future may very well be out of human control! (Many of you need to know that!)

We all know what Al Gore’s interest in Global warming is. For Gore its Climate change for dollars but now George W. Bush is supporting Climate change and that portends of something hidden and sinister. It is likely that the unseen forces behind the Climate change scare are similar to the forces that are behind the illegal alien invasion of the United States of America. Who are these forces? Big Money Interest that’s who.

Just follow the money, oh you didn’t know? Regulating C02 has became a 30 billion dollar industry which is projected to produce even larger usuriously high profits. This is a scheme cooked up by lawyers and executives who are using your fears concerning man-made global warming to herd you toward a new world market that you know nothing about and that they control.

Yes this is One World government stuff and it is true and it is apart of an all too real threat to take control of Governments and industry making them subject to world marketeers they are already doing this to China and India. In order to make this plan work nation sovereignty must be striped away and it all started with the Kyoto Agreement.

Millions of unsuspecting people who are honestly concerned for the earth are being duped. They would be surprised to know that there is no philanthropic world movement lead by the European Union and the United Nations to save the planet from nasty carbon emitters.

The EU, lawyers and the United Nations have created a 30 billion dollar world carbon credits Ponzi scheme (much like the UN’s oil-for-food scam) that hasn’t reduced one iota of carbon emissions. What they plan to do is profits from the created market on which carbon registries keep track of businesses globally that give off greenhouse gases. Companies and Country will be assigned certain emissions allowances and if those allowances are surpasses the allotted allowances fees would be levied against the overages.

In addition to that Companies and Countries would be able to buy and sell carbon credits to one another to cover themselves in cases of exceeding their allotted carbon allowances.

The perpetrators of this fraud have launched Billions of dollars of trade and speculation on a carbon trading market and not one iota of reduction of carbon output affecting global warming will result from it but you must be made to accept and comply with the idea that all of this is happening to save the planet or you wouldn’t let them rip you off, or rip your country off of billions of dollars by fees and fines that will not go to stop greenhouse gases or C02 emissions.

Trading for carbon credits is big business in Europe, and could be the next lucrative energy venture particularly for lawyers, but Europe is not alone at least nine bills contemplating a domestic cap-and-trade market in CO2 and other greenhouse gases are now before Congress, and the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources already has held a roundtable with European officials and executives to discuss how the United States could adapt Europe's system deregulate U.S. utilities; because deregulation is the first step toward a wholesale trading market, A potential structural precursor to a market was in place, because the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change -- the international agreement that sparked the whole idea of a carbon-trading market.

In January 2005, just one month before the Kyoto Protocol went into force, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme was born.

Operating under the theory that who emits CO2 is less important than the total amount emitted, the EU's plan caps emissions by allocating a set number of free allowances -- each equaling the right to produce one metric ton of CO2 per year -- to each participating member state. The member states then may apportion those allowances among companies in select, heavily polluting industries, including the power, oil refining, steel, cement, pulp and paper sectors.

complex technology needed to set up such a market -- creating carbon registries, launching computer systems for each country and the EU that would interconnect and facilitate trading. There were also political issues related to how many emissions allowances each country would get.

the first phase of the ETS, as the emissions trading scheme is known, began in 2005 and ends this year. In the second phase, which runs from 2008 to 2012, the number of allowances will be ratcheted down, greenhouse gases in addition to CO2 will be capped and other industries, such as the petrochemical sector, will be subject to those caps. Also, while most allowances still will be distributed gratis, up to 10 percent may be sold to member states at auction.
Industries that exceed their caps are fined €40 ($54) in the first phase and €100 ($136) in the second -- per excess metric ton emitted. If companies have extra allowances to sell or need to buy more, they may trade via brokers, on exchanges such as Powernext in Paris or on a company-to-company basis.


This all fits the patterns of corporate behavior; first attempt to persuade the masses to do what you want them to do by campaigning using scare tactics that there is a threat of global warming.

Second if that does or even if it doesn’t work big money then uses the politicians that they’ve corrupted to mandate by law the changes that they want. The masses will never go against the law after all “we are a nation of laws.”

So this push by the United Nations a body that never gets anything right, the European Union, George Soros influenced scientist and special interest groups and now President Bush has all the markings of International big money behind the scenes positioning themselves to profit from the stampeding herds when we all are forced to comply with laws to take our money.

I’m not exaggerating Canada has already started exacting Global warming taxation on its industry and you know the cost will be passed on to the consumer, could the United States be next? Anything to stop Global warming right? Only this scam is set up to make a few people very wealth off of your concern for Climate change not to stop Global warming. And you should know that when you are forced to pay your global warming taxes!

Make no mistake what we are seeing is Climate change for dollars, usurious taxation to fund big money’s new ventures and created huge profits for big money interest.

Why you didn’t think that they were going to pay for it did you? You are going to pay for it stupid!