Saturday, June 23, 2007

We don’t have to show you any stinking borders!!

Lester Holt with Eugenio Rodriguez of the U.S. Border Patrol being shown the Rio Grande, the river border between the U.S. and Mexico in Laredo, Texas. Photo by Marisa Buchanan, NBC News.

So far the discussion concerning illegal immigration in this country has gone like this:

The American people: "If we're the United States of America where are our borders?"

Congress and the Bush administration: "Borders!? We ain't got no borders. We don't need no borders! We don't have to show you any stinking borders!!"

Now I exaggerate about it a little, but mind you just a little! The American people and the government of the people, for the people and by the people are talking pass one another these days concerning the topic of immigration.

The American people are talking about securing America's borders and an unpopular Congress, 14 % approval rating (a historical low) and President Bush are talking about a bridge to nowhere. If the Democrats and the President's Comprehensive Reform comes out of cloture and is passed by the Senate and the House and is signed into law, that reform will be on a bridge headed to nowhere that even resembles America.

Just how did the American people become Fred C. Dobbs in this political debate? And how did the Federales become Gold Hat, the Mexican bandit leader in this conversation about immigration?

Its all about the treasure of the American Dream! The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Special Interest groups who support illegals in this country are using the lure of the American dream to encourage illegal entry into this country so that big business and politically motivated groups can profit economically and politically from the suffering and struggle of the poor illegals which they encourage to come here.

Many business groups, are hungry to fill low-wage jobs, so they not only support the Ted Kennedy Amnesty bill they are responsible for writing it. That is the U.S. Chambers of Commerce wrote it.

Senator Jim DeMint R-S.C. writes this: We do not need the Senate immigration bill to secure the border. Congress has already passed laws authorizing border security, but the Homeland Security Department has failed to fully implement them.

The administration already has the authority to build hundreds of miles of border fencing, hire and train 6,000 border patrol agents (bringing the total number of agents to 18,000), end catch and release, and create a national employment verification database. Essentially, all of the security benchmarks in the current Senate bill are already law.

Senator DeMint also says that border security is being held hostage in return for amnesty. And now Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who has long called for an immigration overhaul, is saying that the current legislation is deeply flawed and is hinting he won’t support it.

Georgia Republicans Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss say that they will oppose cloture on the immigration bill citing constituents back home didn’t have faith in another measure that promises border action because past promises have yet to be fulfilled. We applaud them all!

It is time that Republicans mend our own fences within the party and look forward to 2008 and 2010. The best way to mend fences is to drop this immigration bill and put up the border fence that according to Senator DeMint is already authorized.

Democrats are planning a full scale affront against the war in Iraq and any Republican who supports the war and the President. Also Democrats plan attacks on Conservatism in general while Lindsey Graham, Trent Lot and other RINOs wringe their hands over legislation that is a lose, lose for Republicans any way.

Is now really a good time to split the party over a wedge issue that the Bush administration had six years to fight for but didn’t? Shouldn’t Republicans be planning a winning strategy for recapturing the House and the Senate for 2008 and 2010? And the Whitehouse, shouldn't Republicans be united in their quest for the Whitehouse? Comprehensive Immigration Reform will not unite Republicans and it is not good for for America!

What we don’t need is no stinking split in the Republican party over policies that Democrats will sabotage when the enforcement of the penalties of S.B. 1348 are pursued.

Senator DeMint knows it, maybe Sens. McConnell, Isakson and Chambliss are catching on. Protect our borders and put more badges on it to stand guard is a winning priority as well as a cohesive one for the Republican party.
For all elected officials who want amnesty for illegals let them follow President Bush to his Crawford Texas Ranch in 2008, ‘cause…

We don’t need no America without stinking borders! Were talking to politicians like Sens. Graham, Lot, McCain, Martinez, Kyl, and Spector! Fellows are you listening?
And we don’t need the lot of you because if you love America you would protect her borders with no strings attached not with this amnesty for border protect bill as Sen. DeMint put it!

Finally Senators and Mr. President we do have borders and you should respect them because if you don’t it’s painfully obvious no one else will! 12 to 20 million no one elses!