Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Insanity

In some of the most extraordinary video taken at the Occupy movement that is being orchestrated across the nation last week, at the Occupy Atlanta event the protestors attempt to reach consensus to have Civil Rights legend Congressman John Lewis address the crowd.

I should remind you that Progressive Liberal MSNBC cable talk hate monger Chris Matthews falsely accuses Conservatives of being mindless ditto-heads; however, after the following clip he’ll no longer be able to smear anyone other than Liberals for their mindlessness and thoughtlessness.

In some of the funniest video that you will ever see and in what Occupy Atlanta believes to be true democratic process Representative Lewis is actually denied the opportunity to address the crowd. Rather he is embarrassingly sent packing without as much as saying hello. (see 11:48min video)

What is insane about this exchange is the Liberal view of what constitutes democracy and consensus.

According to Occupy Atlanta democracy is achieved when the group mindlessly repeats what the patriarchal group leader says, they believe this demonstrates speaking in one voice, as he gives instructions and as he directs the group’s voting.

The group sits Indian style on the ground and at the leader’s direction; they give elementary school “happy finger” signs, which are interpreted by the group leader as either consensus or no consensus.

This is the most hair-brained display of Progressivism to date. It is a further example the liberal infant mind. This demonstrates why Liberals must be removed from all levels of government. No doubt, this type of Liberal puerile thinking is what causes gridlock in Washington D.C. It is not surprising that both Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and President Barry Hussein Soetoro gave their nod of approval to the Occupy movement.

When asked her feelings about the Occupy movement Pelosi said God bless them. President Soetoro said he understood their frustrations.

What is clear is that Pelosi, the president nor the Occupy movement understands the Democratic Constitutional Republic in which they occupy.

And Representative John Lewis? He got what he deserved for belonging to such a whacked out Party! Mic check!!!