Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ferraro Stuck on Race since 1988?

Geraldine Ferraro

"[I]f Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race."—Geraldine Ferraro, April, 1988

How does the saying go: “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?”

It seems like every time the race topic is at the forefront of the Democrat Party Ms. Geraldine Ferraro is right there offering her views on the matter. And as I attempted to explain to a reader yesterday Ms. Ferraro seems to be harboring some racist views, well here’s further proof. Now Obama is not my candidate but I can’t stomach overt racism in any quarter.

Most of us are aware of Ms. Ferraro’s dismissive assessment of Sen. Obama’s raise to political prominence. Ms. Ferraro feels unapologetically that if Sen. Obama were White he would not be the Democrat front runner. But according to Ben Smith of politico that’s the same thing that she said about Jesse Jackson in 1988. So what’s up that that Gerry?

Are you purposely trying to divide the Democrat Party over race as Sen. Obama has suggested?

Ms. Ferraro when you attempt to equate Sen. Obama’s raise to the Democrat forefront with you being selected to be Vice president on the Walter Mondale ticket in 1988 that is just preposterous.

You are correct Gerry that the only reason that Mondale selected you was because you are a woman, thus making a White woman the first affirmative action candidate, Barack Obama’s candidacy was not given to him like yours was Ms. Ferraro.

Barack Obama entered into the race just like everyone else did and is running a campaign on his own merit unlike the candidate that you support, Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama is winning votes and delegates on this own merit. He’s not dragging around a former president to identify his candidacy with, like Sen. Clinton is.

And you, Ms. Ferraro were selected to be vice president by one man because you are a woman, conversely Obama is winning votes from the American people. There is no comparison between you and him nor is there between him and Sen. Clinton!

That’s the difference that you’re missing Ms. Ferraro. Walter Mondale give you an unmerited vice president slot on his ticket as a way to use the fact that you are a woman in hopes to get the female vote.

No one has offered Sen. Obama anything he’s done it on his own. Well the second place Clinton’s have offer him the Vice presidency on a ticket that he is currently the front-runner on, a ticket on which he is earning the nomination for the Presidency on his own to represent his Party.

So Ms. Ferraro I’m not buying your fake offense! If this were the first time that you said something like this maybe, but you have a history of race baiting, you a produce of an affirmative action candidacy yourself.

It's good that you stepped down from your position on the Clinton campaign, maybe your candidate, Hillary, will do the same for the sake of Party unity, but I doubt it!

That's twice with the same anti-black attack Ms. Ferraro, that makes you a race baiter and a hypocrite to boot. And that offends me Ms. Ferraro! That offends me.