Friday, April 06, 2012

The President’s Alternate Liberal Progressive view on the Supreme Court

He was the farthest left-wing partisan in the U.S. Senate. Rather than vote for a Maverick who would have given them direct access to the presidency Progressives voted an inexperienced person of questionable origin and questionable loyalty to this country and its constitution into the White house.

Barry Hussein Soetoro has the nation split yet again down partisan lines. Some believe that he knew exactly what he was saying when he threatened the Supreme Court over his unconstitutional health care law. (In addition, if Justice Elena Kagan secretly communicated last Friday’s vote to the president she should immediately be made to recuse herself and in addition, whatever mechanism that is in place to remove a justice from the court should be employed again her.) Others believe that the president’s remarks regarding the court were so astonishing ignorant that it is unbelievable that he was a law student perish the thought that he was a senior law lecturer at the University of Chicago (He was never law professor as the lying narrative advances)

His provably false remarks weren’t aimed at Supreme Court justices, but rather at uninformed Americans, especially liberals (is there any other kind?). The most divisive president in history is setting up yet another straw man for his re-election campaign, one that fits directly into his strategy to divide and conquer.

Joseph Curl’s article “Divide and conquer” opines that the president is so deviously political that he is purposely manipulating all his liberal sycophants at the Supreme Court’s expense (see story)

Author and Commentator Ann Coulter believes that the president’s comments were made out of startling ignorance. Every first year law student should know of the case Marbury vs. Madison which formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States under Article III of the Constitution. If this president could may his statement against the court in light of this case, if he isn’t ignorant of the case then the alternative is he is intellectually dishonest.

"Liberals are often trying to push this idea that judicial review means overturning any act of Congress, or rather judicial activism. Judicial activism is anything when the Supreme Court doesn’t obey what the Constitution says, like when they invent rights to abortion, rights to gay, and rights for criminals to go free if a specific Miranda warning hasn't been read to them."—Ann Coulter

Nevertheless Coulter finds the president’s remarks perfidious (see 1:51 video)

I believe that Liberals have created an alternative view of reality. It is a psychosis, a derangement of personality, a loss of contact with reality causing deterioration of normal social functioning.

The president is such person. He keeps saying he has belief that an unconstitutional law with be upheld by those whose responsibility is to judge whether laws are constitutional and reject laws that are not. To say that he has belief and certainty that the court will uphold an unconstitutional law is remarkably out of touch with reality.

Either the president is out of touch with reality or he believes that he can create his own reality by speaking things, which be not, as though they were. If he believes he has the power to create his own reality that would explain why he says that things that he does.

The president’s alternate view on the court is that the court will adhere to his will to his words. This president believes that all of the world will bend to his will.

Which also means that president Soetoro believes his word preempts the Constitution. We’ll all see if the court holds that same view.