Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obama: Republicans in the Room quick turn on CSPAN

After months of seeing Obama try to muscle legislation through with only Democratic votes, Republicans are wary of his new overture.

The election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts changed the balance of power in the Senate, forcing the president to recalibrate.
Ambush, setup, waylay, bushwhack , trap, snare, gob, maw or recalibrate. Oh did I mention that Democrat Uber-Partisan President Barry Hussein Soetoro is scheduling a meeting with Republicans to(as Soetoro says) find bipartisan solutions with which to get his signature Legislation, Health Care, passed.

In an effort to put Republicans on the spot on health care, President Obama said he will invite them to the White House for a televised meeting later this month to try reignite the push for a bill. -- Kara Rowland (source)

However, Soetoro has spent a whole year depleting his trust capital with acts that could be perceived as anti-American. Not to mention that he has committed harsh partisan acts that could only be described as anti- Republican. At this early juncture in his presidency Soetoro has lost trust with the people. It’s a matter of trust president Soetoro and you have none. But let’s go back to the beginning shall we…

Contrary to the promises of bipartisanship president Soetoro has acted out as a strident partisan. And in spite of multiple promises that all Health Care negotiation would be bathe in the bright sunlight of transparency instead it was forged in the deep darkness of the Congressional netherworld. At one point as many as three to four bills circulated in those underground caverns where they were guarded and kept safe from view by the mythological three-headed dog Cerberus. (This is probably the same dog that guards the president’s long form birth certificate and the rest of any identifying documents that he has guarded and on lockdown.)

Here’s what we know, president Soetoro is in a crisis by his own words he is in a deficit of trust. After one year of seeing the Democrat attempt to force their agenda on America and after a year of hearing the president go on incessantly attempting to show us that he was the smartest person in the room on every topic, Americans have drawn the conclusion based on the Democrat agenda and their talking head president (who by the way doesn’t keep his campaign promises) that conclusion is, we don’t trust him or his Party. Most Americans believe the president’s health care summit is just for show. A show to show-up Republicans. (see story)

It is clear that if Democrats could have they would have forced all of their political agenda items through Congress to be signed by their Uber-partisan president. Whether it would have been Health Care Reform or Global Warming legislation.

They tried it— armed with their Super majority in Congress and a presidential spokes mouth. They relegated Republicans to the sidelines and they jammed their partisan issues into the faces of the America people all without Republican participation for the most part.

Soetoro’s numbers are only 44% of the America people believe that he is doing a good job, which means that the American people have heard all of the hype but they have seen none of the hope that was promised in the change.

What is true is Republicans didn’t have numbers in Congress to stop Democrats from getting their prized agenda items through. It was Democrat’s fellow Democrats who stopped Health Care Reform not Republicans.

Nevertheless a Democrat controlled Congress and the President’s favorability poll numbers have tanked. Soetoro’s numbers are only 44% of the America people believe that he is doing a good job, which means that the American people have heard all of the hype but they have seen none of the hope that was promised in the change.

Soetoro who is noted for wanting to spread the wealth around has taken on a new tact, now he wishes to spread the blame around for the failure of his ideas and his policies, in essence his whole government. So that alone explains the about face.

Instead of excluding the Republicans as Democrats have done for the entire first year of the Soetoro presidency now Democrats want to craftily draw Republicans in so that Republicans can share some of the blame that Democrats have heaped on themselves.

Ergo Soetoro calls for a Bipartisan Health Care summit.

A bipartisan meeting where he controls all aspects of the meeting and the agenda then he invites in CSPAN why? Why to attempt to shift blame to Republicans. That way in November voters will have no discernable difference between the two Parties which to base their voting decisions on.

Democrats say they want to resolve remaining differences between the House and Senate versions of their own legislation in advance of the meeting. That may mean Obama wants to emphasize contrasts with Republicans, not probe for common ground.— RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR

This ploy is so obvious that it is the only thing transparent in the Soetoro administration. It’s the political version of the rope-a-dope employed by Barry Hussein Ali. This Health care monstrosity is a Democrat vehicle down to its chassis now for Republicans to add on to it would be like Toyota sending their recalled vehicles into GM for repair.

And if Republicans refuse to play along or if there is no agreement reached Soetoro and his media sycophants will begin the Bush blame game. However, this time they will place blame on Congressional Republicans in general. And it’ll all be recorded on CSPAN.

What should Republicans do?

First thing, Republicans should have nothing to do with legislation that was already written without them—start the process over. Any legislation that Democrats crafted by themselves is flawed and filled with untrustworthy legislation.

Second Republicans should ask to see the president’s health care ideas. He has been touting this thing for a year surely he has something to show the people and Republicans in writing. Enough with the talk lets see what the president has if anything.

Third thing Republicans should go over the president’s ideas with a fine tooth comb in the truest bipartisan spirit. Exposing those ideas to the disinfectant of sunlight.

Fourth after and only after Republicans have seen the president’s ideas they should present theirs in the same fashion and spirit that the president presents his.

Fifth Republicans should have a say in the format and structure of the meeting and demand equal assess to presenting their ideas. They are not reporting to or answering to the president. The Congress is not subservient to the President in our system.

The Legislative and Executive branches are co-equal branchs one is not above the other Republicans should not allow the president to act as if he is above them.

Starting from scratch is not an option, Democrats say. But Republicans say they can't see the House and Senate Democratic bills as a beginning. For one thing, both would raise taxes.— RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR

And if the Democrats don’t want to start from scratch then they didn’t want to work bipartisanly now did they.

Remember Democrats could not get their own Party to pass this bill without $100-$300 million dollars in added federal aid for Medicaid recipients, a bribe of the Senator of Louisiana Mary Landieu and the Corn Husker kickbacks worth a permanent exemption from the state share of Medicaid for the state of Nebraska for Sen. Ben Nelson and the Flordia Flim-flam, a deal to grandfather Medicare Advantage enrollees in Florida – apprx $5 Billion for Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (source)

Therefore Republicans should not allow the president to aim the CSPAN cameras on them while he and Democrats direct this production and make this film all about blaming Republicans.

And now lights, camera, action!