Monday, June 26, 2006

Creating Orwellian World-view by Machiavellianism

While manipulating language for political ends is a tactic employed by each of the dominate political parties in this country, the adherents of one party in particular has based its entire platform on the machinations of the Orwellian concepts of Blackwhite, Bellyfeel, Doublethink and an Orwellian-like creation of my own, Ficpar, which is used to accuse the opposing party of creating fiction (lying) or more precisely accuse the other party of using the very Orwellian tactics that the accusatory party uses. In Oldspeak that would simply be called projection.

Liberals who have taken over the Democratic Party are in the process of attempting to create an Orwellian world-view one in which up is down, right is wrong and black is white all in the name of progressivism. What I’ve just described is an effort to force social change on the false premise that all things are relative.
It is through confusing and manipulating the language that these Neo-Orwellianist intend to introduce word meanings in opposite of their denotative meanings.

Moreover, they intend to use the state to invade on personal privacy, they’ll control daily life by the use of the state, they’ll disintegrate the family unit by state mandate, they’ll replace religious faith with worship of the state in a semi-religious manner, they’ll force citizens to learn and embrace inconsistent concepts without dissent, and they’ll deny and/or rewrite history and American tradition.

The two pillars of left ideology are Homosexuality and Abortion. It is by these two issues that the left intends to redefine all of Western civilization’s history and tradition. They will attempt to do this by Orwellian argumentation and Machiavellian deception and manipulation in order to gain social and political change and also power for special interest groups that heretofore historically were non-existence as groups. Also the Left wishes to normalize behaviors which were up to this point considered abnormal at least and deviant at worst.

The left’s intentions may be noble in theory, nevertheless, the left is wrong because the behaviors which it has chosen to champion are socially destructive behaviors which seem benign to the myopic view of the Left but in the broad context of civilized society the Lefts causes will inevitably cause great harm to our society at large as well as the individuals who experiment with the false choices and pseudo-freedoms that the left offers up as ersatz Constitution guaranteed rights.

This blog will track the Lefts causes, demonstrate why their arguments are Neo-Orwellianist and lastly, at the same time this blog will show the extreme Machiavellian deception and manipulation of the left as they attempt to bypass the citizenry of this country by using the third branch of our government to impose fascist legalities on our society, legalities which are meant to force the Left’s privately held beliefs on the entire country. They will do this, all the while; they will be claiming that their opponents are forcing their views of history, tradition and religion on them.

Thus the ultimate Machiavellian roost, to play the poor put upon victim while they, the left, aggressively uses the courts to force the heathenish Fakir majority to convert to the left’s ideas or be jailed for your disapproval of their acts of ideological imperialism.