Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jon Stewart’s Right On Corporations

"If we will not endure a king as a political power we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any of the necessaries of life." —John Sherman
Jon Stewart is right. While demonizing unions Conservatives all too often over look the total destruction that Corporations have waged on the American economy and the American Middle Class (see 4:49min video)

I am not newcomer to the argument that Corporations are ungrateful, unpatriotic out of control entities that have abused America and the American people to maximize their profits. (see previous posts below)

Everything that is wrong in America today can be blamed on an out-of-control corporate environment that will do anything and everything for the sake of the bottom line. Profit!—Alaphiah (source)

America is bleeding.

For decades, American corporations without any fidelity to the country of their birth have been outsourcing the manufacturing base and economic infrastructure of America to India and China for slave labor wages and usurious profits.

At least since 1983 to 2004 2 million manufacturing jobs are estimated outsourced to foreign countries. The trend has not slowed and is not reversing in the years subsequent 2004 until now.—Alaphiah (source)

After U.S. corporations and Congress made China, an economic power China is returning the favor by joining Russia in an effort to crush the U.S. economy. If you have not noticed, China and India’s economies are on fire, which would not be possible without the explicit help of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Corporate enabling. (source)


However, what made America great Sen. Coburn was national pride, national sovereignty and national self-reliance. I do believe some call those ideas antiquated or by the pejorative, “protectionism” yet they were the ideas that once made this country great. And they are the only ideas that will return this country to its former greatness.

Sen. Coburn let us hear you reprimand disloyal Corporations that gutted the American economy of jobs for decades thus transferring the wealth of this country over to our enemies and to those who hate America. Let us hear you name them and their counterparts in the Congress.

Sen. Coburn let us hear you propose laws that will punish corporations that benefited from the security and resources of America while growing into some of the most powerful businesses the world has ever seen. These companies have now abandoned America by not paying their fair share of taxes because of tax loophole that you in Congress have provided. These companies are now enslaving low waged workers around the world with subpar payment for labor, which perpetuates the cycle of “rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.”

Yes austerity has already come to America Sen. Coburn but let’s be frank, this coming American poverty is not the American people’s fault, neither was it done by happenchance, no this transfer of wealth from the American economy was and is by design.—Alaphiah (source)


This is the death of the American Dream. Near 10% joblessness and no hope or change, propaganda can rescue this economy. President Barry Hussein Soetoro and Vice President Joe Biden announced this as the Summer of Economic Recovery; instead, millions of Americans have been out of work for more than 99 weeks and counting. They know we all know this is the end of American Exceptionalism; this is the end of the American middle class, as we know it.—Alaphiah (source)


I heard an argument the other day which thesis was that Business should be trusted over government. The idea being advanced was we need limited government on the one hand and free trade on the other in order for the United State to effectively compete in this global market. This argument was put forward by a very famous Conservative who is just as wrong about this topic as he is famous.

First, the question is not whether we can trust one, government or business, above the other we cannot. Both are equally worthy of our disdain. In this much, I agree with Sen. John McCain, corporate power should be curtailed.

What is clear is that our founding fathers had a disdain for government. What is apparently unclear is why they did. The founders realized that consolidated power in whichever form it took, government or religion, would be ultimately used against the people. What the founders did not see coming was the entity that we face, unregulated and unrestrained global corporate power. –Alaphiah (source)


President Barry Hussein Soetoro claims that America is going in the right direction when it comes to his vision of a new green economy.

So let me ask this simple question. If I could show you how to make $1,000 extra dollars a week, only one small thing, it would it cost you $2,200 dollars every time you made a $1,000. Would you consider that a good deal? No if you’re smart, you wouldn’t.

Yet this is the deal what the president of the United States of America is offering America with his Green jobs economy. The president Soetoro has claimed that Spain is the paradigm in creating good green jobs. It is in the direction of Spain that he plans to take America. But according to a recent Spanish report on green jobs and renewable energy their tax payer subsidized green jobs efforts are unsustainable –Alaphiah (source)


It is my contention that everything wrong with America today can be traced to unpatriotic corporations that have exported middle class jobs, paid no taxes and undermined the U.S. government in the name of tyranny of the bottomline.