Thursday, May 08, 2008


Sen. Hillary Clinton

"I'm kind of still up in the air between McCain and Hillary," said Jason Jenkins, 32, who cited information from a hoax e-mail as a reason to spurn Obama.

"I'll be honest with you. Barack scares the hell out of me,” he said. "He swore on the Koran."
In the last eight years Democrats have demonstrated a propensity for a Myanmar cyclone type of politics where huge numbers of people are devastated and where political destruction is of such a wide berth that the impact and the effects of Democrat’s brand of political disaster will reverberate throughout American and World politics for years to come.

The Myanmar cyclone cut a devastating swathe through Yangon Indonesian where it exacted an overwhelming human toll upwards of 100,000 deaths.

Democrats in 2000 via Al Gore, who was running for President, tore this country apart in a red state, blue state divide that has not been seen since brother fought brother in the United States 1861 Civil war.

Democrat John F. Kerry, who was running for President, in 2004 assaulted a sitting President in the most un-statesman like manner exacerbating an already volatile partisan hatred that threatens the very unity of these united states.

And now Democrat Hillary Clinton, who was running to be the Democrat nominee for President, has inflamed racial tension by her sexist, racist politics that for sure has damage her opponent’s chances of winning in the general election, but larger than that she has forever sat back racial relations in America to the time of the 1861 Civil war!

In Thomas DeFrank’s, “Ugly Truth why Hillary Clinton Won’t Quit” DeFrank lays out what everyone knows but few are honest enough to say. (see here)

Sen. Clinton is sown the seeds of racial hatred and she waits to see what harvest she might glean when and if her handiwork bears the fruit that she anticipates.

After all Sen. Barack Obama can’t win because he’s Black right?
Obama did manage to pull in many white voters, but still encountered similar sentiments from a man who refused to shake his hand at a diner in Greenwood, Ind.

"I can't stand him," the man said. "He's a Muslim. He's not even pro-American as far as I'm concerned."
–Thomas DeFrank
Democrats never cease to amaze me to what depths they will sink to gain power. Even if it means destroying the country over lies about the 2000 Florida vote, or lies about the Iraq war and MWD in 2004 or racial lies about one another in their own 2008 primary Democrats leave Myanmar cyclone political destruction in their wake every Presidential cycle which leaves the rest of us to clean up the miss from the fallout.

There is a saying about one should be careful as a guest to not wear out one’s welcome, Sen. Clinton should learn that adage so the rest of us can begin to clean up the devastation that she has caused.

Senator it’s time to quit!