Friday, June 18, 2010

Barbara Boxer all hair and the wrong “do”!

Sen Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

I can’t believe she just said that. “Please call me Senator”, Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) statement about carbon pollution was so implausible, I had to replay it repeatedly in an attempt to find one shred of truth in the substantive part of it.

I’m going to put in the record Madam President a host of quotes from our national security experts who tell us that carbon pollution leading to climate change will be over the next twenty years the leading cause of conflict put our troops in harm’s way. And that’s why we have so many returning Veterans who want us to move forward and address this issue. –Senator Barbara Boxer

While it is true that she was intending to put a statement, containing quotes from progressive controlled national security experts into the Congressional report nothing after that is true. Carbon is not a pollutant. Carbon doesn’t lead to climate change. Climate change will not be the leading cause of conflict in the next twenty years, putting troops in harm’s way.

And returning Veterans in mass are not wanting Congress to pass climate change legislation

Senator Boxer is an example of what happens when an unscrupulous ideologue is in power. (see 34sec video)

Boxer is an example of Liberal Progressives creating fantastical realities from whole cloth. And because she and her Party are in control of all levers of government, they force us all through the looking glass. In other words, it's going to be a bad hair day for all of us.