Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Will the Supremes TKO the Obama Eligibility Case?

The Supreme Court conferred […] on whether arguments should be heard on the merits of Kerchner v. Obama, a case challenging whether President Barack Obama is qualified to serve as president because he may not be a "natural-born citizen" as required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution. -- Brian Fitzpatrick
It is a case that has never been heard on it’s merits. The Barry Hussein Soetoro eligibility case has always been dismissed on technicalities. The weakest of the technicalities which it has been dismissed is that Americans do not have standing to question whether there was a complete breakdown in our political system which allowed an usurper to knowingly use the U.S. government against the American people in his Party’s coup d’├ętat of the legitimate government of the United States America.

The nonsensical rulings from courts to date are that the claimants, U.S. citizens, cannot prove that they are injured by the presence of an Usurper in the office of President. The truth is we, Americans, are all injured by the an unconstitutional presidency. (see story)

Unlike other eligibility cases that have reached the Supreme Court, Kerchner vs. Obama focuses on the "Vattel theory," which argues that the writers of the Constitution believed the term "natural-born citizen" to mean a person born in the United States to parents who were both American citizens.

"This case is unprecedented," said Mario Apuzzo, the attorney bringing the suit. "I believe we presented an ironclad case. We've shown standing, and we've shown the importance of the issue for the Supreme Court. There's nothing standing in their way to grant us a writ of certiorari." –Brian Fitzpatrick

The courts have already done a great deal of damage to this country in the way they have handled Barry Hussein Soetoro eligibility challenges. As the Supreme Court decides whether it will allow this case to go forward we all must remember that at least one justice, Elena Kagen, must recuse herself of all participation in this matter. Kagan handled most of the challenges to Soetoro eligibility before she was nominated to the Supreme Court. Her participation in any aspect, even the slightest, of this case would constitute a major conflict of interest.

Following is a Worldnetdaily Primer on the facts of ineligibility of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Obama Eligibility Primer

Then there are all of the reputable people who have asked that the president clear up the controversy around his eligibility, if the president were an honorable man he would have immediately given evidence of his constitutional standing to be president. Instead this president has spent over a million dollars to prevent Americans from knowing the truth about is birth and background. (see article)

It is believed that the court will come to a decision Wednesday whether they will let the truth be known regarding perhaps the greatest fraud in the history of the United States of America, the so-called presidency of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Morris sees American “Dead” People

I see an insular people who are insensitive to foreign sensibilities, who are lazy, obese, complacent and increasingly perplexed as to why [Americans] are losing our place in the world to people who are more dynamic than us and more disciplined. —Edmund Morris
What two things does writer and author Edmund Morris and president Barry Hussein Soetoro have in common? They are both African-American and they were both born in Kenya. Morris born in Nairobi, Kenya and Soetoro born in Mombassa, Kenya.

It must be a Kenya Africa thing. It seems that everyone who was born in Kenya is hatin’ on America. Soetoro does it all the time and now Morris.

On Bob Schieffer’s, Face the Nation guest Edmund Morris speaking through the eyes of world based on the fact that he is a naturalized American who was born in Nairobi, Kenya. According to Morris, it doesn’t matter to the world that America elected its first unconstitutional Kenyan president. According to Morris, the world still hates America (see 1:53 min video)

I do take exception with Mr. Morris though; America has lost its place in the world not because Americans are lazy. No, we have lost our standing because our politicians have sold our military, technical and business secrets to our enemies and our corporations have taken American jobs and shipped them overseas for decades to increase corporate already usurious profit margins.

The lack of corporate or political loyalty to this country is what ails America Mr. Morris. Without the traitorous actions of American corporations and politicians, there is no China or India economic boom.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your Government to pay $5m for Ground Zero Mosque

Developers of the controversial Park51 Islamic community center and mosque located two blocks from ground zero earlier this month applied for roughly $5 million in federal grant money set aside for the redevelopment of lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter. John Avlon
Whether you are for or against the building of an Islamic Mosque at the site described as ground zero, there is no way that you can support the government, your government reported plan to pay seed money for any religious construction under any condition. That would violate your sense of separation of church and state.

Yet your government has been building Mosques all around the world with your money for sometime (see previous post)
The latest violation of the separation of church that your government is involved in is it is about to secretly fund 5 million dollars for the ground zero mosque. (see 3:33min video)

The application was submitted by developer Sharif El-Gamal, the man behind the ground zero mosque, under a “community and cultural enhancement” grant program administered by the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation (LMDC), which oversaw the $20 billion in federal aid allocated in the wake of 9/11 and is currently doling out millions in remaining taxpayer funds for community development.—John Avlon

These anti-American forces will stop at nothing to manipulate American law and the Constitution in efforts to deconstruct the American model and replace it with Islamic government and Sharia Law.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of willing Americans who disregard the long-term threat of Islamic domination for short-term monetary gain.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obama may be unelectable without raising ineligibility Issues

Andrea Mitchell reports that a majority of Americans want change.
According to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, the majority of American voters feel that Barry Hussein Soetoro does not deserve a second term, with only 43% supporting him for re-election. According to Mitchell polls, shows that 49% say that president Soetoro should be a one-term president.(see 1:35min video)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Democrats seem anxious to dump over an honorable person like Sara Palin while they support a dishonorable man who obtained the presidency by secrecy and deception, a man who still has all his vital records hidden from the American people.

Whoever faces Soetoro must make the records he is hiding the issue. If it is Palin, she has no alternative but to challenge Soetoro where he is the weakest. He is the weakest concerning his birth certificate and his hidden records.

Soetoro’s citizenship is the issue that will end American Progressivism finally in this Nation. Soetoro’s citizenship, or better stated, the lack there of is the lynch pin that ends the complete progressive movement.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Healthcare: What a Mess

“You’ve heard about the controversies within the bill, the process about the bill, one or the other. But I don’t know if you have heard that it is legislation for the future, not just about health care for America, but about a healthier America, where preventive care is not something that you have to pay a deductible for or out of pocket. Prevention, prevention, prevention—it’s about diet, not diabetes. It’s going to be very, very exciting.

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."
—Soon to be minority Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi
“…[W]e have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…” is perhaps the most iconic Nancy Pelosi expression that she has spoken. It tells much about the Democrat Party. This expression alone captures the utter obtuseness of Party leadership while revealing the subterfuge, which this Party is willing to stoop to in order to score the Pyrrhic Partisan legislative victory that mortally wounded Democrat election and reelection chances in the House November 2th. (see .05sec video)

With Sisyphean deception, Pelosi and Democrats passed into law a measure, which she once described as a gift or a Christmas present to the American people. If a gift, it is just as much a gift as the Trojan horse was a gift to the people of Troy. In fact, the people of Troy had to pull the massive horse into their fortified city before they found out that their destruction lurked inside. The Trojan horse instance sums up the Pelosi, Reid and president Soetoro’s health care law.

The American people will only now begin to find out about this disastrous law’s consequences. Consequences, hidden by the appealing aspects of dependent age, increase to 26 years-of-age and insuring preexisting conditions, which Democrats sold to the American people. (see .12sec video)

Meagan McArdle’s the Atlantic article entitled, “In Heath Care, no free lunch” describes how Democrats deceptively sold the health care law to the American people by dangling carrots such as free or very inexpensive health care and improved or extended coverages.

Yet contradictorily, what McArdle reports is a successfully passed health care law does not compare with Democrat promises. Americans must instead deal with the reality of health care that doesn’t manifest into what Democrats promised. (see article)

What people are expecting seems to be a very expensive form of insurance (no gatekeepers or restrictions) on the cheap. What they're going to get is cheap insurance that they will be forced to buy. Moreover, a significant number of workers are going to be dropped from their employer plans and dumped on the exchanges. An even more significant number of workers are going to be shunted onto Medicaid (as I understand it, if you're eligible for Medicaid under the new rules, you have to go into Medicaid, even if you want to buy insurance through the exchanges instead). –Meagan McArdle

Democrats wrote this law in secrecy and designed it to be opaquely difficult to understand, because of this Democrat obfuscation, unfortunately this entire law must be repealed. 112th Congress, there is no question, repealing this law is necessary.

[W]e just told millions of people that they can go to the exchanges in 2014 and buy insurance. There won't be any lifetime or annual limits. There won't be denials for pre-existing conditions. There won't be any surcharges for having such conditions. And it's going to be "reasonably" priced.

My conversations lead me to believe that many people are expecting that the plans offered in the exchanges will be Medicare-like in many ways. I feel like many people think they will have choice of doctor, choice of hospital, and the ability to dictate care. I'm not seeing how insurance companies will be able to offer such products at prices people can afford. As I talk to more and more people in the insurance industry, my thoughts seem confirmed.—Aaron Carroll

Health Care reform is a mess! The American people voted Republicans in to clean up this mess. Only the disinfectant of sunlight from beginning to end will clean the pustule that is the Democrat health care law. Americans know, a mess cannot be built upon or tweaked or fixed a mess must to be completely cleansed. Congress must repeal this bill.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Elections have Consequences Apologies have Consequences too!

Then-President George W. Bush and then-South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun signed the agreement in 2007, but the Democratic Congress refused to ratify the treaty. Members argued that it didn't do enough to reduce the trade imbalance or protect American workers. During the 2008 presidential campaign, then-Sen. Obama voiced the same concerns, but said as president his team would improve the treaty and push for its passage. ABC WorldNews
Since being elected president, Barry Hussein Soetoro has repeatedly made highly unflattering recriminations against the former president and the United States of America on the world stage. Soetoro has often cast America as the greedy imperialist colonial world power which stole it’s undeserved wealth from the people of the world. Based on an extremely negative narrative Soetoro has also repeatedly apologized for America’s economic, political and military world dominance and success.

In essence, Soetoro has given those who are jealous of America’s overall success justification for their own economic and political failures. However, more importantly Soetoro has given those who are jealous of America justification for their hatred of America’s system freedom.

Therefore, it’s interesting to me that anyone would be surprised that America is no longer respected on the world stage. What is also surprising is Soetoro failed to get an agreement with South Korea signed. In light of the fact that president Bush succeeded in getting an agreement signed with South Korea in 2007 only to have that agreement blocked by a Democrat controlled Congress which Sen. Barry Hussein Soetoro was a member and who voted to block the Bush and then-South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun agreement. (see 2:05min video)

In Michael Hirsch article, “America’s Rodney Dangerfield Moment” Hirsch seems to bemoan the fact that America has lost respect in the world. However, Hirsch attempts to blame overall U.S. policy over decades as the reason for America’s recent loss of respect.

Though it can be argued that disloyal political and corporate interest have laid the ground work for the destruction of the American economy the present disrespect for America has been a self inflicted wound caused by America disrespecting itself as inter-party machinations of ideologies, Liberalism vs. Conservatism took precedence over loyalty and patriotism to country.

In other words when an America president can be demonized in the manner which former president George W. Bush was by the Left so much so that shoes were thrown at him by Muntadar al-Zaidi an Iraqi journalist or the presidents of Iran and of Venezuela can come to the United Nations on American soil and disrespect the United States president without the hue and cry of the American populace no wonder there is disrespect for America in the world.

There is a spirit of self-disrespect in this nation; the disrespect that the world gives us back is merely a reflection of that disrespect. I was always taught that if a person disrespects his or her self, others would do the same.

America doesn’t respect its own immigration laws so illegals and supporters of illegals fail to respect those laws. When a political Party spends eight years undermining a sitting president as the Left did to George W. Bush that Party plants the seeds of disrespect for the office of the presidency and subsequently the country. That disrespect will eventually come back against it.

Let’s be clear the Rodney Dangerfield moment that Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats are experiencing domestically and internationally is disrespect generated by this president and his political Party. It is universal karma.

To borrow a phrase from the president’s former pastor, Democrats your chickens have come home to roost.

And here another thing to note Mr. president, apologies for freedom and Democracy always breeds contempt from the enemies of freedom and Democracy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Democrats elect Pelosi. Message to America: We meant everything we did

She is the face of the Congressional Democrats. She is unreasonable, unrelenting, delusional and singularly partisan. She is liberalism unhinged. She speaks in staccato electioneering slogans, Jobs! American’s message was Jobs. We get it, Jobs.

Yet, she doesn’t get it. By electing Pelosi as minority leader, Democrats show that not any of them get it. America’s message to Democrats was jobs two years ago when Democrats under the leadership Mrs. Pelosi, Ms. Peolsi was speaker of the House when they forced through healthcare reform over America’s objections. For two years, Democrats ignored Americans who needed jobs so that they could pass a healthcare law that a majority of Americans didn’t want.

Unabashedly and unapologetically Democrats sent a message to America which is, Yes we are going to keep on lying, keep on deceiving, keep on obstructing and keep on fighting against the American people. Pelosi’s speech after winning minority leader is indicative of what Democrats think of the American people. Democrats think that the American people are stupid. (see 2:49min video)

Did you believe anything that Nancy Pelosi said? She believes that what she says is reality. After Democrats spent trillions of dollars on the greatest expansion of Liberal agenda in the last forty years to the exclusion of job creation, Pelosi wants you to believe that she and Democrats are concerned about jobs.

Democrats didn’t elect Pelosi as minority leader to create jobs. Democrats elected Pelosi to fight Republicans and by extension the American people.

Democrat’s message to the American people is they are totally unrepentant for the partisan politics that they’ve practiced for the last ten years. The election of Pelosi signals that Democrats meant everything they did to run the economy into the ground. Now Democrats are prepared to fight Americans who are too stupid to understand that government excessive spending and big-ticket Liberal programs are good.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This time an International Shellacking but he keeps on Hacking

Obama argues that these failures are not a sign of political weakness, and he defended his economic record when asked if he could promise the American people that they would see noticeable job growth before he runs for re-election.

"We've grown the economy by a million jobs over the last year, so that's pretty noticeable," Obama said. "I think those million people who've been hired noticed those paychecks."
—Jake Tapper, ABCNews
ABC’s Jake Tapper reported that the president’s "Smile and Bow" Asian trip was an abysmal failure. Using the baseball metaphor of three strikes and you’re out ABC outlined, over the president’s excuses, three of the White house’s goals the president failed to meet on his 200 million dollar-a-day trip. (see story)

First, the president failed to convince the South Koreans to open their markets to the United States. Second, the president failed to convince the Chinese president to change his country’s currency policies. Third, Mr. Soetoro failed to get the G20 to back him in condemning China’s currency policies. (see 2:12min video)

If the president really believes that he didn’t do a good enough job selling the American people on his domestic policies, which resulted in his November 2 shellacking at home and the subsequent loss of the U.S. House of Representatives, then he should be no less than shell shocked because of this international rebuke from the people of the world.

Moreover, we all know how president Soetoro loves playing to the people of the world. It must be shocking to Soetoro that the people of the world aren’t reciprocating the love.

Does this mean that the $10 billion in exports and 70,000 American jobs that president Soetoro said this trip could produce won’t be materializing to justify the 200 million dollar-a-day expended by the president on this trip?

Then who’s going to pay for this trip?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Democrats: Obama is Partisan, Incompetent and Ruining the Country

I have talked…Again, I wish that I could give their names because a lot of skeptics out there would understand how Washington…Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year and a half now. But just look at the chart, the top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually this guy has no idea of what he’s doing. You pull people in. These Democrat chairmen of the Senate where saying, ‘They’ve got to get us all in the room; they got to get Republicans in here. You lock arms before you do these things.’ And they said the president…Mike they said the president just won’t do it. —Joe Scarborough
Well it’s not like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice-president Joe Biden didn’t attempt to warn the American people about Barry Hussein Soetoro. Biden during the presidential campaign truthfully told the American people that Soetoro was not ready to be president. Clinton cautioned that America could ill afford the inexperience of a political opportunist who had less political executive experience than Sarah Palin did at the time he was elected.

It’s unfortunate that the whole country has had to suffer Democrats acting badly. Americans were willing to give Democrats a chance to govern in 2008. What Americans didn’t anticipate was the hidden agendas, the Fascism and the deception that is the Democrat Party.

Joe Scarborough, on his show Morning Joe, revealed that Democrats in the top echelons of power are questioning the competence of the leader of their Party. Mika Brzezinski co-host on the Scarborough show and resident Liberal is either an incompetent or a very confused individual. She took the discussion to mean in a very simplistic way that someone was suggesting that Republicans weren’t invited to the White house when the discussion was really about Democrat’s, the president in particular, refusal to work in a bipartisan way with Republicans. (see 3:08min video)

It’s not like Republicans never have been to the White house, they have been invited there, there have been me… I mean let’s not recreate the pass year. Are you going to tell me that no Republicans have been invited to the White house?-- Mika Brzezinski

After the November 2 fiasco, some Democrats are finally facing the fact that there is something terribly wrong with their leadership. If Ms. Brzezinski is an example of how many Liberals think and process then there is simply no reasoning with them and no hope for them.

If Liberals like Ms. Brzezinski cannot rise above their own partisanship to understand that this president is an incompetent partisan who is ruining the country then Liberals are not smart as they suppose themselves to be. But instead are just as Partisan, incompetent and destructive to the country as the president is.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Proof Obamacare Screws the Middle Class

It definitely proves that this [Obamacare] is a job killer. When you put the power in the hands of the Administration, a bureaucracy to decide who is going to obey the law and who isn’t going to obey the law you’ve eviscerated the entire purpose of the law in the first place.

So what they’ve done here is pa…obviously they can not create jobs with this. They know that this is a jobs killer and they’ve admitted it. This is prima facia admission that it’s a failure
--Wanye Rogers
President Barry Hussein Soetoro has issued 111 Healthcare Waivers to Unions and Corporations but zero waivers for the middle class. What this means is the Healthcare law is a bust, this means Obamacare is a bad law worthy of repeal. You don’t get to keep your doctor or your existing healthcare as president Soetoro repeated lied saying that you could.

The Obama administration has officially created a two tier American where he decides who are the insured and who are not. Barry Hussein Soetoro is the “Decider” not George W. Bush. (see 2:04min video)

This is the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barry Hussein Soetoro screwing of the middle class that is Obamacare. Democrats put the Congress on the line to pass this law and lost as well they should have. They also put America on the line by putting the entire country under an unfair job killing law that Corporations and their lawyers along with Unions and their lawyers have fought to liberate themselves creating an unfair society of people forced to comply with an unjust Healthcare law and Unions and Corporations who are not. (list of exempted 111)

Now it must be even be clear to the most partisan of Liberals that they, Republicans and all fair-minded people must fight to repeal this discriminatory job killing law. Not just parts of it but the whole law!

Further, we must punish the enemies of America who enacted it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Not leaving? What bargaining chip does she still hold?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to stay in power as minority leader after losing 60 seats and control of the House — a stunning announcement that sets up combat between her two top lieutenants. -- JOHN BRESNAHAN & JONATHAN ALLEN
After presiding over the worst Congressional House lost in over 40 years, the loss of 60 plus seats, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has decided she wishes to be Minority Leader. In any other profession, such a devastating loss or shellacking caused by the company’s leadership would warrant the Head to be fired.

Yet that doesn’t seem to deter Pelosi. Reality seldom does in Pelosi’s case. Instead, Pelosi wishes to throw a party in celebration of her accomplishments and then take up where she left off. (see story)

What she has accomplished is tantamount to a CEO building one of the most powerful companies in the world only to have that company taken over by a foreign interest. Moreover, that takeover is directly linked to the methods used by the CEO to build said company. Pelosi’s proposed celebratory party would be like celebrating in the end zone when your team as lost and the scoreboard reads GOP 240 Dems 189.

Just what has brought Progressives to this point? It was just in 2008 that Liberal Progressives were proclaiming the death of Conservatism and hailing a new Progressive era, which was to reign for at least the next fifty years.

Many believe that it was Pelosi’s nonsensical statements combined with her old world Soviet Bureaucrat style of leadership that, demanded strict adherence to her Neo-Progressive vision of moving America in reverse or backwards into the already failed policies of European Socialism. These are the causes of the fall of American Socialism better known as the Democrat Party.

Pelosi’s actions of disregarding the Constitution, the American people and absurdly proclaiming what she and her Socialist allies were doing was actually moving America forward was also the cause of the fall. It was sort of a back to the future scenario, which apparently only made sense to Progressives.

Interestingly enough the policies which the president and Ms. Pelosi are the most proud of have Europeans presently rioting in the streets. Apparently, those policies have essentially brought Europeans and their countries to the brink of ruin.

The crowning jewel of the president and Ms. Pelosi’s so-called accomplishments is Healthcare reform and paradoxically Healthcare reform is the death knell, which tolled the end of Pelosi’s reign over the House. Ding-dong!

On November 1, 2009 the Wall Street Journal reported that Ms. Pelosi told fellow Democrats that she was prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that is what it took to get a Healthcare law, an idea apparently that the president supported. Well Ms. Pelosi got her wish. The loss of the House is a Pelosi called for accomplishment.

WSJ further reported that the 1,990-page bill that Ms. Pelosi introduced was the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced. WSJ called Healthcare reform a runaway train that creates a new and probably unrepealable middle-class entitlement that is designed to expand over time. The Journal forecasted seismic increases in taxes to fund Healthcare reform. Finally the Journal presaged that Democrat Healthcare reform would expand government control of health care and eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics.

In spite of those dire warnings, the Democrat controlled Congress and the president rammed through the income-redistribution scheme they claimed to be "universal coverage" or Healthcare reform. The WSJ believes the result will be destructive on every level—for the health-care system, for the country's fiscal condition, and ultimately for American freedom and prosperity.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she's prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that's what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a "critical milestone," may well be the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced.

In a rational political world, this 1,990-page runaway train would have been derailed months ago. With spending and debt already at record peacetime levels, the bill creates a new and probably unrepealable middle-class entitlement that is designed to expand over time. Taxes will need to rise precipitously, even as ObamaCare so dramatically expands government control of health care that eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics.

Yet at this point, Democrats have dumped any pretense of genuine bipartisan "reform" and moved into the realm of pure power politics as they race against the unpopularity of their own agenda. The goal is to ram through whatever income-redistribution scheme they can claim to be "universal coverage." The result will be destructive on every level—for the health-care system, for the country's fiscal condition, and ultimately for American freedom and prosperity.—WSJ November 1, 2009

The Healthcare law, which the president and the Democrat controlled Congress enacted, is an ever-expanding middle-class entitlement meant to redistribute wealth. This healthcare law will increase taxes on the American people, middle class included; increase the size and scope of government, eventually bring all medical care under government control and ultimately destroy the existing American healthcare system, the American economy and American freedom and prosperity. These are the accomplishment that Nancy Pelosi wishes to celebrate.

November 2, 2010 represents a historic loss of Congressional seats so why isn’t Pelosi leaving? Well she may be leaving but not willingly. Aside from the fact that she has no scruples there is this somewhat obscure account reported by a purported Democrat insider which claims that Pelosi is threatening to bring the president down if she is forced out. (see article)

I don’t know the validity of the above report however it has been recently reported in several other sources that Democrats want Pelosi gone. Here, here and here.

In spite of the opposition from within her own Party, Pelosi seems resolute in her bid to stay in a leadership role and she presents her case in an open letter to Democrats in USA Today. (see article)

Is that it? Pelosi wants to protect the policies that the American people condemned on November 2, 2010? That sounds about right after all Pelosi shepparded though Congress, according to her, a bill that had to be passed before Americans knew what was in. Apparently Pelosi feels that the Healthcare law needs to be defended when the American people begin to discover what is actually in the law and not just the selling points like the preexisting conditions clause and the increase dependent age clause (age 26) because none of the negative aspects of the law where discussed by Democrats.

What bargaining chip could Pelosi possibly have to use against Democrats who would attempt to prevent her from becoming the minority leader? Maybe Pelosi knows something that would upset the complete Democratic power structure. Maybe she knows something about the president’s eligibility that the rest of America doesn’t know. (see previous post)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please don’t confuse Bill Maher with the Facts

Bill Maher Claims Election Losses Due to No Public Option; Fareed Zakaria Politely Disagrees
Bill Maher made his fame because he has the ability to argue nonsensical arguments while getting dolts to agree and applaud, makes another outlandish statement. Case in point Bill attempts to argue two points. First Blue Dog Democrats, who were voted in by Conservatives in Conservative districts only because Blue Dogs presented themselves as Conservatives, were voted out in the midterm elections because the Blue Dogs distanced themselves from the president. Huh?

Wouldn’t distancing themselves from president Soetoro help Blue Dogs because of Conservative and Independent backlash against the Liberal president and his Liberal policies?

Second Maher argues the Conservative wave which sweep out Democrats was due to a Democrat controlled Congress’s inability to force “No Public Option” into the new Democrat healthcare law.

Immediately Maher’s guest Fareed Zakaria point out the inconsistencies and irrationality in Maher’s reasoning while pointing out the facts of the matter.

What does Maher do? Maher pronounces that reality is not true when in fact his arguments were what were not true. Maher’s example is exactly how Liberal’s argue. (see 3:06 min video)

Maher’s conduct is exactly the behavior that got Liberals and Progressives sacked in the midterm elections so please keep it up Bill!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Liberal, Progressive or Socialist all Political Deception in America

I'm a socialist. I live to the extreme left. Extreme left of you mere liberals, okay? However, I know this about my country. liberals are 20% of the electorate. Conservatives are 41% of the electorate, okay. so I don't pretend that my views, which would ban all guns in America, make Medicare available to all in America, have any chance of happening in the federal government, okay? you can sit there and pretend that Liberals it is should run more liberal in conservative districts. You love the loss of the blue dogs. —MSNBC avowed Socialist and The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell
Arguing the finer points of how the Left can best deconstruct the American idea, in reaction to devastating losses in the November midterm elections, self avowed Socialist and MSNBC, The Last Word, host Lawrence O’Donnell verbally duels with Liberal Progressive and Salon.com contributor Glenn Greenwald.

Both the Liberal Progressive and the Socialist contend that Conservatism is the enemy. Liberal Progressive Greenwald blames Blue Dog Liberals for losses November 2 while Socialist O’Donnell sees America as far too Conservative for now to willingly except blatant open Liberalism in it’s variant forms.

What is interesting is how both these extremists employ the same tactics of selective facts and selective polling information, usually employed against Conservatives, to give the appearance that radical Liberal Progressive and Socialist views are supported by Americans if “the right questions are asked” or “the right programs are presented.” (see 6:52min video)

Glenn Greenwald argues, “It’s the messaging, Stupid!” Essentially president Soetoro argument. Whereas Lawrence O’Donnell believes that Americans rejected the phony messaging, the messenger (president Soetoro) and the message of Socialism for America.

O’Donnell’s reasoning. Forty-one percent of the November 2 vote was Conservative compared to only twenty percent Liberal. In O’Donnell’s estimation, Liberalism hasn’t overtaken America yet.

What’s interesting is that the largest contingency of the Left wing is still virtually delusional about the reason why they lost the House and what the American people want.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mark Penn: To Save Obama, Bomb America?

Remember President Clinton reconnected with the American people through Oklahoma--Mark Penn
On Chris Matthews Democrat Strategist and Former Clinton aide, Mark Penn suggests the unthinkable. Penn believes that President Barry Hussein Soetoro has damaged his presidency so badly that the president needs a terrorist attack the likes of the Oklahoma City bombing to distract the American people’s dissatisfaction with him.

Wait a minute could Penn be intimating that the Oklahoma City bombing, first of all, saved the Clinton presidency and secondly that the bombing was a manufactured event staged by Democrat operatives to save the Clinton presidency? (see 25sec. video)

The president himself has to reconnect with the American people. Remember President Clinton reconnected with the American people through Oklahoma. Right and the president right now seems removed. And it wasn’t until that speech that he re-clicked with the American people. Obama needs a similar, similar kind of [unintelligible].—Mark Penn

Hum, the president, and his family, is out of the country with a security array that has not been seen in American history. And the Secretary of State is out of the country too. You don’t think that Democrats would ever put America at risk for political gain do you?

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Royal Obama Asia Entourage Going to Visit America’s Outsourced Jobs

The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city.

"The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit," a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.
-- Press Trust of India
It is not rumor, it is not wild conjecture, it is not racism, and it was a creditable news report out of India early last week that fixed the cost of the Obama trip to India at 200 Million dollars a day.

The Obama administration seeing the PR nightmare this could turn into after the November 2 midterm election rebuke of the president’s Socialist agenda and Socialist ideology rushed to neutralize the negative impact of the news report by calling the report rumor and by attacking anyone who repeated this report as enemies of the president. But fact is this was a news report (see article)(here and here)

About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.—Press Trust of India

It was a report by foreign press that had nothing to gain and everything to lose by reporting this over-costly expense but Chris Matthews, fellow Keith Olbermann MSNBC stable mate, (Olbermann recently discredited and temporarily suspended for breaking MSNBC political objectivity rules with several Democrat political donations) called anyone who would question this unprecedented over-the-top presidential opulence Racists. (see 3:12 min video)

No Mr. Matthews this is not a report that originated in the American press this report originated in the Indian press and from Indian government officials. This report is not a effort by president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s enemies to deny him of any presidential significance.

This report only shows the Soetoro administration’s utter contempt for plight of the of jobless American and the continued out of touch politics of the Obama administration and their misuse of Big government to satisfy the whims of a Elite Oligarchy that has ensconced itself as American Royalty on a royal world tour.

Friday, November 05, 2010

After November 2 Obama, Pelosi and Liberals believe Americans Stupid and Confused

Bill Press a Liberal radio host believes that the American people are "dumb as hell" (His words) for voting the Democrats out of power in the House of Representatives on November 2, 2010. (hear 3:34min audio)

He's not alone. The president of the United States wouldn't call you "dumb as hell" (though he might call you enemies) he uses more artful words to express that Americans are addled brained and confused for not realizing that what he accomplished in his first two years is actually a good thing. He explains in a post election press conference that everything that defeated Democrats did was in response to an emergency situation. Then Nancy Pelosi who just lost her position as Speaker of the House also explains that American people don't realize just how much Democrats have done for them. Blaming American ignorance for the reason Democrat took a shellacing. (see 2:31min video)

Ironically Anderson Cooper of CNN sets the record straight the huge losses suffered by Democrats November 2, 2010 weren't because of stupidity on American's part. Democrat loss the House of Representatives because the American people just aren't buying what the president and Democrats are hawking. (clicking on video will take you to YouTube see 4:49mins)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Under Obama: Dems Officially become the Ghetto Party

Obama. Whites' support for Democrats in 2010 roughly matches the president's standing prior to the September 2008 crash. Before the crash, Obama polled like earlier Democratic nominees with whites. After the crash, Obama earned the support of more white men than any other Democrat since 1976. He also improved with white women, winning a traditional share for Democrats.

We will hear charges of racism. But independent whites who voted for Obama have not suddenly realized he's black. Many independents were willing to gamble on Democrats.
-- David Paul Kuhn
It had to happen. With all of the disrespect that this president and his Party has leveled toward White people (White men in particular) they finally succeeded in making White people feel so uncomfortable and put upon, that Whites decided they had no other alternative than to flee the “Ghetto Political Party.” (see article)

Believe me it wasn’t a matter of Race on America’s White-citizen’s part (how do you think president Soetoro was elected in the first place?) Barry Hussein Soetoro election was and is the fulfillment of the great, “I have a Dream idea.” Only thing is, once the dream was achieved the president and his Party made the decision to judge people by the color of their skin. Like that movie, 48hrs Eddie Murphy line, “I am your worst nightmare an N-word with a badge.” Soetoro became America’s worst nightmare.

The recession was the dominant factor for voters this year. But the recession cannot be separated from Obama's agenda. It's said that governing is choosing. Obama's priorities were not the majority's priorities, especially not whites. Most whites have favored a smaller government over a bigger government for decades. Obama's agenda heralded the return of big government, or active-state liberalism. He gave the boldest liberal push since the Great Society-- David Paul Kuhn

Barry Hussein Soetoro decided to govern like he only had 48hrs to enact the most Socialist agenda in the history of the United States. That with interspersed smatterings of “I’m not like the other presidents” (wink, wink) Americans soon realized this is not a president that is capable of lifting us past the great Race divide.

No this is a president who purposely drove the Race car over the cliff into a ditch. Then immediately he posted two Black Panthers at the top of the ditch armed with sticks to threaten any typical White economically frustrated small town embittered persons who "cling to guns or religion" (to express their feelings) who might offer help to a wrecked ditched car. This is the way that the so called post-racial president is treating anyone who disagreed or hindered him in any way. That person or persons if White receives the equivalent to the political reverse Rodney King treatment!

That is, pure unadulterated Race baiting coming from the Whitehouse, suddenly White Cambridge police began to act stupidly according to this administration. Black Panthers armed with nightsticks and attitudes can patrol voting polling places on election day to keep Whitey in his and her places to make sure a “Black man win.”

The Soetoro justice department is down with that. The administration is so down with it that they up and decided to drop all charges of voter intimation and violations of voting rights on the Black Panthers in a “hand caught in the cookie jar, because we’ve got it on video,” case.

"I'm not recommending for future presidents that they take a shellacking like I did last night, there are easier ways to learn these lessons.”—Barry Hussein Soetoro

Excessive Race baiting in combination with excessive pandering to Blacks, Hispanics, Women and Homosexuals president Soetoro has succeeded in making the Democrat Party the Ghetto Party.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rubio’s Acceptance Speech typifies the Tea parties Spirit

Tomorrow even now the stories are being written about what this election is about. What does it mean? We don’t …we still don’t know all of the results from all around this country. But we know that tonight the power in the U.S. House of Representatives will change hands. We know tonight that a growing number of Republicans will serve in the Senate as well.
And we make a grave mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party. What they are, are a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they are going to be not so long ago.
—Senator-elect Marco Rubio (R-Fl)
Marco Rubio won a Senate seat after a campaign in which he pushed Gov. Charlie Crist from the GOP to run as an independent. That is what the Tea parties where all about, removing Republicans in name only and removing Democrats who opposed the American people and who consider the American people their enemies.

Senator-elect Marco Rubio(R-Fl) accepts his victory graciously and outlines the approach and the spirit, which we, who love America, wish to prevail in Washington D.C. (see 8:15min video)

You see I learned early on in this campaign, in fact it is what propelled me to enter it, that what this race was about was about the great future that lies ahead for our country. A future that Americans know is there for the taking but it requires actions on our part.
Americans believe with all their heart the vast majority of them and the vast majority of Floridians, that the United States of America is simply the single greatest nation in all of human history. A place without equal in history of all mankind.
But we also know that something doesn’t quite seem right. Our nation is head in the wrong direction and both Parties are the blame. And what Americans are looking for desperately are people who will go to Washington D.C. and stand up to this agenda that is taking us in the wrong direction and offer a clear and genuine alternative And that’s what this race was all about early on for me and that’s what it’s all about tonight. It about the future of the Country and what it will look like when are children are our age.—Marco Rubio

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Let Today be a Teachable Moment

Nearly halfway through the most left wing, high-spending, grow-the-government presidential term most voters can remember, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many of them are rebelling. The coming Republican wave is an entirely rational response to two years of Democratic arrogance and overreach. As the president and his party are about to learn, treating voters as stupid, malevolent, or confused is not a strategy for victory. —Jeff Jacoby
Can you hear it? It’s the quiet before a great storm. It’s the proverbial pin drop. Because of this U.S. Election Day, quiet voting punch pins and voting write-in, pens will be heard around the world.
Washington is listening day. The whole world is listening today. This is the only teachable day that American politicians are prone to learn anything.

When the American electorate attempted to be heard in the summer of 2008 regarding their opposition to healthcare, Washington turned a deaf ear to voters. The Washington elites were depending on the passage of time between their healthcare vote and Election Day to erase their deed from the minds of the stupid voters.

Did I say stupid voters? That type of voter insult seems to be a staple of the Democrat Party these days.

Smug Democrats have called voters Astro-Turf, Nazis, irrational, uneducated, racists, fearful, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, know-nothings, easily swayed dolts who are bitter clinging gun toting bible clutching White hillbilly rednecks if they don’t approve of and support the president and Democrat radical leftwing agenda.

Never has a United States Political Party openly showed such vituperative contempt for the citizens of the United States as Democrats have shown starting in 2000 and continuing today. For almost ten years, Democrats were able to cloak their contempt behind hate politics aimed at George W. Bush but no more.

With no easily identifiable target or targets to pillory Democrats began to attack voters themselves. President Soetoro has, Nancy Pelosi has and Harry Reid has done it.

As a result, voters will rebuke Democrats for Democrat puerile politics ushered in by Chicago thuggery and Sal Alinsky’s radical 60’ ideology. If Democrats are as smart as they suppose themselves to be, they will look at the three fingers pointing back at them (which happens when they point a finger at the voters). If Democrats are smart they will stop their NFL, trash talking against the U.S. electorate and quietly accept their new roles on the bench and sidelines.

This is a teachable moment for the president and his Party. This is not the country, as he supposed, where the dreams of the president’s father can be installed over and above the U.S. Constitution. This is not the country, which one can lecture down to the people as if the people are children. This is not the country were the ideology of failed European Socialism can be installed over and above Capitalism and this is not the country were wild radical hedonistic Leftism can trash the Conservative values--values, which have so far preserved this nation.
What this election will teach the president and his Party is that Americans value substance over empty highfalutin words and promises.

What this election will teach the president and his Party is that Americans are an open-minded and tolerant people who will give hope and change a chance.

Nevertheless, when the people realize that Democrats lied to them and snubbed them the people, by the grace of the Creator, will turn the liars out into the streets.

Let this Election Day be a teachable moment to all who think they are betters of the American people.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Final Days: Some Liberals stop the Obama and Pelosi Lies

Middle class families been struggling. Between two thousand-one and two thousand-nine the average income of middle class families when down by five percent. Between two thousand-one and two thousand-nine job growth was slower than any time since world war two. And this all culminated in the worst financial crisis and the worst economic crisis we’ve seen since the great depression.
And as a consequence all across the country to many parents who couldn’t afford to send their kids to college, too many families that couldn’t go see a doctor when they got sick, too many Americans working two or three jobs just to make ends meet and too many Americans with no job at all.
You know I want to give you guys a sense of perspective. In the six months before I took the oath of office we had lost 4 million jobs. We lost 750 thousand jobs the month I was sworn in, lost 600 thousand the month after that, another 600 thousand the month after that, we lost almost 8 million jobs before we had even put our economic program in place
— the “Hey it’s not my fault” of president Barry Hussein Soetoro
Amazingly in the final days of campaigning for Democrats president Barry Hussein Soetoro recycles his same old campaign lies as he attempted to convince his supporters at a late Bridgeport Connecticut rally for Democrat Senate candidate, Richard Blumenthal that he had absolutely nothing to do with the devastating U.S. economic down turn and job losses in America.

With tight security and even tighter screening since Velma Hart expressed her exhaustion on CNBC at the Soetoro failed economic policies, everyone knows that no Conservatives are allowed within fifty feet shouting distance of Soetoro or headline Democrats so undoubtedly these hecklers are absolutely Liberal.

Soetoro is being heckled for cutting the AIDs money that president Bush liberally gave worldwide. Yet the president lies on Republicans instead of taking responsibility for his own inadequacies. (see 5:44min video)

Just for fun, here are Liberals shutting Nancy Pelosi lies down! (see 2:56min video)

The trouble is president Soetoro, only Liberals are accepting yours and your Party’s delusional explanations of why things are the way they are. And that with total control of all U.S. media outlets (except Fox News). Americans have seen and heard two years of your tax and spend policies, that explains the disbelief of the American people.

He let himself look too much like “the same old tax-and-spend liberal Democrat.” He realized too late that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects”-- PETER BAKER

That’s right Liberals shut’em down! Our turn tomorrow November 2, 2010 when we vote Democrats out of office.