Thursday, November 18, 2010

Democrats elect Pelosi. Message to America: We meant everything we did

She is the face of the Congressional Democrats. She is unreasonable, unrelenting, delusional and singularly partisan. She is liberalism unhinged. She speaks in staccato electioneering slogans, Jobs! American’s message was Jobs. We get it, Jobs.

Yet, she doesn’t get it. By electing Pelosi as minority leader, Democrats show that not any of them get it. America’s message to Democrats was jobs two years ago when Democrats under the leadership Mrs. Pelosi, Ms. Peolsi was speaker of the House when they forced through healthcare reform over America’s objections. For two years, Democrats ignored Americans who needed jobs so that they could pass a healthcare law that a majority of Americans didn’t want.

Unabashedly and unapologetically Democrats sent a message to America which is, Yes we are going to keep on lying, keep on deceiving, keep on obstructing and keep on fighting against the American people. Pelosi’s speech after winning minority leader is indicative of what Democrats think of the American people. Democrats think that the American people are stupid. (see 2:49min video)

Did you believe anything that Nancy Pelosi said? She believes that what she says is reality. After Democrats spent trillions of dollars on the greatest expansion of Liberal agenda in the last forty years to the exclusion of job creation, Pelosi wants you to believe that she and Democrats are concerned about jobs.

Democrats didn’t elect Pelosi as minority leader to create jobs. Democrats elected Pelosi to fight Republicans and by extension the American people.

Democrat’s message to the American people is they are totally unrepentant for the partisan politics that they’ve practiced for the last ten years. The election of Pelosi signals that Democrats meant everything they did to run the economy into the ground. Now Democrats are prepared to fight Americans who are too stupid to understand that government excessive spending and big-ticket Liberal programs are good.

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