Friday, November 19, 2010

Elections have Consequences Apologies have Consequences too!

Then-President George W. Bush and then-South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun signed the agreement in 2007, but the Democratic Congress refused to ratify the treaty. Members argued that it didn't do enough to reduce the trade imbalance or protect American workers. During the 2008 presidential campaign, then-Sen. Obama voiced the same concerns, but said as president his team would improve the treaty and push for its passage. ABC WorldNews
Since being elected president, Barry Hussein Soetoro has repeatedly made highly unflattering recriminations against the former president and the United States of America on the world stage. Soetoro has often cast America as the greedy imperialist colonial world power which stole it’s undeserved wealth from the people of the world. Based on an extremely negative narrative Soetoro has also repeatedly apologized for America’s economic, political and military world dominance and success.

In essence, Soetoro has given those who are jealous of America’s overall success justification for their own economic and political failures. However, more importantly Soetoro has given those who are jealous of America justification for their hatred of America’s system freedom.

Therefore, it’s interesting to me that anyone would be surprised that America is no longer respected on the world stage. What is also surprising is Soetoro failed to get an agreement with South Korea signed. In light of the fact that president Bush succeeded in getting an agreement signed with South Korea in 2007 only to have that agreement blocked by a Democrat controlled Congress which Sen. Barry Hussein Soetoro was a member and who voted to block the Bush and then-South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun agreement. (see 2:05min video)

In Michael Hirsch article, “America’s Rodney Dangerfield Moment” Hirsch seems to bemoan the fact that America has lost respect in the world. However, Hirsch attempts to blame overall U.S. policy over decades as the reason for America’s recent loss of respect.

Though it can be argued that disloyal political and corporate interest have laid the ground work for the destruction of the American economy the present disrespect for America has been a self inflicted wound caused by America disrespecting itself as inter-party machinations of ideologies, Liberalism vs. Conservatism took precedence over loyalty and patriotism to country.

In other words when an America president can be demonized in the manner which former president George W. Bush was by the Left so much so that shoes were thrown at him by Muntadar al-Zaidi an Iraqi journalist or the presidents of Iran and of Venezuela can come to the United Nations on American soil and disrespect the United States president without the hue and cry of the American populace no wonder there is disrespect for America in the world.

There is a spirit of self-disrespect in this nation; the disrespect that the world gives us back is merely a reflection of that disrespect. I was always taught that if a person disrespects his or her self, others would do the same.

America doesn’t respect its own immigration laws so illegals and supporters of illegals fail to respect those laws. When a political Party spends eight years undermining a sitting president as the Left did to George W. Bush that Party plants the seeds of disrespect for the office of the presidency and subsequently the country. That disrespect will eventually come back against it.

Let’s be clear the Rodney Dangerfield moment that Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats are experiencing domestically and internationally is disrespect generated by this president and his political Party. It is universal karma.

To borrow a phrase from the president’s former pastor, Democrats your chickens have come home to roost.

And here another thing to note Mr. president, apologies for freedom and Democracy always breeds contempt from the enemies of freedom and Democracy!

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