Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kill Republicans Save the World

Jonathan Freedland
Copenhagen is that last chance. If successful, it could see rich countries promise not only to cut their emissions but to stump up cash for poor nations to pay for the changes they'll need to protect their towns and villages from those effects of climate change already under way and too late to reverse (think houses on stilts on easily flooded sandbanks in Bangladesh).

Developing countries would not have to cut their own emissions right away, but they would have to plan now for a low-carbon future, one consistent with keeping the planet below that two-degree mark.
—Jonathan Freedland
Like a bad episode of Sci-fi TV serial Heroes, “Kill the Cheerleader Save the World” Global warming fanatics like Jonathan Freedland still intend to advance their Sci-fi theories of anthropogenic global warming in spite of the facts. (see story)and (here)

The facts are that their discredited theories that CO2 emissions are the cause of globing warming are fundamentally wrong. So they know that the only way to completely rid themselves of any real rational debate and keep the Al Gore hysteria of global impeding doom alive is to kill all Republicans to save the World. Or as Freedland puts it, “defeat the Republican headbangers [or] our planet is doomed”

What is so totally amazing is how the rest of the world is “all up in the business” with respect to American policy. Freedland unconventionally ties America’s battle concerning Health Care Reform with the total destruction of the Earth via global warming. And he blames a Republican bogeyman when Democrats have super majorities in both houses of Congress. Republicans can do nothing to stop Democrats from passing any policy or bill that Democrats want to pass therefore Freedland’s piece is just an overstated hit piece against Conservatism in America.

His remedy is of course the destruction of those dread “headbanging” Republicans to save the world. His reasoning is if Barry Soetoro can’t defeat the Republicans on health care reform then Soetoro doesn’t have a chance with regards to cap & trade in up coming Copenhagen Global warming talks in October (see related story).

Oh and by the way, what “headbanging” Republicans? Please tell me who, I’d like to support at least just one headbanging Republican in my life time!

The facts are these, there has been no, I repeat no global warming since 1998 The globe is actually cooling. And the coup de grĂ¢ce CO2 emissions are not linked to global warming! One other thing Cap & Trade and other policies surrounding CO2 emissions are gateway policies meant to subject the USA to World government and the World economy (see previous post)
Barack Obama will renew his commitment to green America's economy and join international action on global warming in a speech to the United Nations climate change summit on Tuesday.

The appearance is a chance to offer much needed assurances to nearly 100 world leaders that the president can deliver on his promise for early action on climate change – now that the issue has taken second place to health care in the Senate.
—Suzanne Goldenberg
This is the point, for the global internationalist elite to continue with their plans for the total restructuring of the world economic system, by transferring U.S. taxpayer’s wealth to third world nations and Europe, those who oppose the economic change must be totally defeated at all cost.

With all of President Bush’s faults the one thing that he did do was he prevented the abduction of the U.S. economy thru the job killing Kyoto agreement or any like fake international agreement that would undermine U.S. economic power as Cap and Trade and the other Carbon emissions scams are fundamentally designed to do.

Global warming scammers have an ally in President Barry Soetoro who has said that it is his purpose to bankrupt companies that produce American’s energy independence. He also believes in the disproved and discredited Sci-fi theories of global warming (see 3:58min video)

Jonathan Freedland is the Guardian's policy editor and has been a columnist for the paper since 1997. He served for four years as the Guardian's Washington correspondent and US affairs remain a keen interest, along with British politics and the Middle East. Freedland believes in global warming, cap and trade and all of the CO2 emissions propaganda that would aide in the transfer U.S. economic power to the E.U. and the third world.

Freedland sees it as the mission of every Global warming CO2 Fundamentalist to completely destroy Republicans in order to get their worldwide global warming mandates through.

According to Freedland the only thing that has prevented this transfer of U.S. taxpayer’s money to the world thus far has been former president Bush and Republicans. So he is very much in favor of Barry Soetoro’s mandate to have the United States join in Global warming scheme to rip-off of the American taxpayer.

We all know that President Soetoro doesn’t mind taxing the American people for things that are important to his agenda of fundamentally changing America. After all he was willing to give ACORN 80Billion dollars!

The truth is Mr. Freedland even if you and your allies succeeded in ridding the World of all Republicans that would not Save the World. It is your cap & trade global warming initiatives that are destroying the world in the name of “greening” and environmentally friendly policies.

Your policies are wealth transferring scams that are meant to take from the American taxpayer thereby making this country a third world nation. All of this and your bogus green initiatives will not prevent or reduce any CO2 emissions nor make a new green economy viable enough to replace support and sustain America in the custom that we are accustomed to.