Monday, July 09, 2012

The Boy who Cried Racist, and his Party

There is the story of a little boy who was a political acolyte for the Democrat Party. His job was to guard the Party from those mean old racist wolves the Republicans. Then, the Democrat Party found the most leftist Progressive ideologue Candidate that they could find and they dressed him up in Black face and gave him an exotic Islamic and African name to implement their left-wing progressivism on a middle to Conservative America.

The Democrats begin to institute the most socialist agenda in the last 40 years in the history of America. They passed Socialized Mandated Health care. They repealed “DADT.” They refused to enforce voting poll laws. They refused to enforce immigration laws. They refused to enforce DOMA and as a coup de grace, the Democrat progressive in black face President announced that he alone by executive order would make a new law of the land by edict, a law, which would grant millions of children of illegal aliens, who are in America to exploit America’s economy, amnesty and work permits. This Democrat progressive in black face President said he was bypassing Congress because Congress wouldn’t act and it was the, “the right thing to do!”

When Republicans cried out that, the Democrats and their progressive president in Black face were violating the constitution. Immediately the little boy spring into action and cried racism, racism!

The Republican protested that they were protesting simply because of the left-wing progressivism.

However,the little boy pointed out that no other president that violated the constitution by non-enforcement of laws was ever opposed so Republicans must be doing it now because the progressive in black face has a black face that that’s Racist!

The little boy pointed out that no other president which violated the constitution by granting new citizen ship to a special voting block was every opposed for doing that! So the opposition to this progressive in black face president must be Racist.

The little boy pointed out that no other president announcing an unconstitutional act in a news conference was ever interrupted in the middle of his unconstitutional statement. So the wolf reporters on the right must be racist.

The American people ran out time and again to see these racist wolves but each time they arrived there were no racist wolves to be found.

Then on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 the America people told the little boy and his Democrat Party that they and the progressive in Black face had falsely cried racist to many times. The American people were tired of the deception and the lies. So on November 6, 2012 the American people voted out the progressive in Black face and his Democrat Party. Not because he was in black face but because he is a progressive, who repealed DADT and who, didn’t uphold and protect the constitution while he was in office.

They said the progressive in black face also divided the country with spurious cries of racism, racism rather than unite the country with acts of promoting the common good and promoting Americanism over special interest racist groups.

The moral of the Story: The boy and his Party who falsely cry Racism will be eventually seen as the Racists that they actually are and they will be voted out of office November 6, 2012.