Monday, April 30, 2012

If I were Devil and if I wanted America to fail, I’d vote for Democrats

Two videos one by Paul Harvey the other by Free Market America (FMA) strikingly paint a picture of a depraved American society and Government. Harvey first penned his sonnet in 1965. Free Market America inspired by Harvey’s verse tells the story of the results of Liberal Progressives in power and the failure of their policies and the failure of their ideologies.

Barry Hussein Soetoro is the face of Liberal Progressivism. He has failed partly for his incompetence, partly because of his hubris, partly for his strident partisanship and partly for the Liberal Progressive agenda that he has advanced on America for the last three plus years.

Note how Harvey and FMA capture the spirit of degradation that envelops America (see 3:12min video)

FMA captures the deprivation of the Soetoro administration and the administration’s policies. (see 4:39min video)

Seems to me if I was the Devil and if I wanted America to fail, I’d vote for Democrats.